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Time for a second look?

We used to sell LabourStart-branded stuff here.

There was some concern that the products were made not only by non-union labour, but under less-than-ideal conditions (e.g., in China).

Does anyone want to take a second look now?

Maybe they offer a more ethical range (i.e., union-made or at least ethically produced products).

Many, many websites use CafePress to raise money, and we might be able to do so as well – but don’t want to be accused of selling sweatshop goods.

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  • I couldn’t find anything on this on their site, I left a message with the question. Will report on their response.

    Comment | July 27, 2011
  • Good. If we can do this without compromising on principles, it could be a good way to raise money (and profile) for LabourStart.

    Comment | July 27, 2011

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