The GFIW in Basra Celebrates International Women’s Day

On the occasion of women’s and mother day, the Electricity  and Employees Workers Union Basra, in cooperation with the General Federation of Iraqi Workers in Basra (GFIW) held a ceremony on Monday, March 22 to celebrate this occasion. The celebration was attended by the President of the GFIW in Basra brother. Hussein Fadel Hassan , brother. Mohsin Mulla Ali, Executive Member of GFIW in Basra and brother, Mr. Ali Hashim, General Secretary of the Mechanic Workers Union

The opening ceremony, participants read the national anthem, then sister Lamya Ibrahim Khalil read the union statement. The union statement referred to the on going struggle of women in the Arab world and across Iraq in particular. Sister Ibrahim highlighted the challenges facing women at the moment in keeping achievements Iraqi women have won over the last 6 decades of prolonged struggle. 

At the event a number of women and men were honoured for their commitment to the ongoing struggle for  women’s rights by the head of the Union in Basra sister Hashemyia Al Sadawi. The event ended with poetry and music.


23 MARCH 2010

IFTU celebrates International Women’s Day

Iraqi Federation of Trade Unions (IFTU):
News Release:
SUBJECT: IFTU celebrates International Women’s Day
Every year, women across the globe celebrate International Women’s Day on 8th March, a day of global struggle and solidarity for women’s freedom and equal rights.
The IFTU executive committee issued a statement today saying:
“We celebrate International Women