The GFIW Meets the Minister Of Labour

The Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Nassar Al Rubaie met a delegation of the GFIW executive led by Hadi Ali General Secretary of the GFIW, Ismail Khalil and Rahim Ali, Adnan Al Saffar, Jasip Awoda and Hashem Jonah.  

Falah Al Yasiri, Director General of the Legal Department at the ministry attended the meeting as well.

The meeting discussed the latest trade unions developments and the wiliness of the GFIW to hold fair and open workers trade unions elections.

The Minister stressed on the importance of trade unions independence and on non governmental interference. He said the sole role of the government –and its institutions– is to assist unions to hold workers elections within the next four months. He stressed non government interference in workers elections.  

The GFIW delegation emphasised on trade unions independence and its readiness to organize workers trade unions elections according to International Labour Organization standards that are free from narrow partisan gain by any political party.

The meeting also discussed the current draft labour law which fails to comply with international Labour Organization standards and in practically, the rights of public sector workers to trade union representations. Both agreed to coordinate efforts to apply pressure on the Parliament to modify the Draft in order to allow public sector workers the rights to organize and join unions. Both agreed to hold further joint consultation and coordination meetings for the preparation of workers elections and for monitoring the progress of current draft labour law.  

The GFIW delegation had—earlier on the same day- met Khalid Shwani, the Parliament Head of the Legal Committee and informed him of the GFIW concerns over the current Labour Law Draft which will be presented to Parliament, soon, for debate and adoption.

The GFIW delegation stressed that parliament should debate the original draft labour law that was submitted by the Council of Shwara and not the one submitted by the Council of Ministers to Parliament. The council of Minister had modified the council of Shwra’s draft by removing key article that allows public sector workers the right to organize.  The GFIW called on Parliament to abolish labour resolution 150 of 1987.

Mr Shwani, the Parliament Head of the Legal Committee, promised to inform Parliament of the GFIW concerns when the draft labour is debated.

The GFIW delegation previously had met Member of Parliament Yonadim Kana, the Head of Parliament Labour and Social Affairs Committee to discuss the current draft labour law and to inform him of the GFIW concerns about it.

Mr. Kana expressed his full understanding of the rights of working people to join trade union organizations including public sector workers according to the Iraqi constitution and international standards.  



February 1 2012

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