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Pakistan The nurse story 2018-04-03 [newslinemagazine]

Pakistan Salaries of Christian employees not disbursed on Easter 2018-04-01 [Dawn]

Pakistan Wapda workers hold rally against hike in fuel prices 2018-03-29 [The News]

Pakistan Govt asked to raise wages, pensions of workers 2018-03-29 [The Nation]

Pakistan Tripartite committee to suggest amendments to labour laws 2018-03-23 [LabourWatch]

Pakistan KDLB and KPT reach agreement on wages 2018-03-22 [LabourWatch]

Pakistan Govt told to make laws for domestic workers 2018-03-20 [nation]

Pakistan Two polio workers killed in attack in Pakistan 2018-03-19 [CNN]

Pakistan IndustriALL launches campaign for Health and Safety in Pakistan mines 2018-03-17 [IndustriALL]

Pakistan Karak salt miners protest low wages 2018-03-14 [LabourWatch]

Pakistan LHC forms body for law on domestic workers rights 2018-03-14 [Dawn]

Pakistan Electricity workers stage rally for regular jobs 2018-03-14 [The News]

Pakistan Karak salt miners protest low wages 2018-03-14 [Dawn]

Pakistan Lesco workers demand regularisation 2018-03-14 [nation]

Pakistan Union demands workers' regularisation 2018-03-13 [The Nation]

Pakistan Feature: Women in Pakistan eager to work despite social, cultural barriers 2018-03-13 [xinhuanet]

Pakistan Pakistan: Sacked GSK workers fight for justice 2018-03-12 [IndustriALL]

Pakistan Seminar pays tribute to working women 2018-03-12 [dailytimes]

Pakistan Rich tributes paid to working women on IWD 2018-03-12 [pakistantoday]

Pakistan Pakistan is no country for working women 2018-03-11 [menafn]

Pakistan Child labour in the surgical sector 2018-03-09 [tribune]

Pakistan Paramedics protest for health allowance today 2018-03-08 [LabourWatch]

Pakistan Health workers to go on strike 2018-03-06 [Dawn]

Pakistan Daily wage teachers demands SC intervention 2018-03-06 [The News]

Pakistan Bajaur paramedics go on strike tomorrow for service structure 2018-03-06 [Dawn]

Pakistan Workers rally as pay hike promise dishonoured 2018-03-02 [nation]

Pakistan GB contract doctors threaten to resign 2018-03-02 [LabourWatch]

Pakistan Healthcare: Paramedical staff rally against privatisation 2018-03-01 [tribune]

Pakistan ‘Safe drinking water not available to Lahorites’ 2018-03-01 [thenews]

Pakistan Lesco employees hold thanksgiving conference 2018-03-01 [nation]

Pakistan Ex-employees to protest for pension 2018-02-28 [LabourWatch]

Pakistan Daily wagers protest outside FDE offices 2018-02-28 [The News]

Pakistan Govt asked to ensure eight-hour duty for watchmen at schools 2018-02-28 [LabourWatch]

Pakistan Workers’ strike virtually shuts health facilities 2018-02-28 [The Nation]

Pakistan Workers denounce govt’s plan to privatise PIA, PSM 2018-02-25 [nation]

Pakistan Railway workers announce protest for service structure, basic wage rights 2018-02-23 [pakistantoday]

Pakistan Minimum wage laws impact skilled workers negatively 2018-02-23 [thenews]

Pakistan Minimum wage: Fact or fiction? 2018-02-13 [dailypakistan]

Pakistan Breathing dust: Mohmand’s labourers being crushed in struggle for life 2018-02-10 [The Express-Tribune]

Pakistan ‘Provinces need to formulate inclusive labour policies’ 2018-02-08 [Dawn]

Pakistan Call to make progressive labour policy 2018-02-04 [LabourWatch]

Pakistan Demonstration: Railways workers demand promotions 2018-02-02 [The Express-Tribune]

Pakistan Health dept employees threaten country-wide agitation against privatisation 2018-01-28 [LabourWatch]

Pakistan PR union demands better job regulations 2018-01-28 [LabourWatch]

Pakistan KP teachers threaten protest in Banigala 2018-01-28 [Dawn]

Pakistan Railway employees protest for service structure 2018-01-25 [The Daily Times]

Pakistan Health facilities, safety measures for labourers at workplace demanded 2018-01-22 [The Daily Times]

Pakistan Pakistan: Anger soars over frequent fatalities in mines 2018-01-22 [IndustriALL]

Pakistan Activists take Pakistan’s fight against patriarchy and gender-based violence online 2018-01-19 [Equal Times]

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