Unions in Iraq: Kurdistan

Hangaw Abdulla Khan, President of Kurdish Union Federation
An initial background on the trade union movement in Kurdistan and the areas of operation was given. There are six trade unions in Iraqi Kurdistan affiliated to the Federation covering transport, construction and other trades. Membership stands at 100,000 (card holders). All the Federation

TUC conference on solidarity with Iraqi workers

Unions in Iraq: what British unions can do to help
Report of a conference held on Monday, 14 February 2005 in Congress House.
Iraq – the current situation
Workshops on Iraqi trade unions
What unions are doing and what more can we do?
* Conference programme
* Glossary
* Pre-conference press release
* Suggested solidarity work
* TUC Iraq Solidarity Committee

Statement of Solidarity with the TUC and the people of the UK

In the name of the IFTU and the Iraqi working class people, we strongly condemn the terrorist attacks on London on 7 July 2005 which murdered more than 50 innocent civilians and caused hundreds of injuries, some extremely serious.
These atrocities in London clearly showed that terrorism has no national boundaries and does not differentiate between different nationalities or communities.
The IFTU strongly condemns these atrocities which have shocked and horrified not only London but the world, declare solidarity with the people of the UK and the TUC at this difficult moment.
We send our deepest sympathies to the bereaved families and their friends.
14 July 2005