United action by 4 Iraqi national trade union federations

Press release: by the Iraqi Labor Unions regarding the Interventions and Violations Carried out by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs
Violations to the freedoms of organization of unions is continuing and have been repeated in many procedures and practices of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, which inhibits the right of freedom of organization to unions and its diversity.
The correspondence of the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, which stipulates the prevention to deal with labor unions and syndicates, and coerces to deal exclusively with a government union founded by the government itself, is a flagrant violation of freedom of association and protection of the right to organize.
For that purpose, the below-noted representatives of Iraqi unions met on Saturday, July 13, 2013 in Baghdad. The following statement has been released to confirm the following points:

Rejection of the methods of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in its refusal to deal with the Iraqi labor unions and syndicates, and its dependence on one union which it had contributed to found directly and prejudicially during the presidency of the Minister of Labor to the Ministerial Supreme Committee supervising the implementation of the Governing Council decision No. 3 of 2004 and its preparation committee, in violation of the trade union principles, and its direct intervention in the internal affairs, works, and activities of the Iraqi trade union movement and in violation of the Freedom of Association and the Protection of the Right to Organize No. 87 of 1948, and the Arabic treaty No. 8 of 1977.

Rejection of the conduct and practices of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in issuing decisions, instructions, and directions which impose that no one must deal with any union other than the union of “the ministry”. Since such measures also violate article (22, Third) of the Constitution of Iraq.
The Iraqi labor unions while reaffirming their position in the belief that such actions and interventions are incompatible with the Arab and international labor standards and with the era of change in the new Iraq, call for the abolition of these measures and the recognition of the right to freedom of association and protection of trade union organizations without any interference from the government or any other party whatsoever.


Ali Rahim Ali
General Federation of Trade Unions in Iraq


Falah Alwan

Federation of Workers Councils and Unions in Iraq

 Saeed Nemaa

General Federation of Workers’ Unions in Iraq

 Hassan Jumaa Awad
Federation of Oil Unions in Iraq


July 14, 2013

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IFOU deplores Ministry of Oil actions against oil workers

Iraqi Federation of Oil Unions deplores provocative actions carried out by the Oil Ministry against oil workers. Oil workers demonstrated peacefully and in line with Iraq’s democratic constitution, to demand their legitimate rights.  

Instead of responding to workers demands positively, the ministry has vowed to punish leaders and activists (please see names below) who have demonstrated to demand their rights.

1-      Nizar Shakir Abdul-Hassan 2- Abdul Karim Abdul Sada 3- Mansi Abdul Nabi 4- Abdullah Kazim 5- Mohammed Khalil Jaber and 7 -Alaa Abdel-Rahman 8 -Aqeel Salim Kazim

2-      The IFOU deplores and condemns this act; calls upon international trade unions movement to stand in our support.


Please see the full IFOU Arabic statement on the GFIW Arabic page

Release Iraqi intellectual and thinker, Mr. Ahmed Al-Qubbanji

Appeal for Urgent Action

To Release Iraqi intellectual and thinker, Mr. Ahmed

Al-Qubbanji, arrested by Iranian authorities



We are very concerned for the fate of the Iraqi intellectual and thinker, Mr. Ahmed al-Qubbanji, who was arrested by the Iranian authorities in the city of Qom on 17th February 2013. The reasons for his arrest are unknown. Our concern about his fate is mounting because of the circumstances of his arrest and their ambiguity. We are extremely worried that he could be exposed to ill-treatment and that his life is threatened, especially because the Iranian authorities have until now neither revealed his whereabouts nor stated the charges against him.

We look forward to your solidarity and urgent action, based on your humanitarian responsibilities and moral obligations, as dictated by human conscience and your commitment to international law and international conventions and norms, which stipulate respect for human rights and ensuring freedom and human dignity. We call for immediate action to ensure the safe return of Mr. Ahmed Al-Qubbanji to his country, Iraq. We also appeal to you to act speedily to find out about his needs and to ensure that his full rights are protected.

Please accept our respect and appreciation for your efforts and human conscience.


The undersigned: 

  1. National Union of Iraqi Journalists
  2. Press Freedoms Monitor
  3. National Association for Defending Human Rights
  4. Masarat for Cultural and Media Development
  5. Iraqi Women’s Network
  6. Iraqi Amal Society
  7. Tammuz Organization for Social Development
  8. Information Centre for research and Development
  9. Masalla Organization for Human Resources

10. Popular Action Organization (PAO)

11. Time Centre for Youth Development

12. Iraqi Society for Sport Development 

13. Workers Cultural Centre

14. Iraqi Society for Pensioners

15. Iraqi Women’s League

16. The General Union of Students

The League of Iraqi Students

Marking a decade on U.S. invasion of Iraq

Marking a decade on U.S. invasion of Iraq, 6 Iraqi trade union federations issued an open letter to international oil companies operating in Iraq, calling on them to respect Iraq’s sovereignty and stop meddling in internal differences between federal and regional governments of Iraq over ownership of oil and its financial rewards. To read full text, please see original Arabic version here: http://www.iraqitradeunions.org/wordpress/?p=5584&lang=ar

National Union of Iraqi Journalists (NUIJ) condemns the arrest of French journalist in Baghdad

The National Union of Iraqis Journalists), Condemned the arbitrary detention of French journalist in Baghdad Nader Dndon who works for Le Monde Diplomatique). The Union called on Iraqi authorities to charge him formally or release him immediately. The NUIJ called on Iraqi security forces to “respect” the Constitution of Iraq and stop mudding the

It is worth reporting here that reporters without borders and Iraqi Press Freedom Observatory wrote to the Iraqi PM calling on him to intervene and secure the release of the French Journalist.

Please see the GFIW Arabic page for the NUIJ and reporters without borders statement

Iraq’s has a new journalists union, the NUJ

النقابة الوطنية للصحفيين العراقيينA new  Journalists union was formed in Iraq. It is called the NUJ

The National Union of Journalists (NUJ) held its founding conference in Baghdad on 25 January 2013. The Conference approved the union internal rules.
The conference was attended by a large number of journalists, guests and parliamentarians, politicians and representatives of civil society organizations.

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