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Thailand Promises Unmet for Workers in Thai Shrimp Industry 2016-09-26 [Irrawaddy]

Thailand Thai court finds British Labour activist guilty of defamation 2016-09-22 [New York Times]

Thailand Thai workers call for minimum wage increase 2016-09-16 [prachatai via voicelabour]

Thailand Can Thailand end the abuse of migrant poultry farm workers? 2016-09-06 [Equal Times]

Finland Foreign berry pickers arrive in Finland once again 2016-08-19 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Thailand Thai Authorities Arrest And Deport Thousands of Myanmar Workers 2016-08-02 [Radio Free Asia]

Thailand Separate prisons for LGBTI inmates in Thailand 2016-07-29 [Equal Times]

Thailand Authorities arrested three women unionists - Junta urged to cease prosecution against vote no campaigners 2016-07-02 [prachatai]

Burma Aung San Suu Kyi to Sign Pact to Allow Myanmar Workers Smoother Access to Jobs in Thailand 2016-06-24 [Radio Free Asia]

Thailand Again - Raise minimum wage because of piling workers' debts - University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (!) 2016-04-29 [Bangkok Post]

Thailand Health Min promotes Healthy Workplace project to prevent early death 2016-04-28 [NNT]

Thailand Ending slavery in Thailand needs local solution and unions, activists say 2016-04-28 [NY Times]

Thailand Automotive company to sack well known labour activist For more info 2016-04-26 [prachatai]

Thailand Call for rise in minimum wage - University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (!) 2016-04-21 [Bangkok Post]

USA How 4 AP reporters got the story 'Seafood from Slaves' 2016-04-19 [Albany Times Union]

Thailand US says forced labor continues on Thai fishing vessels 2016-04-14 [Albany Times Union]

Thailand Standard contract for domestic work in Thailand 2016-04-01 [My Fair Home]

Thailand Public Assembly Act by Military Government hurts Labour Rights Movement For more info 2016-03-30 [prachatai]

Thailand Panel sets minimum wages in 5 sectors 2016-03-10 [Bangkok Post]

Thailand We don’t do sex work because we are poor, we do sex work to end our poverty 2016-03-09 [Open Democracy]

Thailand TryArm - Police snatch banners of workers gathering on Intl Women’s Day 2016-03-08 [prachatai]

Thailand Thailand: Profile of Kyan Par 2016-03-07 [MDW]

Thailand 1100 workers, many of them migrants from Burma, most likely successful in strike at canned food factory of 'Golden Prize Canning Ltd', southwest of Bangkok in Samut Sakhon Province 2016-02-26 [Khaosod English]

USA Obama bans US imports of slave-produced goods 2016-02-25 [Albany Times Union]

Thailand ILRF & ATEST: Comments Concerning the Rankings of Thailand by the US State Department in the 2016 Trafficking in Persons Report (TIP) For more info 2016-02-24 [ILRF ATEST]

Thailand Rights coalition urges European Union to extend yellow card for Thai seafood For more info 2016-02-24 [prachatai]

USA U.S. Closing a Loophole on Products Tied to Slaves 2016-02-16 [NYTimes]

USA Congress bans import of forced labor products 2016-02-12 [Times Union]

Thailand Many arrests in Thai seafood industry crackdown, say police 2016-02-02 [BBC]

Thailand Reinstate Thai auto workers says IndustriALL 2016-01-29 [IndustriALL]

Thailand Unions put Thailand on trial over workers’ rights 2016-01-19 [ITF]

Thailand British labour activist to face fresh defamation trial in Thailand 2016-01-18 [ST]

Thailand Military intensifies intimidation of TLSC For more info 2016-01-14 [prachatai]

Thailand Bangkok court confiscates passport and imposes travel ban on human rights defender Andy Hall 2016-01-14 [Front Line Defenders]

Thailand Court seizes activist Hall's passport, imposes travel ban 2016-01-14 [Bangkok Post]

Thailand British Labor Rights Defender to Face Bangkok Court Again 2016-01-14 [Latin American Herald Tribune]

Thailand Bangkok court confiscates passport of British labour rights defender 2016-01-14 [The Nation]

Burma Anonymous hacks Thai police websites to protest Myanmar workers' death penalties 2016-01-09 [Fairfax Media]

Thailand Thai military and police officers reportedly intimidating Thai Labour Solidarity Committee/TLSC leaders 2016-01-08 [Prachatai]

USA Colorado Cheap shrimp for a party comes with a heavy human cost 2016-01-03 [Daily Sentinel]

Burma Myanmar Rights Group Urges Thailand to Protect Condemned Workers 2015-12-29 [Radio Free Asia]

Thailand Koh Tao murders: Thailand's PM defends migrant workers' convictions after protests in Myanmar 2015-12-29 [ABC]

Thailand The real cause of Thailand’s slave-labour problem 2015-12-25 [The Nation]

Thailand Authorities Detain Lao Women Who Illegally Entered The Country as Sex Workers 2015-12-22 [Radio Free Asia]

Thailand Is Thailand doing enough to stop slavery in its fishing industry? 2015-12-22 [Equal Times]

Thailand Thai government says it's not ignoring shrimp sheds slavery 2015-12-21 [Albany Times Union]

Thailand Thai Government Says It's Not Ignoring Shrimp Sheds Slavery 2015-12-21 [AP]

Europe EU demands Thailand address slavery in its seafood industry 2015-12-19 [Albany Times Union]

Thailand How to find shrimp that’s not produced by slave labor 2015-12-17 [Washington Post]

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