The KUWU supports successful workers protest


The strike of workers at Taq Taq (T.T.O.P co) Company which began on August 1 by a group of local workers most of them lived in the vicinity of the oil company. Protestors demanded that the company must honor its promises that pledged to workers when they signed their contracts. Protestors demanded improvement to their salaries which is much lower than the salaries of foreign workers working for the same company. In addition, protestors complained about the bad behavior of the company foreign director toward workers. Workers demanded, as well that the company should invest in the community welfare like paving the community main roads and by building some civic premises.    

The Kurdistan United Workers Union (KUWU)  fully support and endorse these legitimate workers demands.

It is wroth to report that these demands were discussed in a agreement reached in a meeting between representatives of the company and workers yesterday 2 August 2011. Present at the meeting were representatives from the Council of Ministers of the Region of Kurdistan Government [Iraq] and the Ministry of Natural Resources. Workers demands were met by the company and thus workers have decided to end their protest on the afternoon of August 2 and resume work again..

The KUWU Executive


3 August 2011