New union federation holds its first press conference

In late August 2003, the IFTU held a press conference, which was attended by many local and Arab reporters and satellite stations.
At the start of the press conference the Executive Committee (EC) of the IFTU denounced the criminal terrorist attack on the UN head office in Baghdad, which resulted in the death Mr. Sergio Vieira de Mello the representative of the UN General Secretary.
The EC of the IFTU emphasized the legitimacy of the new emerging unions as the true and sole representatives of Iraqi working people.

The first vice president of the IFTU Mr. Hadi Ali, the second vice president Mr. Mahal Aldelimy and the General Secretary Mr. Subhi Al Meshadani attended the conference. Mr. Hadi Salh the secretary of International relations and Mr. Fuad al Askery the secretary of the union media and cultural relations were also present at the conference.
Members of the EC present at the conference recognized the huge task facing the Iraqi trade unions movement and emphasized the rebuilding of trade unionism on democratic after it had been marginalized for decades by the former regime and mentioned that many unions have been formed a cross Iraq.