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Today's news - South Australia

AWU push for Aussie Steel 2017-05-13 [Whyalla News]

Workplace Bullying claim at Victims Support Service 2017-04-08 [INDaily]

Big Canadian shipbuilder hopes to poach Aussie talent as SA projects wind down 2017-04-07 [ABC]

Adelaide’s Light City Bus strike for Tuesday called off after ‘in-principle’ agreement with union 2017-04-03 [Adelaide Advertiser]

Drug, alcohol tests for SA bar staff dropped from proposed new liquor licensing laws 2017-03-29 [Adelaide Advertiser]

Justice For Jorge 2017-03-29 [CFMEU]

Light City bus drivers strike to cause traffic chaos across Adelaide 2017-03-28 [Adelaide Advertiser]

Shipbuilder to cut more jobs in Adelaide 2017-03-27 [AAP]

Osborne ASC Shipbuilding to shed another 22 jobs by the end of May as workforce dwindles on Air Warfare Destroyer project 2017-03-27 [Adelaide Advertiser]

Blackmail, extortion and slavery at a restaurant near you 2017-03-26 [Fairfax Media]

ANMF commemorates Gayle Woodford’s life and tragic death 2017-03-23 [ANMF]

Master Builders Accuses Union Head of Encouraging Law Breaking 2017-03-20 [Sourceable]

Unions support State Government's jobs boosting energy plan 2017-03-18 [SA Unions ]

Childcare workers strike in Adelaide in campaign for better wages 2017-03-09 [Adelaide Advertiser]

Workers deserve the credit for Whyalla steel city survival AWU says 2017-03-08 [Adelaide Advertiser]

Arrium sale nears as field narrows 2017-03-04 [Adelaide Advertiser]

Port Pirjio Truck Death Shows Problems in Trucking 2017-03-03 [TWU South Australia]

Fed Gvt must show support for steel making and the Whyalla community: State Gvt 2017-03-01 [Whyalla News]

Xenophon and building union go toe to toe 2017-02-16 [ABC]

Adelaide rally: Stop deaths on SA construction sites. Watch TV ad Senator hates 2017-02-15 [CFMEU]

Senator Nick Xenophon launching legal action against CFMEU over attack ads 2017-02-15 [Adelaide Advertiser]

Ian Markos: CFMEU objections to worksite safety laws either don’t hold up or lack detail that we need as an industry 2017-02-14 [Adelaide Advertiser]

Union warns Elderly and disability care services being outsourced to SA private sector 2017-02-08 [ABC]

One in three South Australian retail workers have been subjected to violence or abuse from customers. 2017-02-03 [Yahoo]

Engineers union warns on state of bridge repairs 2017-02-02 [Professionals Australia]

Nurses win against bed cuts – for now 2017-01-23 [Nurse Uncut]

CFMEU fined for threatening 'Armageddon' at Royal Adelaide Hospital site 2017-01-20 [ABC]

Doctors, nurses plan action against State Government’s decision to close beds at Royal Adelaide and Queen Elizabeth hospitals 2017-01-18 [Adelaide Advertiser]

Adelaide bus drivers lodge application for protected industrial action 2017-01-17 [TWU]

Arrium workers affected by cheap Chinese steel dump 2017-01-17 [Whyalla News]

Our shipbuilders can do more than build ships’: Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union wants new projects brought to Adelaide 2017-01-16 [Messenger]

CFMEU boss admits costly mistakes, vows change 2017-01-13 [INDaily]

Whyalla barge fire leaves 80 people out of work: union 2017-01-12 [ABC]

Fire aboard CSL Floating Offshore Transfer Barge a dangerous reminder - 2017-01-12 [MUA]

Domestic Violence Leave Will Help Those Affected To Find Independence 2017-01-07 [The Journal CPSU/CSA]

Adelaide shipbuilder ASC cuts 130 trade jobs as project continues to wind down 2017-01-05 [ABC]

CEPU SA says blame job cuts for power delays 2016-12-31 [The Australian]

Liberal Party in South Australia wants to rob retail workers right to Xmas Day and Boxing Day holidays SDA Union say 2016-12-26 [ABC]

Nurses, midwives awarded 2.5 per cent wage increase for the next 3 years - plus DV leave 2016-12-23 [Adelaide Advertiser]

Enzo Fregona: Our RTBU Delegate of the Year 2016-12-21 [RTBU]

Heat brings worker warning 2016-12-13 [Stock and Land]

Asbestos victims annual memorial in Adelaide growing as advocates campaign to stop imports 2016-11-26 [ABC]

ASC workers to strike for five days over rights and entitlements 2016-11-25 [AAP]

Ship builders take protected industrial action 2016-11-25 [AMWU]

ASC shipbuilders to strike in Adelaide 2016-11-24 [AAP]

CFMEU branch in South Australia receives more than $1 million in fines, highest in the nation 2016-11-22 [Townsville Bulletin]

Port Augusta can show the world what just transition for workers looks like 2016-11-21 [The Guardian]

ASC workers to fight 'Government interference' in EBA talks, AMWU says 2016-11-10 [ABC]

SA bus drivers to mark horrific death in black armband day 2016-11-02 [TWU]

The true cost of teachers’ mental health 2016-10-17 [Adelaide Advertiser]

This month in labour history

1-05-1946 Eight hundred Aboriginal workers walk-off twenty-seven sheep stations in Western Australia, beginning the Pilbara strike that lasts until 1949. [more]

3-05-1927 The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) is founded [more]

15-05-1905 The Merchant Service Guild of Australasia became the first trade union to be registered under the Australian Commonwealth Conciliation and Arbitration Act 1904 [more]

16-05-1891 Henry Lawson's poem 'Freedom on the Wallaby', written during the great sheep shearers' strike, is published in The Worker newspaper. [more]