The ITU Calls for the Immediate Dismissal of the Deputy Minister of Education

the ITU statement

In a television interview ( please click on the avove link  to see interview) early this week, about the situation of education in Iraq, the Deputy Minister of Education attacked the Iraqi Teachers Union (ITU) and insulted its members by calling them donkeys.

The ITU reacted angrily at the deputy minister rude comments and called for a national meeting on 1 March 2011 at the union head office and issued the attached statement in Arabic. The ITU mobilized his branches to start national campaign if the deputy minister refuse to resign. The ITU statement called for the immediate removal of the Deputy Minister from his post. The ITU also called on the Iraqi legal authority to question him over the insult he committed against teachers. The ITU demanded that deputy Minister must issue a public apology to all teachers  

The ITU branches across Iraq in unison with the national office of the ITU have sent letters of condemnation to the deputy minister comments with copies to the minister of education.

Mr Al Ibrahim, the deputy minister of education held a press conference yesterday 2 March 20-11 and announced that he has submitted a written resignation to the Minister of Education.  

The Iraqi Prime Minister has called for the deputy minister to resign.

ITU  Abroad.

Abdullah Muhsin