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Libya Manila working to free captive oilfield workers in Libya 2015-02-05 [World Bulletin]

Libya Gunmen kill 12 Libyans and foreign workers at oilfield raid 2015-02-05 [Reuters]

Egypt Jobless and Desperate, Egyptians Risk All in Perilous Libya 2015-01-30 [JG]

Tunisia Gvt of Tunisia holds Libya responsible for safety of captured journalists 2015-01-10 [Tunisia Live]

Tunisia Islamic State group in Libya reportedly executes two Tunisian journalists 2015-01-09 [UPI]

Libya Concerns for kidnapped Tunisian journalists after Daesh claims to have executed them 2015-01-09 [Libya Herald]

Libya ITF applauds peace accolade for Libyan port workers’ leader 2014-11-15 [ITF Global Union]

Tunisia UGTT anticipating security issues from Libya fallout 2014-08-03 [TAP]

Libya UNI MENA meets Libyan UGTL in Tunis - strengthening the ties 2014-03-04 [UNI Global Union]

Libya IFJ Gravely Concerned for Safety & Freedom of Media in Libya 2014-02-18 [IFJ]

Libya Support crumbles in east Libya for oil blockade leader 2014-02-01 [Defence Web]

Libya East Libya group allows one day for talks on reopening oil ports 2013-12-15 [Reuters]

Libya East Libya tribes set deadline to reopen ports, union warns of more strikes 2013-12-11 [Reuters]

Libya Libiyan capital goes on strike over violence 2013-11-19 [Al-Jazeerah]

Libya Teachers on strike over worsening economy 2013-11-08 [AP]

Libya Racism and revolution: the plight of black Africans in Libya 2013-10-14 [Equal Times]

Libya Racism and revolution: the plight of black Africans in Libya 2013-10-11 [Equal Times]