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'Why train to be a nurse ... if you're being paid less than a caregiver' 2018-04-23 [Radio New Zealand]

Members to get to ballot for industrial action 2018-04-20 [NZNO]

Courageous panel needed to avert winter strike 2018-04-20 [Nursing Review]

'We are prepared to fight for our existing terms and conditions' 2018-04-19 [Radio New Zealand]

Lyttelton Port and maritime union reach deal to settle workers' strike 2018-04-18 [TVNZ]

Joe Carolan on the nurses strike 2018-04-10 [The Daily Blog]

Auckland bus drivers to strike over fairer pay and work conditions 2018-04-16 [NZ Herald]

Auckland bus strike to cause early morning disruptions 2018-04-17 [Radio New Zealand]

Auckland bus strike: commuters urged to find another way to work 2018-04-18 [Radio New Zealand]

We're calling on fellow Uber drivers and users to log out for a day. Heres why. 2018-04-18 [The Spinoff]

NZ King Salmon one year closer to a living wage target 2018-04-17 [Fairfax]

Petroleum industry needs to get on board with a just transition 2018-04-13 [NZCTU]

Allied Health staff shortages the invisible damage of underfunding 2018-04-17 [PSA]

PSA welcomes Court of Appeal decision ion SCDHB anaesthetic tech case 2018-04-10 [PSA]

An open letter to end oil exploration 2018-03-12 [PSA]

Peace not war on industrial relations 2018-04-10 [Newsroom]

'The beating heart of the Labor movement': report on the 2018 Labor Notes Conference 2018-04-15 [Redline]

Lyttelton Port strike notices extendand lockout issued 2018-04-12 [Fairfax Media]

Guest Blog: Darien Fenton-its going to ruin us 2018-04-17 [The Daily Blog]

Blue Star taxis ordered to pay worker $15000 for unjustifiably changing working hours 2018-04-17 [Fairfax]

Harvest supermarket workers call of strike after living wage offered 2018-04-12 [The Spinoff]

Invercargill nurses called to attend pay dispute rallies 2018-04-16 [The Times]

Auckland bus drivers to strike from Tuesday 2018-04-16 [Newshub]

Living wage employers scarce in Tauranga 2018-04-15 [The Sun]

Harvest supermarket workers call off strike after living wage offered 2018-04-12 [The Spinoff]

Workers of Huckleberry grocery store pack up strike action following pay negotiations 2018-04-12 [The Herald]

Lyttelton port workers to lose pay due to planned strike 2018-04-12 [Radio New Zealand]

L'Oreal shows businesses how it’s done - union 2018-04-11 [Voxy]

Because workers are worth it 2018-04-11 [FIRST Union]

Mangere L'Oreal workers win right to living wage 2018-04-11 [The Herald]

Education support workers' hopes dashed as pay equity battle looks headed for court 2018-04-08 [Stuff]

Workers get to keep their jobs at The Warehouse Kaikohe 2018-04-05 [FIRST Union]

Lyttelton Port workers set to strike again due to 'inferior pay conditions and unsafe rosters' 2018-04-05 [TVNZ]

Lyttelton Port workers to strike again 2018-04-05 [Radio New Zealand]

Lyttelton Port workers plan second strike 2018-04-05 [Scoop]

Get used to walking: Unions threaten to block Wellington buses 2018-04-03 [Newshub]

Bus drivers union slams overseas migrant plan 2018-04-03 [Newshub]

First shots fired as business lobbyists fight proposed labour law reforms 2018-04-03 [nzherald]

Workers are missing out on their share of growth, and they’re mad as hell 2018-03-31 [thespinoff]

Striking water cooler workers threaten further action 2018-03-30 [Radio New Zealand]

Office drinking water providers to strike 2018-03-29 [FIRST Union]

Water cooler talks: Executives scab as workers strike 2018-03-29 [Radio New Zealand]

Strike action takes toll on all involved 2018-03-28 [Stuff]

Lyttelton Port dispute getting acrimonious 2018-03-26 [Newstalk]

NZNO vote no 2018-03-26 [NZNO]

Nurses and midwives vote no to 2% wage offer 2018-03-26 [Radio New Zealand]

Strike imminant as nurses reject pay offer 2018-03-26 [NZ Herald]

Port workers vote for another longer strike 2018-03-23 [Radio New Zealand]

Port workers blockading tunnel to Chch 2018-03-22 [Radio New Zealand]

Lyttelton Port chief caught on camera skiing, striking workers disrupt rail traffic gallery video 2018-03-22 [Stuff]

This month in labour history

14-04-1912 The start of the Waihi Miners Strike, New Zealand. One of the country's most bitter disputes was to last six months. [more]