General Federation of Iraqi Workers (GFIW) Condemns Ratification of Sham Elections by Labour Ministry

The General Federation of Iraqi Workers (GFIW) has condemned the decision of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs to ratify the results of sham union elections.

Hadi Ali Lafta, the vice-president of GFIW, said “the Ministerial Committee should have awaited the outcome of lawsuits filed against the election results.” He pointed out that the announcement of election results were “fraudulent and a fabrication” that are no different in style from the previous elections. .

Lafta also told “Tareeq Al-Shaab” newspaper that “preparations are continuing to hold the elections after we published and distributed the Electoral Programme to all federations and unions in the country. We have determined the mechanism for conducting elections with a timetable that begins on 23rd September and continues for two months.” He added that daily meetings are being held with unions in the provinces despite the announcement by the Ministry. The Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Nassar al-Rubai’e, announced yesterday (10 Sept, 2012) the ratification of union elections for the General Federation and the release of its assets.

The Ministerial Committee consists of representatives from the Ministries of Interior, Justice, Finance, Human Rights, Ministry of State for Parliamentary Affairs, a representative of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and a representative of the Justice and Accountability Commission.

11 September 2012




Release Bahraini teaching union leaders says TUC

Release Bahraini teaching union leaders says TUC

Next week, the leaders of the Bahraini Teachers’ Association (BTA) are having their final hearing to get the unjust sentences against them dropped. The TUC is again calling for their release.

President Mahdi Abu Dheeb and Vice President Jalila al-Salman of the BTA were sentence to ten and three years in jail last year for their role in leading the union during the Arab Spring uprisings. For more information please click here:

Déjà Vu All Over Again: Iraq’s Escalating Political Crisis

Baghdad/Erbil/Brussels, 30 July 2012: To overcome Iraq’s current political crisis and prevent the breakdown of the entire post-2003 order, Prime Minister Maliki and his opponents both will have to agree to painful compromises. Please click here to read full report:

Founding statement:Coordinating Committee of Syndicate Labour-Basra

Coordinating Committee of Syndicate Labour-Basra


Founding statement

Due to the complex circumstances facing the trade union movement in Iraq, such as:

  • The continuous application of Saddam’s defunct dictatorial regime unjust labour law that deprive public sector workers the rights to form unions.


  • The delay in the enactment of a fair and just labour law that adheres to international standards and conventions


  • The blatant interference by the government in the internal affairs of trade unions.


  • The appointment of an official preparatory committee to oversee trade union elections but only for private sector unions. This is not only an infringement on the independence of trade unions, but it is an attempt to politicize trade unions by certain political trends.


We the undersigned have agreed on the importance of working together jointly and agreed to form a coordinating committee in Basra tasked with following responsibilities:

  • Stand against 1 June 2012 workers elections and reject their results. Elections that are sham and conducted behind closed doors with heavy interferences by the incumbent government and political parties. These elections are not free for workers to choose their true trade union representatives.   


  • To campaign (struggle) to abolish unjust labour law issued by the defunct Saddam’s dictatorship, and for the implementation of Article 22 of the Iraqi permanent constitution.
  • The immediate enactment of fair and just labour law that complies with international standards and conventions and in accordance with article 14 of the permanent constitution of Iraq.



General Federation of Iraqi Workers in Basra
Federation of trade unions and workers councils in Basra
Federation of Oil Unions in Basra
General Federation of trade unions and Workers Councils in Basra
Association of Technical Engineers / South electricity sector

Postal Address:

The head Offcie of the GFIW/ Basra

Basra –Ashar-Alsadi Street

Email:     tel  00964 7810188527    00964 7706501365

No Labour Laws in iraq: Employers Pick Workers’ Representatives

A fight between the major trade unions in Basra and that state’s authorities highlights the lack of real labour laws in Iraq. Saddam Hussein-era laws mean that here, the employer gets to elect the union representatives and ignore workers’ wishes.

The premises of the local federation of trade union organizations in Basra are located in a side street in the centre of the southern Iraqi city. A few meters away there’s a local fire station. And, as some local wits have been heard to say recently, it’s a good thing the fire engines are there. Because soon they may be needed to put out the raging fire caused by hostilities between the trade unionists and the state authorities.

According to their website the General Federation of Iraqi Workers (GFIW) “is the main national trade union centre in Iraq. It brings together workers, regardless of gender, age religion and ethnicity, in pursuit of commons aims of a free and democratic Iraq”. for more information please click here:

مكتب الشهرستاني: مستمرون بتجهيز كردستان بأكثر من حصته المقررة من المنتجات النفطية


الثلاثاء 17 تموز 2012  

السومرية نيوز/ بغداد

 أكد مكتب نائب رئيس الوزراء لشؤون الطاقة حسين الشهرستاني، الثلاثاء، استمرار وزارة النفط بتجهيز إقليم كردستان بأكثر من حصتها المقررة من المنتجات النفطية، مشيرا إلى أن “ادعاء” مسؤولي إقليم كردستان بعدم تزويدها بالمنتجات النفطية هدفه التستر على تهريبه خارج العراق.

وقال مدير المكتب فيصل عبد الله في حديث لـ”السومرية نيوز”، إن “وزارة النفط مستمرة بتجهيز المحافظات الثلاث في إقليم كردستان بالمنتجات النفطية وبأكثر من حصتها المقررة، وحسب النسبة السكانية البالغة 13 %”، مشيرا إلى أن “الكميات المجهزة من مادة البنزين للمحافظات الثلاث بلغت حوالي 16 – 20 % من الكمية الكلية التي توزعها وزارة النفط على المحافظات”.

وأضاف عبد الله أن “الكميات المجهزة من مادة النفط الأبيض بلغت حوالي 18 إلى 20 %، ومن الغاز السائل من 15 – 20 %، ومن زيت الغاز (الكاز) من 12 – 13 %، من الكمية الكلية التي توزعها وزارة النفط على المحافظات”.

وأشار عبد الله إلى أن “الوزارة مستمرة بتجهيز الإقليم بالمنتجات النفطية من عام 2008 وحتى الآن، وبنفس الأسعار التي تباع للمحافظات العراقية الأخرى” ، لافتا إلى أن “إي ادعاء من قبل أي مسؤول في إقليم كردستان بشان قطع إمدادات المنتجات النفطية عن الإقليم يراد منها التستر على عمليات تهريب النفط المنتج في الإقليم”.

وأكد رئيس حكومة إقليم كردستان نيجيرفان البارزاني في (9 تموز 2012)، أن حكومته ستتخذ جميع الإجراءات لتوفير الوقود لمواطني كردستان إذا امتنعت الحكومة المركزية عن إيصال حصة الإقليم إلى كردستان، في حين أشار إلى أن الحكومة خفضت حصة الإقليم إلى النصف خلال شهر نيسان الماضي، طالب الحكومة المركزي بمنح الإقليم 140 ألف برميل يوميا.


Message of solidarity with the GFIW


Message of Solidarity

with the General Federation of Iraqi Workers (GFIW)

The General Federation of Iraqi Workers (GFIW) is facing a fierce attack by the authorities and government, up to the point of organizing sham elections that are dictated by the Higher Ministerial Committee overseeing the implementation of Governing Council decree No.3 of 2004. This attack has been combined with grave restrictions imposed on legitimate members of GFIW and preventing them from entering its headquarters over recent days. Such blatant official and political interference runs contrary to the most basic rules of trade union work, in addition to violating Iraqi and international laws and conventions that regulate it.

The Committee of the Iraqi Democratic Current in the UK condemns in the strongest terms these blatant violations. We call upon all Arab and international organizations and institutions to raise their voices and demand a halt to the policy of acquisition and undermining the independence of trade union work in Iraq, manipulating it to serve the interests of those in power. While demanding an end to these repressive measures, we also call for the unity of all trade unions and workers’ federations in their struggle to enact a new Labor Law that meets the legitimate interests and rights of Iraqi workers.

Committee of the Iraqi Democratic Current – UK

10th July 2012

General Federation of Iraqi Workers (GFIW)

General Federation of Iraqi Workers (GFIW)

Press Release

10 July 2012

Thugs attack workers and trade union offices

On Tuesday July 2012, a group of thugs stormed the GFIW Head Office in Baghdad attacking and assaulting trade union activists and leaders of the GFIW. They smashed doors of the offices of three unions: Construction Workers, Mechanics and Printers, seizing unions’ records and belongings and forcibly removing trade union activists and staff from the GFIW building under a barrage of physical threats and abuses.

This latest cowardly attack is a continuation of violations committed by these thugs. Few days earlier, they illegally shut the GFIW headquarters, barring leaders and activists of unions from access to their offices.  

The GFIW warn these sinister proxy thugs and their masters, who are seeking to impose their control and dominate the GFIW and its unions, to stop their intimidation and physical attacks against trade unionists. The GFIW asserts that it shall use all legal means to bring to justice these thugs, and calls on the government and its law and order agencies to intervene to put an end to these violations and attacks.

The GFIW appeals to all patriotic forces, the Iraqi public opinion, civil society organizations, and Arab and international trade union organizations to condemn these cowardly attacks and express solidarity with Iraqi workers and their trade union movement, and prevent interference in the internal of the unions by any party.

Long live Iraqi working people and their trade union movement

Shame and disgrace on those who seek to falsify the free will of trade unions

General Federation of Iraqi Workers (GFIW)

Baghdad 10 July 2012