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ACT Government reveals local jobs regime around union rights after CFMEU campaign 2018-08-02 [ABC]

Canberra massage palour workers underpaid$900k, Fair Work Ombudsman says 2018-07-03 [ABC]

'High' rates of insecure work affecting patient care: union 2018-06-02 [The Times]

Paramedic assaults reach record highs 2018-05-20 [The Times]

CFMEU official John Lomax gets AFP payout over 'malicious' prosecution 2018-05-18 [ABC News]

Canberra embassies exploiting domestic workers 2018-02-12 [The Age]

Liberals attack ACT government plans to replace unions procurement MOU 2018-02-04 [The Times]

Canberra Hospital cleaners win right to strike after six-year pay battle 2017-12-21 [Fairfax Media ]

Expressions of interest for the Anna Stewart Memorial Project 2017-12-21 [UnionsACT]

Fair Work Ombudsman confirms forty percent of Canberra businesses break workplace laws 2017-12-20 [UnionsACT]

ANU's move to self-assess workers' compensation claims succeeds 2017-12-20 [Fairfax Media ]

Heatwave to grip Canberra as builders will play it safe by cooling off 2017-12-13 [Fairfax Media]

UnionsACT calls for vigilance and increased Worksafe inspections during heatwaves 2017-12-13 [Unions ACT]

CFMEU helps Canberra member stuck in Thailand after horror crash 2017-12-11 [2Day-FM]

Sushi chain accused of underpaying Canberra migrant workers by $18k 2017-12-09 [Fairfax Media]

CFMEU lawsuit claims AFP illegally leaked recording of call between union boss and political staffer 2017-12-08 [Fairfax Media ]

UnionsACT calls for halt & review of smart meter roll-out 2017-12-06 [Unions ACT]

Australian Taxation Office kills plan to reveal 'bottom' performing tech staff 2017-12-06 [Fairfax Media]

Fisher newsagent shutdown over possible asbestos contamination 2017-12-04 [Fairfax Media ]

Job left me anorexic and homeless’: Child protection worker says she was scared of the world 2017-12-04 [news.com.au]

Families of slain workers to get $540,000 in compensation under new ACT laws 2017-12-01 [Fairfax Media]

Greyhound racing ban passes ACT parliament despite last ditch bid to delay 2017-11-29 [Fairfax Media]

Protesters clash at anti-greyhound racing ban rally 2017-11-27 [Fairfax Media]

UnionsACT Executive acknowledges life-time achievements towards nurses and working people of Jenny Miragaya 2017-11-27 [Unions ACT]

AWU organises greyhound racing ban protest in Canberra 2017-11-27 [HIT]

Jeremy Hanson and union boss Dean Hall set for defamation case court showdown 2017-11-21 [Fairfax Media ]

New Report confirms: Wage-theft against migrant workers and international students is widespread in Canberra 2017-11-23 [UnionsACT]

Nasa to be hit by CSIRO engineers' stop-work action over pay 2017-11-22 [Guardian Australia]

Industrial action hits NASA Deep Space Network after negotiations break down with CSIRO management. 2017-11-22 [ETU NSW]

CFMEU got $3.8 million from Tradies Club in months after $3.9m Dickson deal 2017-11-21 [Fairfax Media ]

Canberra's gender pay gap grows by 1.5 per cent 2017-11-19 [Fairfax Media]

Uncertain future for Bunnings Fyshwick as Majura Park store planned 2017-11-15 [Fairfax Media ]

Canberra Hospital cleaners say their pay freeze shows a lack of respect 2017-11-14 [Fairfax Media]

Latest safety culture report on construction has lessons for all 2017-11-13 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Unions ACT call for more work safety funds after DPP raises concerns 2017-11-10 [Fairfax Media ]

UnionsACT Submission to ACT Family & Domestic Violence Inquiry 2017-11-10 [Unions ACT]

UnionsACT Budget Submission 2018-19 2017-11-10 [Unions ACT]

Engineers call for ACT government to improve safety with construction industry register 2017-11-07 [Professionals Australia ]

Families of killed workers shortchanged on compo reform: unions 2017-11-07 [Fairfax Media ]

ACT workplace inspector slapping bosses with fewer penalties, warnings 2017-10-26 [The Times]

WorkSafe drop Gungahlin Drive Extension bridge collapse prosecution 2017-10-20 [Fairfax Media]

APS job churn sees ACT with highest rates of non-permanent employees 2017-10-17 [Fairfax Media]

Canberra businesses welcome Federal Court decision to uphold penalty rates cut 2017-10-12 [Fairfax Media]

350 public service staff forced out of ACT government as NDIS adopted 2017-10-09 [Fairfax Media]

Unions ACT calls on Access Canberra to explain 'unusual increase' in inspections 2017-10-09 [Fairfax Media]

'WeakSafe': UnionsACT calls for overhaul of WorkSafe ACT 2017-10-04 [Fairfax Media]

Unions launch ‘WeakSafe’ campaign on Labour Day 2017-10-04 [Unions ACT]

Canberra kids party entertainer sacked because she opposes same-sex marriage hits back 2017-09-21 [Fairfax Media]

Dismissal of contractor for opposing same-sex marriage 'unlawful', experts say 2017-09-21 [AFR]

Same-sex marriage: Fair Work to investigate teen ‘let go’ over No vote 2017-09-20 [The Australian]

This month in labour history

1-08-1990 Founding of the United Firefighters Union of Australia. [more]

2-08-1917 Members of engineering and rail unions across Sydney begin to strike against the time card system, with more workers taking unofficial action the next day. [more]

9-08-1917 The number of workers on strike across Sydney increases to 45,000 when miners and longeshoremen join the action. [more]

12-08-1917 The Australian government informs the people, through the Sunday papers, that "The enemies of Britain and her Allies have succeeded in plunging Australia into a general strike." [more]

14-08-1917 Seamen's Union Vice President W. Daly is arrested and charged with conspiracy to instigate an illegal strike. [more]

16-08-1890 Marine officers walk off their ships in strike action, soon followed by their crews. [more]

17-08-1861 Coal miners in NSW refuse 20% wage cut & walk out; locked out until October. [more]

23-08-1966 Two hundred Gurindji workers walk off their cattle station at Wave Hill, a strike that will last almost a decade and lead to the passage of the Aboriginal Land Rights Act. [more]

24-08-1917 The government declares that the Strike Committee in Sydney shall be considered an illegal organisation. [more]

26-08-1894 Striking shearers burn and destroy the steamship 'Rodney', which had been used to transport scabs on the Darling River. [more]

30-08-1917 First labour martyr Merv Flanagan shot and killed in Sydney during General Strike for yelling 'scab'. His murderer Reginald Wearne ( whose brother was a consevative MP) was never convicted. [more]

31-08-1890 Up to 100,000 workers gather in Melbourne to support the sheep shearers' strike [more]