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Swaziland Hotel construction stopped, workers demand 17% pay hike 2016-07-10 [Times of Swaziland]

South Africa Mpumalanga Denosa hosts Swaziland Democratic Nurses Union (SWADNU) in a twinning programme 2016-06-25 [DENOSA]

Swaziland Teachers to hold vigil at GOVT offices 2016-06-24 [Times of Swaziland]

Swaziland 5% increment for 11,000 workers 2016-06-19 [Times of Swaziland]

Swaziland Unionists angry that Botswana govt lends its support to block ILO investigating Swaziland 2016-06-18 [Swazi Media Commentary]

Canada British Columbia Solidarity knows no borders! 2016-06-10 [BCGEU]

Swaziland PSA officials accused of signing deal with government never to strike 2016-06-07 [Times of Swaziland]

Swaziland Jabulani Nxumalo defends Public Order Bill, 2016 2016-05-22 [The Observer]

Swaziland Negotiaitions abandoned 2016-05-19 [Times of Swaziland]

Swaziland Two unionists kicked out of a SEIWU meeting 2016-05-12 [The Times]

Swaziland No budget for salary review 2016-03-05 [The Observer]

Swaziland Parliament opening peaceful as union marchers blocked 2016-02-15 [Star Africa]

Swaziland Tension over Swazi pay protest 2016-02-13 [Swazi Media Commentary]

Swaziland Workers Demand Release of Government Salary Report 2016-01-31 [VoA]

Swaziland Firemen head out of NAPSAWU 2016-01-10 [The Observer]

Swaziland Industrial Court suspends Mbabane Council’s retrenchments 2016-01-08 [The Observer]

Swaziland TUCOSWA at logger heads with prison boss refusing to allow workforce to unionize 2016-01-03 [Times of Swaziland]

Swaziland Nurses demand better pay or else 2016-01-02 [StarAfrica]

Swaziland TUCOSWA wants improved workers’ conditions in 2016 2015-12-22 [The Observer]

Swaziland Teachers mobilise; TUCOSWA to decide on mass protest 2015-12-13 [Times of Swaziland]

Swaziland Jan’s hatred for PUDEMO revealed 2015-11-29 [The Observer]

Swaziland 5 Things You Should Know About the Labor Movement in Swaziland 2015-10-02 [AFL-CIO]

Swaziland Manzini council: payrise for us bosses, nothing for you staff 2015-08-22 [The Observer]

Swaziland 'Stand Up to Swazi King', Unions Urged 2015-08-18 [allAfrica]

Swaziland Unions inside and outside Swaziland join with other groups to launch global week of action 2015-08-18 [Swazi Media Commentary]

Swaziland Council vs Union leaders: CMAC issues unresolved dispute certificate 2015-08-16 [The Observer]

Swaziland TUCOSWA wins US human rights award 2015-08-06 [Swazi Media Commentary]

Swaziland AFL-CIO awards TUCOSWA Human Rights Award 2015-08-06 [IndustriALL Global Union]

Swaziland Mhlume Mill death: Probe team submits report 2015-07-30 [Swazi Observer]

Swaziland Building Society MD faces revolt 2015-07-29 [The Observer]

Swaziland FESWATU - The game-changer in SD’s trade unionism 2015-07-19 [The Observer]

Swaziland Human Rights Leaders Released from Prison 2015-07-15 [Solidarity Center]

Swaziland Is the pressure for change in Africa's last feudal state actually working? 2015-07-15 [Stronger Unions]

Swaziland Backlash as Manzini Council forces down management system  ActNOW!  2015-06-20 [The Observer]

Swaziland Fire Services union extinguished 2015-06-06 [The Observer]

Swaziland 5% pay rise for textile workers 2015-06-02 [Times of Swaziland]

Swaziland Union Delegation Urges Swaziland to End Repression For more info  ActNOW!  2015-05-18 [Solidarity Center]

Swaziland Labour and Politics - what choice is there for workers 2015-05-10 [The Observer]

Bahrain May Day: Workers Stand Strong in Face of Threats For more info 2015-05-01 [Solidarity Center]

Swaziland Have one union - Jan  ActNOW!  2015-04-20 [Swazi Observer]

Swaziland Standard Bank workers vow to strike Tuesday  ActNOW!  2015-04-18 [The Observer]

Swaziland Govt wants union federations registered before May 1  ActNOW!  2015-04-18 [Swazi Observer]

Swaziland Unban federations now - ILO  ActNOW!  2015-04-18 [Swazi Observer]

Swaziland Democracy Rally Abandoned  ActNOW!  2015-04-18 [Swazi Media Commentary]

Swaziland The silence of South Africa on human and labour rights in Swaziland  ActNOW!  2015-04-17 [GroundUp]

Swaziland SEIWU guns for federation status 2015-04-17 [Swazi Observer]

Swaziland The plight of workers hard hit by AGOA loss 2015-04-12 [Swazi Observer]

Swaziland Trade unionists in Swaziland under attack 2015-04-10 [PSI Global Union]

Swaziland Unions march over PSs’ allowances  ActNOW!  2015-03-27 [The Observer]

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