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The month in review – October 2014

This report will be brief, but I hope I’ll be covering all the highlights of the month.

Next generation LabourStart: Our Android app is ready, and I’m making some final tweaks before submitting it to the Google Play store and elsewhere, and then publicizing it widely. I do think this is a huge step forward for us, we’ve gotten good feedback from those who’ve seen it, and mobile apps like this one are increasingly going to be our main platform.

2015 Retreat: We now have an organizing committee of 7 people, and have been putting together the basic elements. We’ll have a Skype conference call in November and will begin inviting people then.

Campaigns: We only launched two campaigns in October (as compared to 5 in September) — for the trade union at WIPO (5,813 supporters) and for workers at Zara in the USA (5,004 supporters). More campaigns are on the way, including another one from the ITF.  We gave a lot of help at the beginning of the month to IndustriALL, which was doing a Thunderclap on precarious work.

Fundraising: Some good news this month as the National Executive of Unison in the UK votes to give us £3,000 and the Norwegian union Industrie Energie votes to donate $5,000. In addition, Kevin Curran’s marathon run for us generated £1,202 (71 individual contributors).

Internationalization: We’re doing a lot of work to make sure the languages we campaign in and post news in stay alive, even when individuals who were doing the work drift away.  Big efforts were made to recruit new correspondents in Denmark and Finland this month with good results in the latter country.  Italian remains our biggest mailing list that is not getting regular mailings, so we appealed this week to our entire Italian list producing dozens of volunteer translators.

LabourStart in Numbers – September 2014

All our major mailing lists shrunk in September.

Every time we promote a campaign that’s not on our site (e.g., the IndustriALL Thunderclap, or the IUF and HKCTU campaigns on Hong Kong) the net result will be a decline in subscribers.  Some of the addresses will bounce, others will unsubscribe.  The only time we pick up new subscribers is when we run a campaign of our own — and only when that campaign is compelling enough to attract new supporters.

Mailing lists where there was no change are ones where there were no mailings — these are lists that we are not using because our volunteer translators have become inactive.  This is a particular problem with Italian, Korean and Chinese, all of which are lists with more than 1,000 supporters.

Growing lists are shown in green; shrinking lists are in red. The previous month’s total is in brackets.

Mailing lists [with 200 or more subscribers]

English: 85,095 [85,611]
French: 8,152 [8,188]
German: 5,502 [5,529]
Spanish: 5,278 [5,279]
Italian: 4,124 [4,124]
Turkish: 3,380 [3,454]
Korean: 3,080 [3,080]
Norwegian: 2,807 [2,853]
Russian: 2,480 [2,505]
Dutch: 1,687 [1,691]
Chinese: 1,106 [1,106]
Polish: 752 [734]
Finnish: 686 [684]
Japanese: 483 [483]
Arabic: 463 [463]
Portuguese: 353 [353]
Indonesian: 344 [338]
Hebrew: 267 [265]
Tagalog: 254 [254]
Farsi: 242 [242]

Social networks

Twitter followers

English: 13,125 [12,642]
Canada English: 3,511 [3,344]
Canada French: 571 [505]
USA: 405 [366]
French: 214 [212]
Indonesia: 99 [56]
Spanish: 74 [73]
German: 69 [61]
Japanese: 22 [23]
Russian: 18 [17]
Portuguese: 7 [7]


Like page (English): 8,891 [8,810]
Members of LabourStart group: 8,111 [7,917]
Like LabourStart page (French): 450 [439]
Like LabourStart page (German): 376 [363]
Like LabourStart page (Turkish): 141 [137]
Like LabourStart page (Hebrew): 111 [111]


Members: 5,820 [5,811]


LabourStart group: 1,764 [1,714]


Union group on Flickr: 785 [781]


Correspondents: 746 [731]

Website traffic (Clicky)

Total visitors: 35,736 [36,270]

Where they come from:

USA 7,608 [8,197]
Canada 6,717 [5,712]
UK 4,526 [5,396]
Australia 2,134 [2,645]
Austria 1,484 [1,047]
Norway 1,391 [793]
Germany 932 [1,444]
Sweden 748 [–]
France 730 [741]
Belgium 619 [821]

Their operating systems:

Windows – 69.3 % [69.5%]
Mobile – 11.9% [12.2%] (iOS – 6.8% [7.1%] ; Android – 3.8% [3.8%])
Mac – 16.7% [16.2%]
Linux – 2.1% [2.1%] (Clicky)

Total visitors: 25,324 [28,820]

Where they come from:

Canada – 4,787 [3,713]
UK – 3,939 [5,347]
USA – 3,541 [3,908]
Germany – 1,298 [1,0259]
Australia – 1,276 [1,876]
Belgium – 1,275 [1,547]
France – 1,043 1,335 [1,081]
Norway – 913 [637]
Spain 569 [–]
Switzerland 537 [–]

Their operating systems:

Windows – 67.6 % [66.8%]
Mobile – 19.7% [20.4%] (iOS – 11.0% [11.6%] ; Android – 7.4% [7.6%])
Mac – 10.6% [10.8%]
Linux – 2.1% [2%]

LabourStart in Numbers – July 2014

Mailing lists [with 200 or more subscribers]

English: 85,191 [85,258]
French: 7,917 [7,859]
German: 5,376 [5,242]
Spanish: 5,234 [5,176]
Italian: 4,098 [4,097]
Turkish: 3,450 [3,450]
Korean: 3,080 [3,081]
Norwegian: 2,839 [2,889]
Russian: 2,514 [2,525]
Dutch: 1,378 [1,369]
Chinese: 1,106 [1,105]
Finnish: 655 [655]
Polish: 640 [269]
Japanese: 483 [494]
Arabic: 451 [471]
Portuguese: 353 [353]
Indonesian: 325 [325]
Tagalog: 254 [254]
Hebrew: 248 [250]
Farsi: 242 [242]

Social networks

Twitter followers

English: 12,642 [12,455]
Canada English: 3,344 [3,273]
Canada French: 505 [465]
USA: 366 [344]
French: 212 [210]
Spanish: 73 [72]
German: 61 [58]
Indonesia: 56 [41]
Japanese: 23 [23]
Russian: 17 [17]
Portuguese: 7 [7]


Like page (English): 8,810 [8,763]
Members of LabourStart group: 7,917 [7,796]
Like LabourStart page (French): 439 [429]
Like LabourStart page (German): 363 [355]
Like LabourStart page (Turkish): 137 [137]
Like LabourStart page (Hebrew): 111 [108]


Members: 5,811 [5,793]


LabourStart group: 1,714 [1,680]


Union group on Flickr: 781 [782]


Correspondents: 731 [725]

Website traffic (Clicky)

Total visitors: 36,270 [34,769]

Where they come from:

USA 8,197 [8,200]
Canada 5,712 [5,899]
UK 5,396 [4,655]
Australia 2,645 [2,313]
Germany 1,444 [1,160]
Austria 1,047 [729]
Belgium 821 [–]
Norway 793 [1,480]
Poland 754 [–]
France 741 [778]

Their operating systems:

Windows – 69.5 % [69.3%]
Mobile – 12.2% [12.6%] (iOS – 7.1% [7.5%] ; Android – 3.8% [3.8%])
Mac – 16.2% [16.1%]
Linux – 2.1% [2.1%] (Clicky)

Total visitors: 28,820 [28,332]

Where they come from:

UK – 5,347 [4,094]
USA – 3,908 [3,628]
Canada – 3,713 [3,603]
Australia – 1,876 [1,474]
Poland — 1,608 [–]
Belgium – 1,547 [1,076]
France – 1,335 [1,081]
Germany – 1,025 [1,289]
Norway – 637 [1,081]
Ireland 584 [–]

Their operating systems:

Windows – 66.8 % [62.8%]
Mobile – 20.4% [25.2%] (iOS – 11.6% [10.5%] ; Android – 7.6% [13.2%])
Mac – 10.8% [10%]
Linux – 2% [1.9%]

The last 3 weeks in review: 8-29 July 2014

Summer is NOT a quiet time at LabourStart …


  • We launched our Gaza Ceasefire campaign on 22 July; it is already our second largest active campaign.
  • We launched a campaign in defense of jailed Iranian trade unionist Reza Shahabi on 10 July.
  • The Ecuador campaign was closed after 3 months.
  • I’ve followed up with the translators for our top 15 languages, trying to make sure that as many campaigns as possible appear in as many languages as possible.
  • We did very well with the recent Turkish Georg Fischer campaign and promoted news of our victory to our list, as did with the victory at LATAM in South America.  That’s two victories this month that we contributed to.
  • Using a voucher we had from Google for some free advertising, we ran ads supporting out Polish LIDL campaign; they were seen by nearly 24,000 people, but only 103 clicked on the link.


  • We received a generous donation from Building and Woodworkers International (BWI) and from the Trade Union Advisory Committee to the OECD (TUAC).
  • We’ve had an offer from a well-known comrade to run a Marathon in Wales in October to raise funds for LS; more details soon.


  • Our under-utilized Events module just got better — now you can tag an event not only by country, but by state/province as well. You can see the results by checking out our UK/England news page.


  • People noticed that visiting our home page took you to a URL that included ‘2013’. This has now been fixed and instead of ‘2013’ it says ‘news’. Most people will not have noticed.


  • I’ve been given warning that we’re to be kicked out of our offices very soon. I visited possible alternatives in Finsbury Park, Bethnal Green and Muswell Hill. I’m leaning towards working from home for a few months, which will save us several thousand pounds.


  • LS has been invited to provide a speaker for a Unifor event in Canada.  Derek will probably do it.
  • Eric has also been invited by the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) to help teach a course in Germany in September.

New contacts:

  • A comrade from a group in France called ReACT came to our offices for a meeting; we discussed many ways of cooperating.
  • I had a long meeting in London with the Morocco-based representative of the Solidarity Center; we discussed among other things the possibility of a correspondents’ meeting in the region, maybe in Tunis.
  • I followed up with all those who attended the IndustriALL communicators event last month in Italy, at which I spoke, and invited them to cooperate. Two replied, and we picked up a new correspondent in Cambodia as a result.



  • I’ve been encouraging comrades to post reviews of the Dan Gallin book on Amazon; some have already done so.
  • Even though book sales haven’t been amazing, for the first two months of our current financial year (June-July), book sales have made up about 10% of LabourStart’s income, though this is unlikely to continue.
  • I’ve begun adding reviews to the Gallin book to our page promoting the book — so far, only two.
  • I wrote to everyone who requested a review copy (PDF) and asked them to let me know when their reviews appear.
  • Thanks to Matt Heaney, the book is now on sale at ver.di’s bookshop, both off- and online.
  • I wrote to all 130 people who spoke at our Berlin conference reminding them that we want all their texts for our next book by the end of July.

Photo of the day:

  • For those who post these photos (mostly Derek) there’s now an explanation of how to post country-specific ones. If anyone wants to do this, email me and I’ll explain how it’s done.
  • The photo of the day is also now available on our mobile edition for the first time.

Enough for now … and now back to work …


The month in review – 28 May – 8 July

Well, it’s been more than a month — but as I was away on holiday from 22-30 June, I wasn’t able to get this done in late June. In future, I’ll try to have this done monthly. Here are just some highlights …

Campaigns: We launched five campaigns in the last six weeks. These were in support of Korean workers (Samsung), Turkish workers (M&T Reklam), and Peruvian and Argentinian workers (LATAM) – which we won. This week we added two more campaigns in support of workers in Poland. We’ve also closed four campaigns in the same period — Georg Fischer (Turkey), Colombia, Aeroflot (Russia), and Total Call (Morocco).

Conference & finances: We had a bit of followup including media coverage, which is documented elsewhere on Inside LabourStart. I’ve now completed all payments relating to the event — and can tell you that the conference was great, but also costly. We need to raise quite a bit to refill our coffers.

Books & other publications: We’ve now sold well over 3,000 books. As Google offered us a very big prize if we started running ads again, we’ve launched a modest campaign to promote our most recent book. I’m working on producing the conference book, Global Crisis, Global Solidarity. It should be ready by late summer. We won’t be doing a 2015 Global Labour Calendar (it’s too late in the year now to get it right, and on time), but we are discussing doing a 2016 version.

Correspondents: We added a number of new ones from the USA, Spain, Israel, Germany, and Poland. One or two complained that they submitted applications which we never saw. I’ve not been able to figure out how that could happen, but instead have put in a warning to people applying to become correspondents that if they don’t hear from us shortly, to email me directly.

About LabourStart: This page hadn’t been updated for years — I gave it a quick refresh last week.

First of the month problem: The French news page, which is now modelled on the English one, was behaving badly, not showing news, on the first of every month. This has now been fixed.

Staff: Our second intern, Tom, is no longer working for us. Gisela, who was on the payroll for a few months building the Berlin conference, is now happily unemployed (for a while at least).

Office: We’ll need to move by the end of October. I’m looking into alternatives now.

LabourStart in Numbers – June 2014


* While most of our mailing lists are growing slowly or not at all, we saw a huge increase in our Korean list this month, now up to well over 3,000 addresses and our 7th largest list. The German list overtook Spanish to become our third largest list, as expected. A year ago, the German list had only 3,199 subscribers, so it’s gone up by over 2,000; the Korean list soared from 153 to over 3,000 in the same period. Meanwhile the English list has seen a net growth of just 5,000 in the same period.

* Our Twitter following continues to grow quite well. We’ve picked up almost 3,000 new followers to our main English feed in the last year.

* Traffic to our campaigns coming via mobile phones is soaring: we’re up to more than 1 in 4 people who visit our campaigns do so on a small screen device. More supporters of our campaigns come via iPhones than Mac desktops and laptops. Just three months ago, 18.6% of our campaign supporters came via mobile devices; today that’s 25.2%.


Mailing lists [with 200 or more subscribers]

English: 85,258 [85,334]
French: 7,859 [7,827]
German: 5,242 [5,147]
Spanish: 5,176 [5,150]
Italian: 4,097 [4,099]
Turkish: 3,450 [3,442]
Korean: 3,081 [2,122]
Norwegian: 2,889 [2,876]
Russian: 2,525 [2,525]
Dutch: 1,369 [1,355]
Chinese: 1,105 [1,073]
Finnish: 655 [655]
Japanese: 494 [494]
Arabic: 471 [469]
Portuguese: 356 [356]
Indonesian: 325 316 [265]
Polish: 269 [269]
Tagalog: 254 [254]
Hebrew: 250 [246]
Farsi: 242 [242]

Social networks

Twitter followers

English: 12,455 [12,272]
Canada English: 3,273 [3,191]
Canada French: 465 [445]
USA: 344 [304]
French: 210 [209]
Spanish: 72 [69]
German: 58 [58]
Indonesia: 41 [32]
Japanese: 23 [23]
Russian: 17 [17]
Portuguese: 7 [7]


Like page (English): 8,763 [8,710]
Members of LabourStart group: 7,796 [7,691]
Like LabourStart page (French): 429 [421]
Like LabourStart page (German): 355 [344]
Like LabourStart page (Turkish): 137 [135]
Like LabourStart page (Hebrew): 108 [108]


Members: 5,793 [5,780]


LabourStart group: 1,680 [1,646]


Union group on Flickr: 782 [778]


Correspondents: 725 [714]

Website traffic (Clicky)

Total visitors: 34,769 [43,005]

Where they come from:

USA – 8,200 [9,670]
Canada – 5,899 [6,694]
UK – 4,655 [5,711]
Australia – 2,313 [2,630]
Norway – 1,480 [1,665]
Germany – 1,160 [3,126]
France – 778 [911]
Austria 729 [–]
Sweden 624 [–]
Ireland 586 [–]

Their operating systems:

Windows – 69.3% [68.3%]
Mobile – 12,6% [14.6%] (iOS – 7.5% [7.8%]; Android – 3.8% [4.8%])
Mac – 16.1% [15.1%
Linux – 2.1% [2.1%] (Clicky)

Total visitors: 28,332 [32,148]

Where they come from:

UK – 4,094 [4,995]
USA – 3,628 [4,943]
Canada – 3,603 [3,698]
Korea – 1,638 [–]
Australia – 1,474 [1,644]
Germany – 1,289 [2,408]
Norway – 1,081 [–]
France – 1,081 [983]
Belgium – 1,076 [1,036]
Taiwan – 813 [–]

Their operating systems:

Windows – 62.8% [66.5%]
Mobile – 25.2% [20.9%] (iOS – 10.5% [8.9% ] ; Android – 13.2% [9.5%])
Mac – 10% [10.4%]
Linux – 1.9% [2.1%]

LabourStart in Numbers – April 2014

My comments this time appear below, at appropriate points in the long lists of numbers.

Mailing lists [with 200 or more subscribers]

The most spectacular gain this month has been to our German mailing list — which grew by 850 subscribers net. This is substantially greater than the total growth for all other lists combined. At this rate, German will become our third largest list sometime this month.  A year ago, this list had just over 2,000 subscribers.

English: 85,670 [85,432] +238
French: 7,801 [7,707] +94
Spanish: 5,131 [5,106] +25
German: 5,069 [4,219] +850
Italian: 4,115 [4,110] +5
Turkish: 3,440 [3,253] +187
Norwegian: 2,878 [2,907]
Russian: 2,524 [2,525]
Korean: 2,122 [2,122]
Dutch: 1,349 [1,391]
Chinese: 1,073 [1,073]
Finnish: 609 [624]
Japanese: 494 [494]
Arabic: 390 [381] +9
Portuguese: 351 [338] +13
Polish: 269 [269]
Indonesian: 265 [262] +3
Tagalog: 254 [254]
Hebrew: 243 [250]
Farsi: 242 [242]

Social networks

Twitter followers

The big news here is the launch of our LabourStart Indonesia twitter feed — an initiative by our new correspondent, Pete Moss, who covers Indonesian news.  And the main English Twitter feed continues to grow at a healthy pace, and is just under 12,000 followers.  (The ITUC has 5,407 followers; the ILO has 29,885 — we’re in the middle.)

English: 11,995 [11,816]
Canada English: 3,067 [2,957]
Canada French: 432 [416]
French: 209 [205]
USA: 252 [209]
Spanish: 66 [67]
German: 48 [45]
Indonesia: 26 [new]
Japanese: 23 [23]
Russian: 17 [16]
Portuguese: 7 [7]


What’s interesting here is that 3 times as many people joined our Group than liked our Page in English this month. There’s obviously a dynamic to Group growth that our page on Facebook is missing. It’s very important therefore to always post new campaigns, etc to both the Page and the Group.

Like page (English): 8,633 [8,546]
Members of LabourStart group: 7,511 [7,268]
Like LabourStart page (French): 418 [409]
Like LabourStart page (German): 315 [301]
Like LabourStart page (Turkish): 134 [131]
Like LabourStart page (Hebrew): 105 [105]


Now really stagnant, the question is — do we spin this off somehow? Maybe someone could be persuaded to buy it from us?

Members: 5,760 [5,750]


LabourStart group: 1,625 [1,605]


A small gain this month as we asked our worker-photographers to submit May Day photos and join the group. Still, when you email 90,000+ people and that leads to a gain of just 26, it’s not that impressive.  (Our LinkedIn group, which we do absolutely nothing to promote, grew by  nearly as much.)

Union group on Flickr: 774 [748]


Correspondents: 703 [699]

Website traffic (1&1 statistics)

Total visits: 638,835 [635,661] (Clicky)

Total visitors: 40,845 [40,645]

Where they come from:

Sweden continues to bring us hundreds of visitors every month — even though we still don’t have a proper news page or active correspondents in that language. Something to work on.  The other popular news pages here (English, German, Norwegian, French and Indonesian) are all updated regularly.

USA – 9,419 [8,525]
Canada – 7,245 [8,140]
UK – 5,478 [4,809]
Australia – 2,670 [2,618]
Germany – 1,671 [1,526]
Norway – 1,562 [2,132]
France – 871 [820]
Sweden – 784 [888]
Indonesia – 760 [1,252]
Belgium — 718 [–]

Their operating systems:

Windows – 68.9% [68.2%]
Mobile – 13.8% [15.6%] (iOS – 7.2% [7.3%]; Android – 4.7% [5.6%])
Mac – 15.4% [14.8%]
Linux – 1.9% [1.4%] (Clicky)

Total visitors: 33,523 [29,094]

Where they come from:

Good to see Turkey back in the top 5, no doubt due to our having just launched two campaigns relating to Turkey. Note also huge gains in German traffic to our campaigns, up six-fold in two months.  Also note increased traffic for every single one of our top ten languages.

Canada – 4,980 [6,464]
UK – 4,679 [3,965]
USA – 4,343 [4,087]
Germany – 3,292 [1,236]
Turkey — 1,805 [–]
Australia – 1,450 [1,349]
France – 1,224 [1,152]
Belgium – 1,186 [1,030]
Spain – 1,153 [1,038]
Italy – 884 [750]

Their operating systems:

Nearly one in five people who support our online campaigns now do so using a smartphone or tablet — watch this number grow month on month.

Windows – 68.5% [68.4%]
Mobile – 18.8% [18.6%] (iOS – 9.8% [10.1%]; Android – 7.7% [6.9%])
Mac – 10.6% [11.1%]
Linux – 2.1% [1.8%]

The month in review – 28 March – 25 April 2014

Berlin conference: We’re now just 4 weeks away from the conference opening on Friday, 23 May. The number of people registered since I last reported 4 weeks ago has gone up by 85 — we now have 579 registrants. It is very likely that this will pass 600 in the next week.

The majority of registrants (300) come from just 11 countries — Germany (129), the UK (61), USA (20), Russia (18), Canada (16), the Netherlands (15), Switzerland (12), and Ukraine (11). There are 17 coming from three Nordic countries. More than 30% of all registrants in the last month came from Germany.

There are some large delegations registered from developing countries, though we’re not certain how many of these people will actually be able to attend. These include: Nigeria (31), Liberia (25), Bangladesh (20), Pakistan (20), and Cameroon (17).

In total, we have delegations registered from 70 countries.

The 61 coming from the UK is larger than the total number of participants in our London conference in 2008, and the 36 coming from North America probably exceeds the total number who attended our Washington conference in 2009.

LabourStart will have a stall at the ITUC World Congress which is happening in Berlin just before our event. In addition, a number of LabourStart correspondents will be attending the ITUC as journalists. If you can be at the ITUC event, please let me know. We’ll need help staffing that stall and raising LabourStart’s profile there in general.

Publicity: We now have a global media list with over 200 addresses on it. We’ve now sent out our first three press releases to that list. If you have any suggestions for journalists who should be added to the list, please send them on.

We’ve now prepared a new LabourStart flyer which will be published initially in English, German and Russian. Thanks to Gisela and Derek who helped write the text and to Masha who did the graphic design. If you’re coming to Berlin, please make sure to leave room in your luggage to take copies of the flyer home with you.

For the second time, LabourStart is a sponsor of the London Labour Film Festival which takes place next week. We have a large ad in the festival programme, and we did two mailings to our UK list urging people to attend.

Books: We’re nearly ready with Book 4 (Dan Gallin) — this will be ready for sale at the book launch in Berlin.

Campaigns: We’ve launched just two new campaigns in the last six weeks — supporting Georg Fischer workers in Turkey and union leaders sentenced to jail in Ecuador, launched this week. Both campaigns are growing well and quickly.

We closed down the Crown Holdings (Canada) campaign after some 4 months online. We are keeping a couple of older campaigns going at the request of their initiators — Aeroflot and Cambodia. Both have very large numbers of supporters (+12K).

In addition, we’ve helped give extensive publicity to campaigns launched by our friends. We just did a mass mailing yesterday to support the IUF campaign for North Carolina tobacco workers. We also gave extensive publicity to the Amnesty International campaign in support of jailed union leaders in Bahrain.

Finally, we launched a Canada-only campaign last month — also in support of the Crown Holdings workers, but targetting the premier of Ontario.

News: As I reported earlier this month, there’s now a new, quick way for correspondents to add news links to LabourStart. The number of active correspondents has grown; in mid-March we only had 76 actives and today that number is 92. We need to continue working to ensure that many more LabourStart correspondents post news regularly.

Fundraising: April is one of the months that we tend to do a fundraising appeal and our totals this time were disappointing. The total donations for this month are nearly £6,400 — more than £1,000 less than the average we get for the months we do such appeals (though considerably better than we did in July 2013). I discussed these issues in a post below, and have decided to move toward annual, rather than quarterly, appeals.

In addition to that money, we have received a pledge of yet another donation from Unite Here (in the USA). And we’ve received substantial support from German trade unions and foundations for our Berlin conference. Finally, we don’t appear to have won any of the three competitions we were entered into (see my post from 19 March). Darn.

After 15 years, a new way to post news quickly and easily to LabourStart

bookmarkletPeople have been asking for something like this for a very long time.  Today I finally wrote the code to do it.

Login to post news as you normally would.  On the second screen, the one that’s entitled “Main Menu”, look at the text highlighted to the left.  The yellow arrow is pointing at it.

Drag the red box that says “Add2LS” up to your bookmarks toolbar.  (The bookmarks toolbar varies from browser to browser, but usually it’s the part of your screen immediately above the web page you are viewing.)

Leave it there — it will say “Add2LS”.

You only have to do this once.

Now, go visit a website that’s a source of labour news.

Find a news story you want to put on LabourStart.

Click on the “Add2LS” link in your toolbar.

And magic — you can begin adding the news story.

The link sits there permanently in your toolbar, and you never have to login again.

News stories always appear in one window (or tab) and the form in another so that you can glance back at the news story for stuff like the name of the publication, the title, and so on.

This should make it easier and quicker than ever for correspondents to post news stories.

Try it and let me know what you think — and how it can be improved.

The weeks in review – 17-28 March

Technical innovations: This week we made two technical steps forward. The first is a web app for smartphones and tablets that’s now been tested on iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry smartphones and seems to work. The second is our own URL shortening system (like or that allows us to create addresses like

Berlin conference: The number of registrations continues to grow — we’re now up to 494, up 46 in the last 11 days. The number of German participants (crucial if the conference is to be a success) is up to 103, a gain of 12 in this period. We’re currently working on sending visa invitation letters to several dozen registrants who requested it, sorting out solidarity housing for those who can’t afford the hotel or hostel, building the nearly 50 workshops that are planned, getting speakers for all 3 plenaries, organizing the Saturday night party, raising the money to do all this, and much more. The organizing committee in Berlin is growing and meeting regularly. There’s an international Skype conference call each week that Eric, Tom, Gisela and Derek have been holding as well. We have less than 8 weeks to go …

Campaigns: We haven’t launched any new campaigns in the last couple of weeks, but our Casablanca campaign is going quite well and we think we’ll get one of the five sacked call centre workers to come to speak in Berlin. We had a big surge in supporters for our Rana Plaza campaign yesterday after announcing that a couple of companies had agreed to pay compensation. We promoted — for the first time — our new social media links on the campaign page, and this has generated a number of Facebook likes (1,187) and Tweets (185) for that campaign. Not surprisingly, the links to promote campaigns on Google+ and LinkedIn are proving far less popular. We closed our Kazakhstan campaign a few days ago as well (see report by Kirill below).

News: A couple of weeks ago we had only 76 active correspondents (out of some 700); following my appeal to them to get more active, we now have 99 active ones, who have posted 5,003 news stories in March — an average of 179 news stories every day this month, with each correspondent contributing an average of 51 stories, or nearly two per day. The most active correspondents in March were (in order): Derek Blackadder (Canada), Andrew Casey (Australia), Andy Funnell (France), Roy Nitzberg (USA), Patrick Craven (South Africa), S. G??bi?ski (Poland), Efraim Davidi (Israel), and our intern, Tom Harris (UK).

Prizes and competitions: LabourStart has been entered into three international competitions the results of which we will know within a month. See below for details.