TUC supports campaign to stop violence against Iraqi women

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Campaign against violence against women
January 2008
TUC supports campaign to stop violence against Iraqi women
The TUC is supporting the campaign launched on 3 January by the Iraqi Women’s League (IWL) Co-ordinating Committee Abroad against violence against women in Iraq. We reproduce here their press release, and urge trade unionists to sign up to the online petition at www.ahewar.org/camp/i.asp?id=111

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The Regional Government of Kurdistan/Iraq Has Opened the First Centre That Deals with Issues of Concerns to Women.

Due to sharp increase of violence against women in Iraqi Kurdistan, the Regional Government has opened a women’s centre in City of Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan.
According to report issued recently by the Regional Ministry of Human Rights in Iraqi Kurdistan Territory in April (April) 2007 state that 533 women tried to commit suicides in 2006. The report showed that

Stop Violence Against Iraqi Women, Let Us Work Together for Justice, Equality and the Right to Life

Stop Violence Against Iraqi Women .. Let Us Work Together for Justice, Equality and the Right to Life
Stop Violence Against Iraqi Women ..
Let Us Work Together for Justice, Equality
and the Right to Life
Despite the relative improvement in the security situation, our Iraqi people continue to live in an atmosphere of general chaos that is unprecedented for Iraq or other countries. Perhaps the most important manifestation of this chaos is the lawlessness, unbridled terrorism, insecurity and the spread of organized crime. This situation has claimed the lives of more than fifty women during the second half of this year, with the murders being carried out by extremist and reactionary forces and criminal gangs, under various social, religious and political motives and pretexts.
Iraqi women, who are subjected to various forms of discrimination, oppression and exploitation, and who face violence on a daily basis and through various means, are today facing mass killings because of the widespread terrorism targeting them. Most heinous murders are committed against them, in broad daylight with impunity. The killings of women in the city of Basra are but a terrible proof of the barbarism of their perpetrators and those who stand behind them.
Despite the condemnation of these crimes, the government and the relevant authorities have not taken the necessary measures against these crimes, to put an end to them and punish their perpetrators.
We, in Iraqi Women s League, strongly condemn the crimes of killing women in Basra and other Iraqi towns, and denounce all forms of violations of human rights in Iraq, and call upon international organizations, the Iraqi Government and relevant authorities to:
1 – Send an international fact-finding mission to Iraq, to be organized by the UN High Commission for Human Rights with the participation of international human rights organizations, to investigate the crimes against women, help the Iraqi authorities to identify the perpetrators and work to stop these crimes.
2 – Reveal the criminals and those who stand behind them, and bring them to justice.
3 – Disclose the outcome of the investigations.
4 – Take measures to safeguard personal freedoms that are constitutionally guaranteed.
5 – Take deterrent measures to ensure the safety of citizens and protect their lives.
6 – Act firmly to improve the conditions of women and facilitate their involvement in the reconstruction process.
Iraqi Women s League / Co-ordinating Committee Abroad
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ليتوقف العنف ضد المرأة العراقية ..ولنعمل معاً من اجل العدالة والمساواة وحق الحياة
Iraqi Womens League
2008 / 1 / 3

The Association of University Staff of New Zealand (AUSNZ) Sends Message of Solidarity and Support To The ITU Strike Action

16 December 2007
Message of Solidarity and Support to the Iraqi Teachers Union (ITU) and its affiliate, the Association of University Staff from the Association of University Staff of New Zealand (AUSNZ).
Dear Sisters and Brothers,
Warm greetings from the members of AUSNZ.
We wish to convey our strong message of solidarity and support for your sit-in action on the 16th December 2007.
We know that this action has been decided by a special open Conference of teachers and that you have proceeded with this action because you have exhausted all other avenues in your efforts to improve the salaries and living conditions of teachers in Iraq.
We support your claims to improve the democratic involvement of teachers in the decisions made to improve and further education in your country. This is highly important to us also.
We recognise that trade union participation and organisation, including the right to take industrial action, is a vital element of a democratic civil society.
We wish you all the very best in your endeavours to achieve improvements for teachers and social justice for all working people of Iraq.
Nigel Haworth
Association of University Staff of New Zealand.

Iraqi Teachers Union visit UK as guests of NASUWT

Trade unionism took on a truly global dimension as colleagues from Iraq spent a week at NASUWT learning more about effective organisation and campaigning.
Being a trade unionist in Iraq takes immense courage and dedication. As well as having to deal with the everyday threats posed by the political uncertainty which still hangs over the country, anti-trade union laws brought in during Saddam Hussein

UK: TUC reports on delegations, the oil law, attacks on trade unionists and more

The TUC Iraq Bulletin has just come out and includes reports on:
* An Iraqi teachers union delegation visiting the UK
* A delegation from the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) visiting Iraq
* A report on oil unions and the new oil law
* Further attacks on Iraqi unions
* Visit of Iraqi transport workers to the UK – coming soon
* The TUC’s own solidarity work in support of Iraqi unions including fundraising and a striking leaflet available for download
The full newsletter is available here.