IFTU women’s committee greets TUC women’s conference

Baghdad 7 March 2004
c/o Mechanics Union,
Unity District ‘al wahda’
Area 902
Street 12
House No 14
Greetings to all British women Trade Unionists and to delegates at the TUC Women’s Conference
Dear Sisters,
We send our sincere good wishes and solidarity to all British women trade unionists on International Women’s Day.
Women all over the world celebrate this international occasion as a spur to their struggles for social and economic rights.
For Iraqi women trade unionists, the key struggle is to build and strengthen the Iraqi Federation of Trade Unions (IFTU). Strong and vibrant trade unionism is a crucial component of democracy.
For us it is also urgent to increase the participation of women at all levels within the Iraqi trade-union movement: locally, nationally and, of course, in the leadership, as well as in wider Iraqi society.
The IFTU, alongside other Iraqi women’s organisations, has resisted attempts to curtail women’s rights, and have won the repeal of Law 137 which would have abolished many women’s rights, including those of education, the custody of their children, inheritance and the right to divorce
Our aim is to achieve a secular and democratic Iraq that will secure women’s social, economic and political rights.
We look forward to your support and solidarity.
In solidarity,
Women’s Committee,
7 March 2004