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Europe Press freedom under threat: International conference in Wroclaw, Poland 2016-07-01 [EFJ]

Netherlands Polish workers still being exploited by jobs agencies: report 2016-06-28 [DutchNews]

Iceland 150 Polish People Working For Icelandair Paying 7 Times The Usual Rent 2016-05-31 [Grapevine]

Netherlands Polish truckers win fair wages court victory 2016-05-26 [ITF]

Poland Celebration as Polish dockers’ union wins new deal 2016-04-26 [ITF Global Union]


Poland Welcome to the jungle: working and struggling in Amazon warehouses 2015-12-29 []

Poland Trial begins over attempted poisoning of Solidarity icon Walentynowicz 2015-12-19 [The News]

Poland “Teachers' Protest Day” draws thousands to the capital 2015-10-17 [Education International]

Germany Cross-Border Amazon Workers Meeting 2015-10-01 [libcom]

UK Polish migrants to strike and give blood to demonstrate importance to UK 2015-08-20 [The Guardian]

Poland Solidarnosc dockers protest in bid for ‘life with dignity’ 2015-07-29 [ITF Global Union]

Poland IFJ & EFJ condemn the murder of journalist beaten to death 2015-06-24 [NUJ]

Poland Coal miners wage militant struggle against privatisation - PM 2015-03-07 [Coal Guru]

Poland Government squashes more mining reforms in nod to powerful unions 2015-03-04 [Reuters]

Poland Miner JSW signs deal with unions 2015-02-24 [Reuters]

Poland Farmers preparing for more protests 2015-02-18 [Radio Poland]

Poland ArcelorMittal Poland says may cut coal supplies from miner JSW due to worker protests 2015-02-12 [Reuters]

Poland Strike at coking coal miner JSW cuts production by 530,000 mt 2015-02-10 [Platts]

Poland TK Telekom unions wants guarantees, planning strike 2015-02-08 [TelecomPaper]

Poland Coal Miners Go on Strike 2015-02-03 [Resource Investing News]

Poland Strike and protest action in Polish mining industry For more info 2015-01-30 [Solidarność]

Poland Coal Miners Strike over Planned Job Cuts 2015-01-29 [World Coal]

Poland JSW Tumbles as Miners Strike to Protest Benefit Cuts 2015-01-28 [Bloomberg]

Poland POLISH MINE CLOSURES AVERTED 2015-01-22 [Equal Times]

Poland Framework agreements signed by Polish miners and government 2015-01-22 [IndustriALL Global Union]

Poland Coal miners reach agreement to end protests 2015-01-20 [Platts]

Poland Government signs deal with protesting miners 2015-01-18 [Reuters]

Poland Sejm passes mining reform bill 2015-01-16 [Radio Poland]

Poland Miners’ protests intensifying 2015-01-14 [Radio Poland]

Poland Government is conducting talks with disgruntled miners’ unions over planned layoffs 2015-01-13 [Radio Poland]

Poland First Polish trade union endorses BDS 2015-01-09 [Alternative News]

Poland Workers win strike at Belchatow Hospital 2014-11-06 []

Ireland SIPTU welcomes launch of Trade Unions ‘Support Poles Abroad’ in Dublin tomorrow 2014-09-26 [SIPTU]

Poland “Relief is a political gesture”: The Jewish Labor Committee’s interventions in war-torn Poland, 1939-1945 2014-09-11 [TRANSATLANTICA]

Poland ETF ramps up pressure on ‘anti-union’ LOT  ActNOW!  2014-08-29 [ITF]

UK England Jobs go at PwC in Newcastle as function moves to Poland 2014-08-14 [The Journal]

Poland Min. wage for builders 1,70 Euro per hour 2014-07-31 [BWI]

USA Obama praises one of his critics: Lech Walesa 2014-06-04 [USAToday]

Czech Republic Will Amazon respect labour laws as it expands eastwards? 2014-03-24 [Equal Times]

Poland Death in Chocolate Factory 2008-08-21 []