the Iraqi Union of Journalists Holds its National Conference today

The Iraqi journalists union (IJU) hold its national conference today in Baghdad, to cement the struggle to unify the union, to campaign for the safety and security of Iraqi Journalists, and for creation of democratic and federal Iraq.
Conference will debate and adopt policies for the renewal of the IJU and for building of an independent, strong and unified Iraqi Journalists Union capable of defending journalists

The ICP Celebrates May Day

1 May 2008
The Iraqi Communist Party Celebrates May Day with big rally and march in Baghdad
The Iraqi Communist Party celebrated May Day with a big mass rally in Firdos Square in central Baghdad, followed by a march to the headquarters of the party. The rally and march were attended by leaders of the party, including the Secretary of its Central Committee, Comrade Hameed Majid Mousa. Thousands of trade unionists, members democratic organisations and people participated, carrying banners greeting the Iraqi working class on International Workers’ Day.