Women TUC Conference seeks to support IFTU

Conference stands together with women all over the world who are working
to establish basic human rights, including trade union rights, and equal
status for women, and particularly at this time those in Iraq.

Composite motion 2: WOMEN IN IRAQ
(see Motions 12 and amendment and 13, pages 13-14)
Conference therefore agrees that the TUC should work with the
International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICTFU) in supporting the
emerging free trade unions in Iraq, who are campaigning for these rights.
Conference expresses its horror at the result of the continued occupation
of Iraq, especially the impact on women. Rape, abduction, murder and
trafficking of women and girls have risen to the level of daily
Conference abhors the abuse of the basic human rights of Iraqi women and
girls and instructs the TUC to:
i) write to the UK, US and other Governments to protest about the abuse of
women’s rights; and
ii) circulate material to all TUC affiliated unions to raise awareness of
the issue.
Conference further calls on the TUC to:
a) inform our Government of our concern about the situation for women in
Iraq and press it to do all in its power to ensure that resources and
support are given in Iraq to those who will uphold the rights of women (eg
distribution of food and medical supplies);
b) seek a commitment for the future that where we are engaged in
managing conflict in other countries, the need to protect the basic human
rights of women and children will be at the forefront of planning; and
c) actively support the ICFTU in working for the restoration of free and
independent trade unions in Iraq, with all workers, including women,
having fair employment and trade union rights.
Finally, Conference notes the work that the Iraqi Federation of Workers
Trade Unions (IFTU) has undertaken to bring trade union rights to Iraq and
request that the TUC gives all possible practical support to assist the
IFTU and encourages its affiliates to do likewise.