Iraqi Women Fight for Rights

Iraqi Women Fight for Rights in the New Constitution
Tareeq Al-Shaab: 4 August 2005
Iraqi Women Call for Guaranteeing Women Rights in the Constitution
A meeting of women was held on Tuesday )2 August 2005) at the Convention Centre in Baghdad, and the following statement was issued at its conclusion:

“After discussing the issue of women in the Iraqi draft constitution, which has been recently put forward for national dialogue, a group of Iraqi women that represents Iraqi societal spectrum, agreed on the need for guaranteeing women rights in the constitution as an essential part of guaranteeing human rights of all members of Iraqi society and to achieve the principle of equality for all, irrespective of gender, race, religion, sect, or any other consideration outside the principle of citizenship.
Our aspirations for a democratic future for Iraq, where citizens enjoy equal rights regardless of gender, compel us to put forward the following recommendations:
1- Islamic law is to be considered one of the sources of legislation.
2- Abiding by all international covenants and agreements that regulate human rights and women and children rights, as well as those with special needs and that they should be regarded as a source for legislation.
3- To continue to abide by the percentage of women representation, such that it is no less than 25% in the three branches of power and decision making centres. This quota should be confined to a limited period.
4- Not to include any clause in the constitution that promotes ideological, religious, nationalist and sectarian bigotry.
5- Prohibiting the practice of any form of violence against women.”