The new independent GFIW announces election results of one of its affiliated union

The GFIW announces results of the election of committees of the Construction, Glass and Wood Workers Union in Baghdad and across Iraq

The GFIW announced the completion of the union election committees in Baghdad and across Iraq. The union started these elections on 23 September and ended 25 September where thousands of construction, timber and glass workers took part to elect their chosen trade union representatives to form workers committees across Iraq for the union.

The Union issued statement saying workers have elected and formed 15 workers committees at work places in Baghdad alone.

The statement said that thousands of workers across Iraq’s provinces in Kirkuk, Diyala, Wasit and karbala, Najaf and Nasiriyah and Maysan, Basra and Babel took part while at work places to elect their chosen trade union representatives.

The union statement added that Iraqi media and press were invited and reported on transparency of elections. Local authorities (councils) supported these events by providing security and protection for those taking part. Judges and lawyer participated as volunteers in elections to report and confirm fairness, legitimacy and transparency of these elections.

The union shall soon, at end of this month start of October, convene regional elections to elect regional committees after that the union shall organize election to elect national leadership for the union.