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Radio LabourStart, R.I.P.

Radio Labour.
The new face of Radio LabourStart, R.I.P.

As Marc Belanger has correctly pointed out, Radio LabourStart has for some time now served to direct traffic to Radio Labour – and nothing else.

Our volunteer correspondents have not been posting links to other MP3 files – even though some of those correspondents are themselves the owners of radio labour stations and should have been using our facility to publicize their programs.

(Search this page for the word ‘radio’ to see what I mean.)

As a result, I’ve suspended Radio LabourStart and it now redirects all traffic to Radio Labour.

There’s also now a good-sized graphical link to Radio Labour on our front page.

Radio LabourStart: What’s the problem?

One week ago today I sent a message to our mailing list of correspondents (over 700 names) urging people to post videos and audio files to LabourStart.

Some videos were posted in the last week, but not a single radio show.

Not one.

I wonder why.

Basically, all it takes to put something up on Radio LabourStart is to add a file with an “.mp3” (or “.MP3”) suffix.

And there are plenty of these around.  For example:

Workers Independent News runs MP3 files every day – here’s one example:

RadioLabour creates MP3 files every day.  Here’s an example:
Many local labour radio shows are also available for MP3 streaming.

For example, in New York City WBAI has a weekly broadcast called ‘Building Bridges – Your Community and Labor Report’.  Last week’s show was online as an MP3 file here:

    All three of these files are now in LabourStart’s news links database and will therefore appear automatically on Radio LabourStart.

    Please help by making sure that these labour radio shows are routinely added to our news database.  Thanks.

    My weekly podcast – continue?

    I’d love to hear your views on this – either as comments here or as emails to me.

    Back in May, at LabourTech Canada, I was enthused by the idea of doing podcasts.

    My first podcast went live at the end of that month, and overall I’ve now done a dozen of them.

    When I publicize a podcast to LabourStart’s mailing list, I’ll get between 200 to 700 listeners.  But if I don’t mention it in a mass mailing, and just publicize using the web, Facebook, Twitter, iTunes, etc, I can get as few as 75 listeners.

    I’m not sure I want to use the LabourStart mass mailing every time I do a podcast, and not sure there’s any real interest in my continuing to do them.

    What do you think?

    Friday morning in brief …

    • My lastest podcast on labour and technology is now online, here.
    • UnionBook 2.0 has 910 members as of this morning.
    • I’ve asked about closing down our Algeria campaign and am waiting to hear from the comrades there.
    • We’ve got a sponsor for our Canada page – ad to appear later today.
    • Our book of the month for September will be this one (but don’t order it just yet – not using that link).
    • Derek, Andrew and I have scheduled our first Skype conference call for next week to discuss the 2011 LabourStart Global Solidarity Conference.  Details coming soon.

    Labo(u)rlists, podcast, keywords, RSS, news, inbox – a day in the life …

    Some of the things I’ve been working on today —

    • Have taken further steps to transfer the domain over to our web server at 1&1 Internet.  As you may recall, we were using this domain name on a US-based server to do our mailings until they decided that we were mailing out too much and we needed to migrate everything over to on 1&1.
    • I recorded my weekly podcast on labour and technology, focussing on LabourStart and globalization.  It will go live tomorrow.
    • I checked if our search function works on keywords and it does — at least in English. If you search on the term ‘FBU’ you’ll see a news story I posted today that has the term in the keywords field, but not in the title or source of the story.  It was reported to us at our conference that this may not work in some other languages, so we’re doing further checks.
    • I looked into our RSS news wire in Russian, which has issues with character encoding.  Trying to fix this now.
    • And as usual, I added a number of new subscribers to our mailing lists (people who have supported our campaigns), signed up some new correspondents, answered correspondence, and posted a dozen news stories on the site.

    Fourth weekly podcast – this time about LS itself

    My fourth weekly podcast is on the subject of how we post labour news to LabourStart — comparing what we do to automated news aggregators like Google News.  I think correspondents will find this of interest.

    Meanwhile, listenership of my podcasts is rising from week to week.  The first three podcasts had the following total number of listeners:

    • Geocities and Facebook [11.6.10] – 555 listeners
    • LabourStart’s Global Solidarity Conference [4.6.11] – 255 listeners
    • Twitter [29.5.10] – 30 listeners

    Friday updates in brief

    • We’ve launched a new campaign in support of striking Dis-Chem workers in South Africa.  A campaign in support of Mexican workers in Cananea may come online next week; we’re liaising with ICEM about this one.
    • We now know for sure of over 100 people attending our conference — with two thirds of them having paid registration fees in advance.
    • My latest Labour and Technology podcast is now online, here.