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Turkey The state of emergency one year on: Emergency rule hurts workers 2017-08-04 [disk]

Turkey Collective bargaining talks over wage rise for civil servants, retired civil servants begin 2017-08-02 [Hurriyet]

Turkey Cumhuriyet trial: 'This case is about criminalizing journalism' 2017-07-25 [EFJ]

Turkey President Erdogan- The world is watching 2017-07-25 [IFJ]

UK Boris: Stop ignoring human rights in Turkey 2017-07-22 [UNISON]

Turkey Turkey: Conflict resolved at sock and underwear factory 2017-07-13 [IndustriALL]

Turkey EU Parliament urges Turkey to release arrested journalists immediately 2017-07-10 [EFJ]

Turkey Problems with integrating Syrians into labor force deepen 2017-07-07 [Hurriyet]

Turkey Teacher Union goes to court over evolution theory being deleted from curricula 2017-07-04 [Hurriyet]

Turkey DIAM sacks 80 Turkish union members by text message 2017-06-22 [IndustriALL]

Turkey AKG Thermotechnik fires union leaders in Turkey 2017-06-15 [IndustriALL]

Turkey Renault blacklisted by Swedish investment bank 2017-06-13 [IndustriALL]

Turkey Send a postcard to jailed journalists 2017-06-13 [EFJ]

Turkey Turkish glass workers win large increase after unprecedented action 2017-06-12 [IndustriALL]

Turkey Turkish government bans glass sector strike 2017-05-23 [IndustriALL]

Turkey International trade unions show solidarity with Turkish workers 2017-05-12 [Industriall Europe]

Turkey May day 2017 in Turkey and UID-DER 2017-05-12 []

Turkey Judicial harassment against journalists in Turkey 2017-05-12 [EFJ]

Global International trade unions show solidarity with Turkish workers 2017-05-11 [IndustriALL]

Turkey Sharing practices to organise journalists in Turkey 2017-05-08 [EFJ]

Turkey The EU must continue engaging with Turkey 2017-05-08 [Equal Times]

UK Come to Turkey and show your support #WPFD2017 2017-05-04 [NUJ]

Turkey May Day and changing unions in Turkey 2017-05-03 [Daily News]

Turkey Police disperse, arrest May Day protesters in Istanbul 2017-05-02 [The New Arab]

Turkey Child labor rising sharply in Kurdish southeast, report says 2017-04-30 [RUDAW]

Turkey May Day celebrations to be held in Istanbul’s Bakırköy instead of Taksim Square 2017-04-27 [Hurriyet Daily News]

Turkey BWI Solidarity Mission to Turkey 2017-04-26 [BWI]

Turkey TURKEY: Solidarity fund for trade unions 2017-04-21 [PSI]

Turkey NEWS FROM TÜMTİS For more info 2017-04-19 [TÜMTİS]

Turkey Documentary shows Turkish teachers' plight 2017-04-19 [Education International]

Turkey TÜMTİS and the case that “threatens all trade unions in Turkey” 2017-04-13 [Equal Times]

Turkey Union mission to Turkey to support workers  ActNOW!  2017-04-04 [IndustriALL]

Turkey Cabinet postpones strike at Akbank by 60 days 2017-04-03 [Hurriyet Daily News]

Turkey 21 journalists standing trial over coup attempt have just been released from jail 2017-04-03 [Bianet ]

Turkey Workers Say No to One-man Regime! 2017-03-28 []

Turkey Pressure builds to drop Turkish trade unionists’ convictions 2017-03-16 [ITF]

Turkey Youth Unemployment Climbs to 24% 2017-03-16 [Bianet]

Turkey Detained: After 120 days on hunger strike to demand their jobs back 2017-03-16 [Bianet]

Turkey Social Media Campaign Launched for Imprisoned Journalists in Turkey 2017-03-16 [Bianet]

Turkey Purge turns math teacher into construction worker 2017-03-13 [Turkey Purge]

Turkey Teachers, police officers join unskilled labor force after coup purge 2017-03-13 [Turkey Purge]

Turkey Turkey: dismissed teachers receive international support 2017-03-03 [EI]

Turkey Solidarity with dismissed unionists in Turkey 2017-02-22 [PSI]

Turkey 'No room to breathe anymore' 2017-02-08 []

Turkey Authorities sack another 4,500 civil servants after coup bid 2017-02-08 [AFP]

Turkey Turkey dismissed more than 90,000 public servants in post-coup purge - minister 2017-01-31 [CNA]

Turkey Metal işçileri grev yaptı ! Metal-İş Sendikası grevi ne zaman sona erecek 2017-01-30 [Güncel Haber]

Turkey Unemployment rises to 11.8 pct, highest in six years 2017-01-24 [Hurriyet Daily News]

Turkey Attacks on unions continue as Turkish government bans strikes 2017-01-20 [IndustriALL]

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