General Union of Students in the Iraqi Republic (GUSIR) – Basra branch on the attack on Basra University students

Statement issued by the General Union of Students in the Iraqi Republic (GUSIR) – Basra branch
About the attack on Basra University students
For a Free Student Life .. For a Better Future!
To the student masses .. and our people in Basra governorate
After sharing with our people the joy of elections, and looking forward to laying the foundations of democracy in the new Iraq, students at Basra University got proper permission for a picnic, which is one of our basic freedoms as students. But we were shocked when armed groups stormed through Al-Andulus Park and launched an attack on students, tearing the clothes of female students, stealing gold jewellery, mobile telephones and recording equipment. This act of aggression was a blatant violation of the basic principles of Islam as well as human rights. The attackers also made unfounded accusations that are totally false.
We look forward to your support for our continuing strike until our demand is met that the perpetrators are properly punished in accordance with the norms of a state based on law. We stress the need for abolishing “the Committees for University Security and Protection”, which are run by forces that are hostile to progress. We also demand that the offices of political parties be removed from the colleges.
We all aspire to a democratic Iraq that would have nothing to do with Saddam’s regime and in no way resemble the movement of Taliban.