Our campaigns – 2011

We will be using this page to preserve a history of our online campaigns which we have been running since 2002.  For campaigns from before 2011, please click here.

Each active campaign has the country and campaign headline, the date it was launched, the union or NGO that requested it, and the target. For closed campaigns, we also include the number of messages sent (in English only for now) and a very brief summary of what happened.

Campaigns with more than 5,000 supporters (in English) will appear in bold face and yellow background.  Campaigns with more than 1,000 recommendations on Facebook appear with red text.

Mega-campaigns with more than 10,000 supporters, are highlighted differently – like this – in gold, with a border.

Kazakhstan: Stop police violence against strikers – 16 December 2011
6,598 (all languages) – more than 1,000 recommendations on Facebook

Italy: Demand freedom of association at Fiat – 15 December 2011 – FIOM / IMF
7,951 (all languages) / 501 recommendations on Facebook
According to FIOM, the campaign was useful for two reasons.  One was to reach people around the world, particularly where Fiat is operating and CEO Marchionne is considered a kind of divinity.  The other was that it was really appreciated in Italy, for the Italian workers union and activists  because it gave them the idea that there is a tool for international solidarity that was unknown before.  This strengthened a feeling of belonging to a “workers’ world” where workers can act to support one another, and so that Italian Fiat workers feel less alone.  Through the union’s press releases, giving the outcome of the campaign in terms of signatures and countries, it has shown to the government, to Fiat and to public opinion, that workers also can act in a global way, in order to denounce injustice. It will also help in case of complaint to ILO the union is working on.

Turkey: Unjust prison sentence on trade union activists – 15 December 2011 – Education International
3,205 (all languages) / 537 recommendations on Facebook

Mexico: Support electrical workers union – 12 January 2012 – Solidarity Center/UE
6,725 (all languages) / more than 1,000 recommendations on Facebook

Pakistan: Release trade union leaders now – 28 November 2011 – ITGLWF
4,405 (all languages) / 825 recommendations on Facebook

Turkey: Leather workers sacked for ‘occupying’ factory – 31 October 2011 – Deri-Is
5,521 (all language)s / 873 recommendations on Facebook

Turkey: End the lockout at GEA – 28 November 2011 – IMF
5,436 (all language)s / 677 recommendations on Facebook
GEA has agreed to talk to the union and the IMF, and noted the very large number of emails they received.

Bahrain: Drop all charges against teachers, unionists and students – 9 December 2011 – Education International
5,160 (all languages) / more than 1,000 recommendations on Facebook
The campaign was closed after 7 weeks to make room for a new campaign on a similar issue, but updated.

Ecuador: Solidarity with public sector workers under attack – 22 November 2011 – PSI
2,082 (all languages) / 363 recommendations on Facebook
According to PSI, “Combined with other actions by PSI, it generated a useful response from the government – a detailed letter of response, which at one stage the government was also copying to all those who had signed the on-line campaign. The response itself was rather unsatisfactory, but useful to our affiliates in terms of media work and keeping up the pressure. The President’s office has also asked the labour minister to explore the possibility of a meeting with PSI representatives in order to discuss matters further.”

Kazakhstan: Support striking oil workers – 22 September 2011
2,102 (all languages) / 321 recommendations on Facebook

No More Fear at T-Mobile USA! – 5 September 2011 – UNI Global Union
Company (Deutsche Telekom)
10,586 (all languages) / over 2,000 recommendations on Facebook

Egypt: Pass a labour law now – 03 October 2011 – ITUC
Government (embassies)
4,982 (all languages) / 631 recommendations on Facebook

Fiji: Free jailed trade union leaders – 8 November 2011 – ITUC
3,948 (all languages) / 874 recommendations on Facebook

Fiji: Withdraw anti-union laws, respect workers’ rights – 24 August 2011 – ITUC
7,278 (all languages) / over 2,000 recommendations on Facebook

Korea: Stop the prosecution and harassment of public workers – 29 July 2011 – PSI
3,934 (all languages) / 799 recommendations on Facebook

India: Suzuki workers protest union busting – 17 October 2011 – IMF
6,760 (all languages) / over 2,000 recommendations on Facebook

Korea: Stop police assault on Hanjin workers, free jailed trade unionists – 13 July 2011 – IMF
3,160 (all languages) / 644 recommendations on Facebook

Malawi: Respect human rights and allow peaceful protest – 06 August 2011 – ITUC
4,729 (all languages) / over 1,000 recommendations on Facebook

Russia: Free diamond miners union activist Valentin Urusov – 09 June 2011
1,842 (all languages) / 232 recommendations on Facebook

Georgia: Stop attacks on trade unions, respect labour rights – 30 June 2011 – AFL-CIO / GTUC
3,781 (all languages) / 444 recommendations on Facebook

Palestine: Solidarity with striking quarry workers – 21 July 2011 – WAC Maan
4,117 (all languages) / 852 recommendations on Facebook
Our first campaign ever to also appear in Hebrew – one of ten languages this time.

Iraq: Union leader forcibly relocated – 30 May 2011 – GFIW
3,430 (all languages) / 408 recommendations on Facebook
According to the GFIW: “The situation in Iraq is quiet now–re trade unions rights- since May-June upheaval and the ITUC, TUC and ILO intervention. The oil union leader in Kirkuk, thanks to the labourstart Campaign, has not been relocated, al though the risk of being relocated is still hanging over his head.”

Colombia: Tell Vale no more union busting – 20 June 2011 – ICEM
Government & company
2,838 (all languages) / 305 recommendations on Facebook
The United Steel Workers tells us: “They [the union in Colombia] are in negotiations with Vale. Vale is being nonconfrontational although the negotiations haven’t yet become real productive and there does seem to be some union busting on the part of the company (discouraging participation in union), but the situation is in flux and the union at Vale in Colombia advised would be best to stop LS email campaign for now.”

Botswana: Support 100,000 striking public sector workers – 6 June 2011 – PSI
3,373 (all languages) / 457 recommendations on Facebook
According to PSI, “The launch of the campaign was timely and caused a stir during the ILC , which led to (failed) attempts to discredit the information in the text amongst ILC delegates. I am sure that the campaign was useful in facilitating our lengthy meeting with a 6 people strong government delegation during the ILC. I believe it also played a useful part in facilitating further meetings between PSI affiliates + other unions belonging to the federation BOFEPSU and the ruling party, from which we hope progress will result. ”

Swaziland: Protest mass arrests of trade unionists – 21 April 2011 – ITUC
2,357 (all languages) / 436 recommendations on Facebook

Bahrain: Stop the attack on the trade union movement – 19 April 2011 – ITUC
4,693 (all languages) / over 1,000 recommendations on Facebook

Canada: No back-to-work legislation at Canada Post – 17 June 2011 – CUPW

13,821 (all languages) / over 5,000 recommendations on Facebook
“CUPW wants to thank LabourStart for this campaign. It buoyed our spirits, made it clear that for many people back to work legislation is unacceptable, and put pressure on the Minister. Although the back to work legislation was ultimately passed, the help and support form Labour start made a difference for CUPW members. Even though we have been ordered back to work, our fight is not over. CUPW’s members heads are held high and we will continue to work for respect, dignity, and a sharing of the benefits. We will demand our rights in the workplace, and continue to work with allies for fairness for postal workers and to regain our right to free collective bargaining. We will work with our allies for justice locally, nationally, and internationally. We are proud of the struggle we have waged and are determined to continue it. CUPW looks forward to continuing to work with Labour Start.”

El Salvador: Free jailed trade union leader – 10 June 2011 – Solidarity Center
1.542 (all languages) / 164 recommendations on Facebook
Perez was freed 17 days after the launch of the online campaign.

Iraq: Stop the attack on the trade unions – 10 May 2011 – GFIW
3,531 (English) / 854 recommendations on Facebook

Chile: Government Reneges on Mine Safety Standards; Demand Reform – 09 March 2011 – ICEM
3,327 (all languages) / 385 recommendations on Facebook
According to the ICEM, “Chile did ratify C. 187 a general health and safety convention in this time, but we are still pressing government in 176, the mine safety convention. ”

Turkey: Polyplex must reinstate sacked workers, negotiate with union – 09 February 2011 – ICEM
Company (Polyplex) / 86 recommendations on Facebook
1,961 (all languages)

Mexico: Defend trade union rights – 10 February 2011 – IMF
3,677 (all languages) / 125 recommendations on Facebook

“As part of the Global Days of Action where 50,000 protested and rallied in more than 40 countries around the world during the week of February 14-19, Labourstart played a significant role in delivering a total of 3,677 protest letters to the Mexican Government demanding respect for Freedom of Association and Union Autonomy. The effort resulted in a successful push back to proposed regressive labour law reform, renewed negotiations for state employees, and a reinvigorated independent union movement in Mexico. But no one felt the impact more than freed political prisoner and union leader Juan Linares, who was released from jail on February 24 after being unjustly imprisoned for more than two years.”

Pakistan: Reinstate sacked trade union leader at Syngenta – 09 February 2011 – ICEM
Company (Syngenta)
4,398 (all languages) / 202 recommendations on Facebook

Turkey: Reform labour laws now – 26 January 2011 – DISK
2,647 (in all languages) / 203 recommendations on Facebook
Articles appeared in newspapers and websites in Turkey about this campaign and about LabourStart. The government did not respond. Turkish trade unionists were delighted that someone from outside the country cared about the issue. And they report that European trade unionists they have met knew about the campaign because of LabourStart.

Bangladesh: Free Moshrefa Mishu – 20 January 2011 – SOLIFONDS
4,766 (in all languages) / 181 recommendations on Facebook
Mishu remains in custody at the Dhaka Medical College Hospital despite a court order demanding her release. Prominent citizens are demanding that the police respect the court order and release her.

Philippines: Dole must respect union rights – 16 February 2011 – KMU
Company (Dole) & Government / 0 (?) recommendations on Facebook
Union defeated in workplace vote