Hadi Saleh and Talib Khadim Al-Tayee

Hadi Salih.jpg

Left:Hadi Saleh, IFTU International Secretary, assassinated 4th January 2005. For full coverage of the global trade union response to the killing of Hadi Saleh, click here.
Right:Ali Hassan Abd, martyred Iraqi trade unionist and member of the Oil and Gas Workers’ Union. Our brother was assassinated on Friday 18th February 2005 by terrorist extremists while returning with his children to his home in al-Dorah District, close to the Al-Dorah Oil Refinery in Baghdad. The IFTU wishes to express our gratitude to all the labour movement and progressive, internationalist forces who continue to show solidarity with Iraqi workers and trade unionists. For information on the global trade union campaign that helped to win the release of Talib Khadim Al-Tayee, the kidnapped President of the Iraqi Mechanics’, Metalworkers’ & Printing Union click here.