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Malta Arrogant government 2016-12-17 [Voice of the Workers Weekly]

Malta MUMN threaten industrial action over social workers and ECG technicians sectoral agreement talks 2016-12-10 [The Independent]

Malta UHM,MAM on hospitals privitization 2016-12-06 [Malta Independent]

Malta Firm set up by GWU running government jobless scheme 2016-12-03 [The Times]

Malta Lets fight against hate speech 2016-12-02 [Voice of the Workers weekly]

Malta MAM,UHM says government objections throws bad light on VGH contracts 2016-11-29 [Malta Independent]

Malta GWU launches scathing attack on Archbishop after his ‘malicious’ comments on jobless scheme 2016-11-28 [The Independent]

Malta GWU slams Archbishop Scicluna for 'malicious' attack 2016-11-28 [The Times]

Malta GWU will earn €8.5m from government jobless scheme - ministry says it will earn less 2016-11-28 [The Times]

Malta Incompetence within the industrial tribunal 2016-11-24 [Voice of the Workers magazine]

Malta Blatant discrimination 2016-11-13 [Voice of the Workers]

Malta Cooperatives ignored once again in the budget 2016-10-25 [Voice of the Woekers]

Malta Industrial action at Malta law courts 2016-10-13 [Malta Independent]

Malta Unions file judical protest on health contracts 2016-09-16 [The Malta Independent]

Malta Trade Unions presses for transparency and publication of govt contracts 2016-09-15 [Malta Independent]

Malta UHM proposes rise of statutory bonuses 2016-09-12 [The Malta Independent]

Malta Agreement signed with General Workers’ Union in health sector 2016-08-22 [The Independent]

Malta Air Malta union reps 'storm out' of a meeting with Tourism Minister 2016-08-21 [TN]

Malta Action looms at courts over uniforms for staff 2016-08-13 [The Times]

Malta 'Harsh measures still possible,' tourism minister warns Air Malta pilots 2016-08-11 [Today]

Malta ALPA President to Tourism Minister: bring meeting forward instead of issuing statements 2016-08-11 [The Independent]

Malta Pilots still waiting for last-ditch meeting with Air Malta - Employers say right to strike is balanced by right for lock-out 2016-08-08 [Times of Malta]

Malta Air Malta cannot stop pilots’ industrial action, court rules 2016-08-04 [Today]

Korea (North) Under international pressure, Malta starts denying visas to exploited North Korean workers 2016-07-30 [Malta Today]

Malta Mater Dei Hospital threatening staff with disciplinary action 2016-07-28 [Malta Independent]

Malta UHM condemns rash decision 2016-07-26 [Voice oh the Workers]

Malta Start of negotiatings re public service employees 2016-07-23 [Voice of the workers]

Malta UHM concern for PM not in favor of freeport extension 2016-07-19 [The Malta Independent]

Malta Industrial Tribunal changes 'do not meet our expectations': unions 2016-07-18 [The Times]

Malta 'No progrees' registered in meeting between Tourism Minister and pilots' union 2016-07-18 [Today]

Malta Second pillar pensions 2016-07-02 [Voice of the workers]

Malta Second pillar pensions 2016-07-02 [Voice of the Woekers]

Malta Voice of the Workers 2016-06-26 []

Malta Unions will not endorse hospitals deal if not fully briefed 2016-06-17 [The Times]

Malta Protecting workers from cancerous chemicals 2016-06-16 [Voice of the Workersa]

Malta Sliema parking scheme would hurt workers, GWU warns 2016-06-12 [The Times]

Malta UHM slams government for not publishing Household Budgetary survey 2016-06-08 [Malta Independent]

Malta Police Association joins CMTU 2016-06-06 [Malta Independent]

Malta Malta Feeport: Court rules in favour of UHN 2016-06-03 [Malta Independent]

Malta UHM,MPT sign collective agreement for transport workers 2016-05-25 [The Malta Independent]

Malta Freeport workers want UHM as their representative 2016-05-19 []

Malta UHM given sole recognition of Free Port workers 2016-05-05 [Times of Malta]

Malta GWU insists it still represents Freeport workers 2016-05-04 [The Times]

Malta What independence? 2016-04-30 [Voice of the Workers]

Malta Value of trade unions 2016-04-27 [The Times]

Malta A strategic partner for Air Makta 2016-04-21 [Malta Independent]

Malta GWU berates Marlene Farrugia over Enemalta workers’ claim 2016-04-19 [Today]

Malta Do not mess around with workers rights 2016-04-15 [Voice of the Workers]

Malta We are not animals 2016-04-14 [Voice of the Workers]

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