Iraqi Teachers in Kirkuk Prepare for Sit-in

The Head of the ITU in Kirkuk brother Hassan al Jubouri, strongly criticized the Directorate of Education’s decision to prevent teachers picketing, which they planned to hold to demands better working and living conditions. The head of the Directorate of Education said that his department had prevented the sit-in because it is unnecessary giving that the ministry of education is serious about resolving teachers’ wages and working conditions.

Brother al Jubouri told al »Sabah» newspaper that schools across Kirkuk are panning to go ahead with the protest despite the Directorate of Education ban, noting that the protest will be held within schools and for sure will not disrupt the working hours. The sit-in is aimed for a half-hour. Teachers will hold banners and posters.

The ITU head in Kirkuk stressed that the protest came as a result of the national action being organized by the central office of the ITU to demand greater teachers’ rights and for better wages. However, Shan Omar the Director General of Education in Kirkuk said the ITU sit-in in Kirkuk is unnecessary because the Ministry of Education is serious about solving teachers’ problem adding that his ministry is already cooperating with the Ministry of Finance over this issue.

It is worth to note here that the Ministry of Education has promised before to resolve this issue but has done little.