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Vatuwaqa bus drivers on strike 2019-03-18 [FBC]

Hundreds affected by bus strike 2019-03-18 [FBC]

Airline Union ‘Ready To Move Forward’ 2019-01-20 [The Sun]

Education unionists seek inclusive schools that are a safe environments for all 2018-12-17 [EI]

Attar to raise workers’ rights 2018-10-03 [The Times]

Unions in Fiji 'still being targeted' 2018-10-02 [PSI]

FTUC: PM’s praises abroad for human rights “ironic” 2018-09-29 [The Times]

FTUC has been refused a permit to hold a march 2018-09-28 [The Sun]

FTUC Plans March for 29 September 2018-09-24 [The Sun]

Unions ‘still being targeted’, Singh claims 2018-09-24 [The Times]

Council Asked To Clarify Rally Letter From Trade Union 2018-09-08 [The Sun]

Labour minister misleads 2018-08-21 [FTUC]

FTU calls for 20% salary increase for teachers 2018-06-29 [FTUC]

Call for explanation over Grace Road workers 2018-08-17 [Radio New Zealand]

Fiji Bank & Finance Sector Employees Union’s Golden Jubilee 2018-07-23 [UNI Global Union]

Fiji Times executives and writer cleared of sedition 2018-05-24 [IFJ]

Questions over hospital upgrade motives in Fiji 2018-05-16 [Radio New Zealand International]

Fiji looks for private hospital operators to the concerrn of nurses 2018-05-15 [Radio New Zealand International]

Fiji nurses concerned about hospital changes 2018-05-15 [Radio New Zealand International]

Workers' rights champion passes away at 50 2018-03-29 [The Times]

Union power 2018-03-25 [The Times]

Urai deplores remarks 2018-03-19 [The Times]

Fiji unionists plan another march, expect further setbackas 2018-02-28 [Radio New Zealand International]

Unions Apply For Permit To March In April 2018-02-24 [fijisun]

FTUC permit application to have a march and rally in Suva tomorrow has been rejected 2018-02-23 [fijivillage]

FTUC will continue with the rally if permit is not issued 2018-02-23 [fbc]

Workers’ Union Presses For Contempt Proceedings 2018-02-06 [The Sun]

FTUC calls for the resignation of airport services boss and board chairman 2018-01-31 [Fiji Times ]

Sexual harassment in workplace a prevalent issue 2018-01-30 [Fiji Times]

Union alerts ILO 2018-01-28 [The Times]

Calls for ILO to step in after Fiji unionist questioned by police 2018-01-27 [RNZI]

Unfolding crisis: ITF and ITUC alert ILO 2018-01-27 [ITF Global Union]

Pay cut rumors. Teachers demoralized over reforms Opposition claims 2018-01-26 [RNZI]

Government Steps Up Anti-union Repression 2018-01-26 [ITuC]

Top Fiji unionist questioned by Police over conduct of airport worker #solidarity march in Nadi & the events that occurred afterwards 2018-01-25 [Fiji Village]

People have no freedom to exercise their rights in Fiji, says union leader Anthony 2018-01-25 [Stuff]

Victorious return to work: God gave us the strength in 36 day lockout of 200-plus airport workers  ActNOW!  2018-01-24 [Fiji Times]

FTUC leader questioned over Nadi solidarity rally 2018-01-24 [Fiji Times]

A full investigation by an independent investigator into ATS required- Felix Anthony 2018-01-24 [FTUC]

ITF welcomes win for Fijian aviation workers 2018-01-24 [ITF]

Union leader questioned about 'sabotaging the economy' 2018-01-24 [RNZ]

Big win for Fijian aviation workers as ATS ordered to end lockout  ActNOW!  2018-01-21 [ITF Global Union]

TWU urges Fiji air terminal bosses to pay workers and begin talks immediately  ActNOW!  2018-01-23 [TWU]

Airport workers union says talks for better wages and conditions continue as locked out workers return to their Nadi Airport jobs  ActNOW!  2018-01-23 [Fiji Times]

Locked out Nadi airport workers elated to get back on the job  ActNOW!  2018-01-22 [RNZI]

Airport workers back inside gate after tribunal orders boss to end month-long lockout  ActNOW!  2018-01-22 [RNZI]

Airport workers due to return to their jobs this morning after boss ordered to lift month long lock out  ActNOW!  2018-01-22 [RNZI]

Fiji airport workers due to return to work after month locked out 2018-01-22 [Radio New Zealand International]

Airport boss lifts month long lockout on court orders but threatens more disciplinary action against 200-plus returning workers  ActNOW!  2018-01-22 [Fiji Village]

225 airport workers prepare to return to work today after 35 day lockout which tested their faith in God  ActNOW!  2018-01-22 [Fiji Times]

This month in labour history

2-04-1976 Oil workers strike against 3 companies begins. The union was seeking a $1.31/hour wage rate. [more]

5-04-1975 350 airport workers refuse to service Air Pacific planes in solidarity with striking airline employees. [more]