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Zambia Your jobs are safe-MUZ 2016-08-07 [ZNBC]

Zambia Govt union praises PF govt. 2016-08-06 [ZNBC]

Zambia Kansanshi Mine union raises salaries of employees 2016-05-19 [The Post]

Zambia Civil servants conditions worry ILO 2016-05-03 [The Post]

Zambia Thinking out loud: Labour Day-politically niosy 2016-05-02 [Zambian Eye]

Zambia FFTUZ urges prosecution of political violence cases 2016-04-03 [The Sunday Post]

Zambia Pay service charge to employees, urges union 2016-03-25 [The Daily Mail]

Zambia Chibuluma Mine to retrench 258 workers 2016-03-06 [The Sunday Post]

Zambia ZUFIAW calls on Barclays Zambia workers to remain calm amid exit reports 2016-03-01 [The Times]

Zambia Steer Clear of Politics, Union Tells Members 2016-01-31 [The Times]

Zambia Cetzam lacks transparency, has poor management - ZUFIAW 2016-01-27 [The Post]

Zambia First Quantum Plans to Retrench 730 Sentinel Workers, Union Says 2016-01-11 [Bloomberg]

Zambia Mine Union Reps, Kalumbila In Talks Over Imminent Job Losses 2016-01-08 [Reports]

Zambia MUZ advices Chibuluma Mine 2016-01-02 [ZNBC]

Zambia Largest trade union has welcomed ban on casual workers 2016-01-02 [Coast]

Zambia Miners back to work 2015-12-30 [The Daily Mail]

Zambia Isoka retirees seek State help Email RSSS 2015-12-29 [The Daily Mail]

Zambia Women’s bank nodded 2015-12-26 [ZNBC]

Zambia Chiyobe bemoans working conditions of civil servants 2015-12-26 [The Post]

Zambia I’ll remain a trade unionist and not join politics-Hikaumba 2015-12-25 [The Times]

Zambia Workers, unemployed will vote out PF next year 2015-12-24 [The Post]

Zambia Union Slams Zampost Protest 2015-12-23 [The Times]

Zambia Police arrest six over ZamPost worker protest 2015-12-23 [Zambian Watchdog]

Zambia Mine Union calls for boycott of bank 2015-12-23 [Zambia Reports]

Zambia Find land for retrenched miners: Local MP demand 2015-12-23 [Times of Zambia]

Zambia MUZ asks KCM to give miners their bonus before Christmas 2015-12-22 [The Post]

Zambia Workers union warns against active politics 2015-12-21 [The Daily Mail]

Zambia Continue with the revolution, KK urges NUMSA 2015-12-20 [The Post]

Zambia Court stops judiciary strike 2015-12-09 [Daily Mail]

Zambia Tourism unions get 15% salary increment 2015-12-07 [The Daily Mail]

Zambia Judiciary workers plan countrywide strikes 2015-12-07 [The Post]

Zambia Glencore's Zambia copper mining unit lays off 4,300 workers - company and union sources 2015-11-25 [Reuters]

Zambia President Meets Mine Unions as Industry Bleeds Jobs 2015-11-20 [Bloomberg]

Zambia Mopani Cuts 4, 300 Jobs Starting Saturday 2015-11-20 [Reports]

Zambia Union calls for revisiting of mines, energy laws 2015-11-17 [The Daily News]

Zambia NUMAW hopeful over negotiations 2015-11-16 [The Times]

Zambia Mine Workers Union urges Government to get touch with Mines 2015-11-16 [The Times]

Zambia Zambian teachers in go-slow over salary delays 2015-11-03 [University World News]

Zambia I’m not a monster ...but if you go on strike, I’ll fire you - Kambwili 2015-09-25 [The Post]

Zambia Mopani, Unions to meet 2015-09-13 [ZNBC]

Zambia MUZ implores Lungu to treat turbulence in mining sector with urgency 2015-09-13 [The Sunday Post]

Zambia Union prods mines on energy 2015-09-12 [The Daily Mail]

Zambia Mining union challenges forced leave by China's CNMC 2015-09-12 [Reuters]

Zambia Yaluma should dismiss Indeni board - POGAWUZ 2015-09-10 [The Post]

Zambia Mining jobs at risk due to power, copper price woes - union 2015-09-02 [Reuters]

Zambia Don’t blackmail State, labour movement tells mines 2015-08-22 [The Daily Mail]

Zambia ZNBC Management Divided Over Suspended Unionist 2015-08-21 [allAfrica]

Zambia COTUZ implores ZNBC workers not to accept intimidation 2015-08-21 [The Post]

Zambia Post Workers Go 4 Months Without Pay, Protest Looms 2015-08-17 [Zambia Reports]

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