Campaign closed – Swaziland

Today after three months we closed the Swaziland campaign which got over 6,000 messages sent. ¬†According to the Education International, which sponsored the campaign together with PSI and the ITF, “We requested the SNAT to inform us about the impact of the¬†campaign. We will let you know as soon as we hear back from them.”

Update: We have received this from the ITF –

STAWU President General, Vusi Mabuza has this comment

“The recent global campaign on Trade Union rights violations in Swaziland conducted by LabourStart after sane reasoning by ITF, PSI and EI was a logically correct stride. It had an immeasurable contributory factor to cause for necessary self introspection on the perpetrator’s part. Our heartfelt accolades goes to the respective campaign participants.”

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