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Today's news - West Bengal

CITU extends support and solidarity to the indefinite strike by jute-mill workers in West Bengal from1st March 2019 called jointly by all 21 unions in the industry 2019-03-01 [CITU ]

Bengal inks wage agreement with jute industry, CITU stays away 2019-03-14 [The Business Standard]

No salary for 3 months: Women rail sanitation staff at Ernakulam Junction go on strike 2019-03-14 [The News Minute]

Simulbarie estate suspends work, citing worker disobedience 2019-02-26 [Telegraph]

Over 2.5 lakh jute mill workers are gearing up for an indefinite strike from March 1, demanding wage revision 2019-02-12 [Newsclick Report]

Haldia port shut after strike; loss Rs 6 crore/day 2019-01-22 [The Times]

January 8-9 Strike Participants Allege Backlash From TMC Govt 2019-01-13 [Newsclick]

Sporadic clash in Bengal over trade union strike 2019-01-08 [The Herald]

Left Union calls on Trinamool to join strike against BJP, leaves Didi in tricky spot 2019-01-07 [Today]

Labour dept takes up massive campaign to bring more unorganised sector workers under SSY 2019-01-02 [MP]

Ten workers of cake factory taken ill following gas leakage from oven 2018-12-27 [UNI]

Minimum wage: Talks between tea garden workers in Siliguri, plantation owners reach impasse 2018-12-24 [Express News Service]

Bengal may set minimum wage for tea garden workers 2018-12-14 [Telegraph]

10,000 Workers Laid-off after Jute Mills Shut Down 2018-12-06 [News Central Staff]

Tea garden workers on fast, want new owner 2018-12-04 [The Telegraph]

The Bitter Plight of Bengal's Tea Garden Workers 2018-10-01 [The Wire]

Darjeeling’ steam engine toy trains grounded after labourers strike work 2018-09-13 [Hindustan Times]

Good news for 1.30 lakh workers, salary hiked by 45% 2018-09-13 [DNA]

Tea wage hike call 2018-08-19 [The Telegraph]

Minimum wage uncertain: interim hike proposed for Bengal tea workers 2018-08-17 [Newsmen]

Hospital for bidi workers sick 2018-08-15 [Telegraph]

Worker safety of no value 2018-08-09 [Telegraph]

Tea workers strike for 50 cent per day pay rise 2018-08-09 [The Daily Star]

More than 400,000 tea estate workers go on strike over pay 2018-08-08 [The Guardian]

IIT-Kgp in panic mode as hostel workers’ strike looms 2018-08-05 [The Times]

GNLF brews garden push 2018-08-04 [The Telegraph]

Forum renews garden strike threat over wages 2018-08-04 [Telegraph]

Basic Welfare Provisions for Tea Estate Workers Under Threat 2018-07-24 [Newsclick]

Reprieve as Appeals Court reinstates 362 tea workers 2018-07-23 [Media Max]

Tea garden strike on hold in wake of announcement 2018-07-23 [The Business Standard]

Appeal for unity for tea garden unions in Darjeeling 2018-07-11 [The Echo]

Tea planters urge unions not to disrupt operations in Bengal 2018-07-10 [IANS]

BJP mulls tea agitation plan 2018-07-10 [Telegraph]

Tea union plea to finalise workers' pay 2018-07-07 [The Telegraph]

Morcha out of tea forum strike 2018-07-07 [The Telegraph]

Domestic workers of West Bengal find new hope in trade union 2018-07-06 [Catch News]

Govt urges unions to drop tea strike 2018-07-05 [The Telegraph]

TMC tea unions fail to merge 2018-07-04 [The Telegraph]

Lift strike, tea planters tell unions 2018-07-02 [The Telegraph]

TMC shuns tea strike 2018-07-01 [The Telegraph]

Tea strike for minimum pay 2018-06-30 [The Telegraph]

Lockout At Bengal Textile Factory, 5,700 Jobs At Stake 2018-06-26 [NDTV]

Domestic workers rally in Kolkata for just wages, social security 2018-06-23 [The Business Standard]

Domestic workers rally in Kolkata for just wages, social security 2018-06-23 [IANS]

Meal workers voice concern 2018-06-22 [The Telegraph]

Big Win For Domestic Workers In West Bengal; Now Recognised As Trade Union 2018-06-20 [The Logical Indian]

In a First, Kolkata Domestic Workers' Organisation Gets Trade Union Status 2018-06-19 [The Wire]

Domestic workers’ body gets trade union status 2018-06-18 [The Hindu]

3 months' pay for mill workers 2018-06-11 [The Telegraph]

Tea union panels to help secure arrears 2018-06-11 [The Telegraph]

This month in labour history

19-03-1919 Ahmedabad mill workers, with help from Gandhi, win a 35% pay rise after 25 days of strike action [more]