Why people aren’t buying our book of the month

48 hours after I sent out the mailing about our second LabourStart Labour Book of the Month, we had almost 1,800 (of 75,000) people click through to learn more about the book.

But of those 1,800, only 25 actually bought copies.  In other words, more than 98% of those who clicked through and looked at the book decided not to buy it — or not to buy it immediately.

We can speculate from now until the end of time about why people aren’t buying the book (the price of shipping outside the USA comes to mind), but we can also do something better thanks to fabulous tools like MailChimp and SurveyMonkey.

We can actually ask those 1,800 people — and only them — why they didn’t buy the book.

I did that this morning.

Their answers have just started to come in.  Anyone who wants to know the results, email me and I’ll send you the link to follow the poll in real time.

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  • Having read through the replies, the main reason seems to be money. If you put this into perspective, ie. global capitalists are seeing their revenus skyrocketing whilst the most internationally conscious trade unionists are worried about spending $20, you really have to admit that there is a problem at a planetary level.
    No wonder they are trying to stop free information from circulating on the Internet.

    Comment | November 18, 2012

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