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Ukraine Miners’ union leader resorted to self-immolation act For more info 2016-08-09 []

Ukraine 'Azov', coal miners and trade unions rallying in Kyiv over surging utility rates 2016-07-25 [UkrInform]

Ukraine EFJ and IFJ condemn murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet in Ukraine 2016-07-21 [EFJ]

Ukraine Calls to stop media threats 2016-07-15 [IFJ]

Ukraine Unions Protest Austerity, Utility Cost Increases 2016-07-09 [Solidarity Center]

Ukraine 50,000 rally against utility tariffs increase 2016-07-08 [IndustriALL Global Union]

Ukraine Miner Refused to Leave the Mine in Protest For more info 2016-06-24 [КВПУ]

Ukraine Workers of Mine #2 “Novogrodivska” Are on Hunder Strike at the President Administration Office For more info 2016-06-23 []

Ukraine KVPU: Disabled miners went on hunger strike For more info 2016-06-17 []

Israel Ukraine to Send Construction Workers to Israel 2016-06-14 [Hamodia]

Ukraine Lure of Amber Pits Ukraine’s Illegal Miners Against State 2016-06-05 [WSJ]

Russia Unions agree high-level Crimea mission and plan of action on protection of journalists 2016-06-02 [IFJ]

Ukraine IWMD 2016 - Youth video from Ukraine 2016-04-30 [BWI Global Union]

Ukraine Labour Protection March in Kiev For more info 2016-04-29 []

Russia Crimea: journalist Mykola Semena charged with separatism 2016-04-29 [IFJ]

Ukraine Nuclear power workers to protest on 30th Chernobyl disaster anniversary 2016-04-26 [RT]

Ukraine Ukrainian coal miners demand industry support 2016-03-18 [IndustriALL]

Ukraine Independent Trade Unions Protest in Dniprodzerzhinsk For more info 2016-02-12 []

Ukraine KVPU in 2015: victories, protests and strikes (infographics) For more info 2016-02-01 []

Ukraine Miners’ Protests are Under Way in Lviv and Volyn Oblasts For more info 2016-01-18 [КВПУ]

Ukraine NPGU Trade Union Activist Was Attacked in Kryvyi Rih For more info 2016-01-18 []

Ukraine Miners Block the Road with Poland For more info 2016-01-12 [КВПУ]

Ukraine Ukraine: pressure on journalists For more info 2016-01-11 []

Ukraine Coalminers from Lviv region plan to block customs checkpoints at border with Poland on Jan 12 2016-01-06 [Interfax]

Ukraine Miners of Lviv Oblast Started Their New 2016 Year With Strikes For more info 2016-01-05 []

Ukraine Miners picket the Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine For more info 2015-12-23 []

Ukraine KVPU and NPGU protest in various regions of Ukraine For more info 2015-12-11 [КВПУ]

Ukraine Crimea power blackout hits economy as workers stay home 2015-11-23 [BBC News]

Ukraine IFJ asks Ukrainian President to end impunity for killers and attackers of journalists 2015-11-20 [IFJ]

Ukraine Workers organise at the grass roots 2015-09-28 [People and Nature]

Ukraine Unions call for new regulations in steel scrap trade 2015-09-10 [Steel Orbis]

Ukraine Objections mount over Ukraine’s draft labour code 2015-09-09 [Equal Times]

Ukraine Cotton urges Ukraine to ratify seafarer rights conventions 2015-09-04 [ITF Global Union]

Ukraine Journalists' safety in Ukraine: IFJ/EFJ deplore five casualties in Kiev protest 2015-09-02 [iFJ]

Ukraine Coal Miners of Seliddivvugillia were on Strike For more info 2015-09-01 []

Ukraine Workers forced to continue turning up at Coking plant on the front line of seperatist battling 2015-07-28 [RFE/Radio Liberty]

Ukraine ITUC called Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to postpone any discussions about bill №2983 For more info 2015-07-24 []

Ukraine ITUC urges Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine to request the ILO to provide its technical assessment of draft law No.2983 For more info 2015-07-24 []

Ukraine CFTUU appealed to the ITUC on the Bill №2983 which will complicate the registration of trade unions For more info 2015-07-20 []

Ukraine NPGU youth against pressure on the trade unions and their leaders For more info 2015-07-03 []

Ukraine Union protests reach a tipping point 2015-07-02 [Education International]

UK England WHAT IS REQUIRED NOW FROM THE EUROPEAN LEFT ON THE UKRAINIAN QUESTION: For more info 2015-06-27 [Ukraine Solidarity Campaign]

UK England ASLEF Declares Solidarity with Ukrainian Workers For more info 2015-06-27 [Ukraine Solidarity Campaign]

UK England The Fallacy of Novorossiya's Leftist Friends For more info 2015-06-27 [Ukraine]

UK England On law condeming Nazi and Communist regimes in Ukraine For more info 2015-06-27 [Ukraine Solidarity Campaign]

UK England EHIND THE MYTH OF THE “GHOST BATTALION” COMMANDER For more info 2015-06-27 [Ukraine Solidarity Campaign]

UK England INTERNATIONAL SOLIDARITY HALTS INTERROGATIONS OF UNION LEADERS For more info 2015-06-27 [Ukraine Solidarity Campaign]

Ukraine Trade unions, 'Credit Maidan' rally outside Rada to demand lustration, wage indexation 2015-06-16 [RBTH]

Ukraine Protest Action of TUs in Kiev to Raise un Ultimatum to the Country’s Authorities For more info 2015-06-15 []

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