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Nepal nteraction program held regarding the implementation of Social security act and revised labour act at NTUC 2017-08-17 [NTUC Nepal]

Nepal 60 Workers Join GEFONT 2017-08-13 [GEFONT]

Nepal The Legislature Parliament Adopts Labour Bill 2017-08-13 [GEFONT]

Nepal Gefont Weekly English News Video 2017-08-13 [GEFONT]

Nepal After disappointing jobs abroad, migrant workers find orange farming at home more profitable 2017-08-10 []

Nepal Nepali workers face no problems in Qatar: Qatari envoy 2017-08-10 [The Rising Nepal]

Nepal CAAN not prioritising employee development and training 2017-08-10 [The Himalayan Times]

Nepal Some Days I Lived, Other Days I Died 2017-08-08 [Medium]

Nepal Industriall- NTUC affiliate Union address Labour Concern on Social Security Fund 2017-08-06 [NTUC Nepal]

Nepal Compensation period extended for migrants 2017-08-03 [The Kathmandu Post]

Nepal Working journalists complain for not getting minimum wages 2017-08-01 []

Nepal Migrant workers will now pay up to Rs 2,500 into welfare fund 2017-08-01 []

Nepal Welfare sum for migrant workers’ kin doubled 2017-08-01 [The Himalayan Times]

Nepal Minister Basnet vows to implement minimum wage for working journalists 2017-08-01 [The Himalayan Times]

Nepal GEFONT 7th National Congress concludes 2017-07-28 [GEFONT]

Nepal Nepali migrant worker dies in Malaysia 2017-07-26 [The Kathmandu Post]

Nepal 12,108 applicants pass Korean Language Test 2017-07-26 [The Kathmandu Post]

Nepal Part-time teachers of constituent campuses stage relay hunger-strike 2017-07-26 [The Himalayan Times]

Nepal India’s low-paid garment workers seek $7.6 mln compensation 2017-07-24 [The Himalayan Times]

Nepal Migrants’ outflow dips, labour shortage hits reconstruction 2017-07-20 [The Himalayan Times]

Nepal Irregularities in temporary teachers’ selection in Jajarkot 2017-07-20 [The Himalayan Times]


Nepal Slowdown in remittances growth worries lawmakers 2017-07-17 []

Nepal PM worries about safety of Nepali migrant workers 2017-07-16 [The Kathmandu Post]

Nepal Lawmakers seek incentive package on remittance 2017-07-16 [The Himalayan Times]

Nepal Poverty forcing women into migration: Report - Post Report, Kathmandu 2017-07-13 [The Kathmandu Post]

Nepal Malaysian crackdown opens door for fresh job-seekers from Nepal 2017-07-13 [The Himalayan Times]

Nepal Employees Adjustment Bill presented 2017-07-10 [The Himalayan Times]

Malaysia GSG Malaysia organises Woman Leadership Development Training 2017-07-09 [GEFONT]

Nepal Worker Can Evaluate the Manpower Company 2017-07-09 [GEFONT]

Nepal Nepalis working in Saudi, Egypt and UAE safe 2017-07-09 [The Himalayan Times]

Nepal NHRC report shows rise in human trafficking post-quake 2017-07-06 []

Nepal Help desk set up to curb foreign employment fraud, rescue 2017-07-06 []

Nepal Nearly 150 Nepalis arrested in Malaysia 2017-07-06 [The Kathmandu Post]

Nepal Workers’ problems will be resolved, says labour minister 2017-07-04 [The Himalayan Times]

Nepal Nepal Trade Union Congress celebrated International Cooperatives Day 2017-07-03 [NTUC Nepal]

Nepal Agriculture Workers' Union of Nepal celebrated Asar 15 Rice Plantation Day 2017-07-03 [NTUC Nepal]

Nepal Future of 40,000 Nepalis at stake 2017-07-03 [The Himalayan Times]

Nepal ILO wants to help Nepal create jobs, says Howard 2017-07-02 [The Rising Nepal]

Nepal Security of Nepali migrant workers in Qatar draws concerns 2017-07-02 [The Himalayan Times]

Nepal Nepal being used as human trafficking transit: US report 2017-07-02 [The Himalayan Times]

Nepal Interview with Laxman Basnet, General Secretary, of South Asian Regional Trade Union Council 2017-06-28 [ILO]

Nepal Govt to amend Edu Act to suit temporary teachers’ demand 2017-06-28 [The Kathmandu Post]

Nepal Bhaktapur's active journalists demand more security 2017-06-28 [The Rising Nepal]

Nepal Four-point deal with temporary teachers 2017-06-25 []

Nepal Nepali workers falling prey to deceptive recruitment agents, shows AI report 2017-06-25 [The Himalayan Times]

Nepal Temporary teachers stage sit-in outside PM's residence 2017-06-23 [The Kathmandu Post]

Nepal 'Nepali workers won't be affected by Qatar diplomatic tension' 2017-06-22 []

Nepal Temporary teachers stage sit-in outside PM’s residence 2017-06-21 [The Himalayan Times]

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