August not a slow season for us: Europe, Korea, Palestine, Philippines, Russia, Turkey, UK, Zimbabwe …

Here is the regular report on our active campaigns, with the totals from a week ago in brackets. The campaigns are listed in order of popularity, which is unchanged since last week. The most significant growth took place for the XPO campaign, due to the German translation — picking up nearly 400 new supporters in the last 24 hours. All of the other campaigns have stalled.

Russia: Union-busting at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology – 8,278 [8,219] +59
Norway: Sekkingstad and Sund, stop union busting! – 7,408 [7,361] +47
Korea: Oracle workers on strike – 7,223 [7,164] +59
France: Rail unions fight against privatisation – 7,156 [7,150] +6
XPO: Time to talk about your behaviour – 7,155 [6,758] +397
USA: Time for Wendt to negotiate with the union – 6,743 [6,735] +8
Australia: Exxon Mobil – time for a fair deal for your workers – 6,377 [6,333] +44
Canada: Solidarity With Women Striking for a Living Wage! – 2,038 [2,025] +13

Europe: We posted stories about the Amazon strikes to social networks.

Korea: We sent out the Chinese translation of the Oracle campaign to our list.

Palestine: We ran a top story on LabourStart which we promoted widely on social media about reports that a well-known New Zealand trade union leader was tasered and arrested by Israeli authorities while on a mission to Gaza.

Philippines: BWI’s story about an assassination attempt on a trade union leader was a top global news story on LabourStart and also shared widely by us on social media.

Russia: Our campaign in support of Professor Balashov is now live in German and the mailing is scheduled to go out on Monday morning. This is likely to bring this campaign to over 9,000 supporters (it’s now at 8,278 and is our largest current campaign).

Turkey: Following the victory by TUMTIS (recognition by DHL), we sent out a thank you message to our mailing lists which has gone out now in a dozen languages — Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, Esperanto, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Tagalog.  Other translations are on their way.

UK: USDAW’s campaign in support of workers at Marks & Spencer was promoted to our UK mailing list, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. When we began, their campaign had 6,108 supporters; today it has 6,763, so we have helped to grow it by 10%.

Zimbabwe: We widely shared the ITUC’s statement on social media and as a top story on LabourStart.

Mailing lists: Our special prompt on the campaign landing page encouraging people to sign up to the list (if they left that box unchecked) has this week been translated into Czech, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish. We have about six more languages in the pipeline which will be added in the next few days.  This should help us counter the effect of GDPR, which bans us from pre-checking the box to join our mailing list.  We added 47 new subscribers to our lists this week, most of them to the English list.

XPO Campaign: This is now live in German, and a mailing has gone out (see above for results).

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