IFTU in Basrah holds demonstration in support of Iraqi students

On Monday 22 March the Iraqi Federation of Trade Unions (IFTU) Basrah branch organised a public demonstration in one of Basrah’s main streets in support of the Iraqi students from the Engineering faculty of Basrah University who were the victims of the horrific and barbaric attack by religious zealots in a park a week earlier while holding a picnic.
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The IFTU Basra branch supports students as they struggle to build civil society. The IFTU marched in support of the students believing that it is important to publicly demonstrate that the condemnation of the savage attacks comes not only from young people, but from workers in Basrah. The IFTU has clearly stated to the population of Basrah, to the Iraqi civil and political authorities and to the outside world that the legitimate trade union movement of Iraq stands shoulder to shoulder with the students in their demands for full civil and political rights, that the perpetrators of these brutal acts are punished, the abolition of “the Committees for University Security and Protection”and that offices of political parties be removed from the colleges.
The IFTU supports a democratic Iraq and opposes any political or social repression reminiscent of the movement of the Taliban.