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Russia Job Outlook Not Improving In Russia Despite Return Of Economic Growth 2017-01-13 [RFE/RL]

Russia Meet the Inequality Champion of the World 2017-01-09 [Moscow Times]

Kazakhstan University Solidarity Russia: Stop the persecution of independent trade unions in Kazakhstan  ActNOW!  2016-12-17 [University Solidarity Russia]

Russia Lives of Kyrgyzstan’s labor migrants is deteriorating 2016-12-11 [Times of Central Asia]

Russia Which post-Soviet countries have the highest minimum wage? 2016-11-20 [RFERL]

Russia The Gender Equality Commission of the Confederation of Labor of Russia (KTR) issued a statement for reproductive freedom 2016-11-06 [KTR]

Russia IFJ/EFJ urge Russia to let a Ukrainian journalist return to Kiev for urgent treatment 2016-09-07 [IFJ]

Kyrgyzstan Fire Kills Migrant Workers in Russia For more info 2016-09-01 [Solidarity Center]

Russia Moscow Warehouse Fire Kills at Least 17 Migrant Workers 2016-08-29 [NYTimes]

Russia Teaching Is a Calling; It Should Not Mean Poverty 2016-08-10 [Moscow Times]

Korea (North) Laborers risk death for a chance to earn cash 2016-07-27 [DailyNK]

Turkey Declaration by the international commission of the central council of the University Solidarity trade union, on the repression of educational employees in Turkey 2016-07-26 [KTR]

Russia More than 200 construction workers have gone on strike at the Vostochny Cosmodrome ..... Again 2016-07-26 [Moscow Times]

Russia Investigation of Wage Theft after Strike at World Cup Stadium 2016-07-20 [BWI Global Union]

Korea (North) Laborers take on extra work to pay bribes 2016-07-14 [DailyNK]

Russia First round of visits to Russia 2018 stadiums for monitoring working conditions completed 2016-07-13 []

Russia The labour train – following the migrant workers of Tajikistan to Moscow 2016-07-12 [Guardian]

Russia Workers at Russia's Vostochny Cosmodrome to Strike Over Unpaid Wages 2016-07-09 [Moscow Times]

Russia Another strike over unpaid wages at 2018 World Cup stadium in Russia 2016-06-18 [BWI Global Union]

Russia Unions agree high-level Crimea mission and plan of action on protection of journalists 2016-06-02 [IFJ]

Russia Single-Industry Towns to Lose 16,000 Jobs in 2016 2016-05-18 [Moscow Times]

Russia Three Russian editors resign amid threats to press freedom 2016-05-18 [Guardian]

Russia IFJ/EFJ worried after Russian editors resign under pressure 2016-05-18 [b92]

Tajikistan Lawmakers in Tajikstan concerned by deadly brawl between Moscow cemetery workers 2016-05-18 [RFE/Radio Liberty]

Russia City where Soviet workers rose up stays calm in Russian crisis 2016-05-13 [Reuters]

Russia Crimea: journalist Mykola Semena charged with separatism 2016-04-29 [IFJ]

Russia In Russia's Detroit, layoffs are blamed on foreign interlopers 2016-04-29 [Reuters]

Russia Labor Minister Says Russia Has No Poor Pensioners 2016-04-28 [Moscow Times]

Russia The Widespread Problem of Domestic Abuse in the Former Soviet Union 2016-04-09 [Huffington Post]

Russia Veteran journalist stabbed to death in his apartment 2016-04-05 [IFJ]

Russia Journalists and human rights defenders attacked in Russia 2016-03-11 [IFJ]

Russia Autoworkers face uncertain future 2016-03-06 [AP]

Russia Russian union fights for mining jobs 2016-03-03 [IndustriALL]

Russia Striking Russian truckers: a call for solidarity 2016-03-02 [Russian Reader]

Russia x36 workers killed in mine tragedy 2016-03-02 [IndustriALL Global Union]

Russia Workers squeezed but scared of speaking out 2016-02-29 [The Mail]

Russia Missing Russian Miners Declared Dead, Rescue Work Halted 2016-02-29 [RFE/Radio Liberty]

Russia Rescuers Killed In Explosion At Crippled Russian Mine 2016-02-29 [RFE/Radio Liberty]

Russia Death toll from Russian mine disaster climbs to 36 as missing presumed dead 2016-02-29 [ABC]

Russia Mine Collapse in Northern Russia Kills At Least Four 2016-02-27 [Moscow Times]

Russia Rescuers say 'no contact' with 26 missing miners in Russia's Arctic 2016-02-26 [AFP]

Russia State firms may start firing workers: deputy minister 2016-02-15 [Reuters]

Russia Experts assess labour conditions and workers' safety at St Petersburg stadium 2016-02-15 []

Vietnam 200 illegal Vietnamese workers arrested in Moscow 2016-02-15 [Thanh Nien News]

Russia Central Asia Migrant Workers victims of Moscow textile workshop fire 2016-02-02 [RFE/Radio Liberty]

UK Urgent talks called for as Russians take over Northamptonshire luxury boat firm 2016-01-27 [Unite]

Russia Novoprof tackles massive wage arrears and precarious jobs at Sbarro fast food restaurants in Russia 2016-01-20 [IUF]

Russia Khodorkovsky's NGO Employees Subjected to Home-Searches 2016-01-01 [Moscow Times]

Russia Factory Workers Star In Ridiculoulsy Sexist Topless Calendar 2015-12-31 [Yahoo News]

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