96 hours on LabourStart

In the last four days, in addition to watching our Palestine campaign grow, showing off our new conference poster, and and thinking about Cafe Press (see earlier posts), here are a few of the things that have been on the agenda at LabourStart this week …

  1. Have been holding an email conversation with our internet service provider (1&1) about the possible listing of their IP address in the SORBS spam database – some people sending off protest messages to Georgia have received reports that indicate this. Still investigating what’s going on.
  2. Attended a meeting at the Trades Union Congress to discuss Egypt and expressed a willingness to do more – including a possible campaign in support of labour law reform in that country.
  3. Fixed the newswire which is now featured on LabourStart’s French page on Facebook to open links in a new window (as is the case for the campaigns newswire).
  4. Received another nice donation from a Canadian union, processed it and had Derek thank them.
  5. Spoke with the International Metalworkers Federation about a possible campaign on Malawi – but after consulting with the ITUC, this has been placed on hold.
  6. Provided advice on social networking to UNI, which is campaigning against Deutsche Telekom – a union-buster in the USA.
  7. Mailed all members of UnionBook about our conference, the campaigns, and the need to recruit some 900 new members in 40 days.
  8. Improved daily campaign stats program to show only the current month; could not get it to show in reverse order.
  9. Backed up mailing lists, MySQL databases, and all files on the website.
  10. Added campaign supporters to MailChimp lists.
  11. Removed spam signups to the conference database.
  12. Updated conference website with the Turkish version of the ‘respect’ form.
  13. Sorted out tickets for travel to Istanbul in September for a meeting with our conference committee.
  14. Sent out the weekly mailing in German.
  15. Sent out a mailing to over 600 Francophone Canadians.
  16. And answered dozens and dozens of emails.

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