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Kuwait Oil workers call off strike and return to work 2016-04-21 [al Arabiya]

Kuwait Oil falls on end to Kuwaiti strike, supply outlook 2016-04-20 [Yahoo]

Kuwait Striking Oil Workers Disable Over 60% Of Kuwait’s Oil Production 2016-04-19 [OilPrice]

Kuwait Oil price rise as Kuwait oil worker strike diminishes supply 2016-04-19 [Reuters ]

Kuwait Country lowers crude, refining output as workers strike 2016-04-18 [Reuters]

Kuwait National Petroleum Company trying to hire strike-breakers from Egypt and India 2016-04-18 [Sputnik]

Kuwait Thousands join oil worker strike over pay cuts - dramatic plunge in crude production 2016-04-18 [The National]

Kuwait Oil worker strike over plan to cut pay and benefits - dramatically hit crude production 2016-04-18 [WSJ]

Kuwait Oil and gas workers go on strike over pay reforms 2016-04-17 [The National]

Kuwait Oil union rejects govt appeal to cancel strike – Saleh urges workers to renegotiate 2016-04-17 [Kuwait Times]

Kuwait Oil workers plan to strike Sunday during Doha freeze meeting 2016-04-16 [Oil and Gas 360]

Kuwait Oil workers to push ahead with strike, reject compromise 2016-04-15 [Arabian Business]

Kuwait Oil workers to push ahead with strike, reject compromise 2016-04-15 [Reuters ]

Kuwait Union leader denies strike talks underway 2016-04-14 [CPI]

Kuwait Oil and gas workers strike on course for Sunday, says union leader 2016-04-14 [Gulf Business ]

Kuwait Oil and gas workers to go on strike from Sunday -union 2016-04-13 [shipp]

Kuwait Oil workers union threatens strike over benefits cut 2016-04-12 [The Times]

Kuwait Oil and gas workers to strike from Sunday - union 2016-04-12 [Reuters]

Kuwait Oil workers union threatens strike over benefits cut 2016-04-12 [Associated Press]

Kuwait Oil workers hold talks as pay row rages 2016-03-29 [Kuwait Times]

Kuwait Mechanism to waive off Govt workers’ debts 2016-03-24 [Kuwait Times]

Kuwait Oil sector employees’ unions lash out at KPC 2016-03-22 [The Times]

Kuwait Women outnumber men in workforce 2016-03-08 [Gulf News]

Kuwait Syndicate says minister wants to deprive oil workers of privileges 2016-03-01 [The Times]

Kuwait Employees penalized for not showing up to work during the recent national holidays 2016-02-29 [Kuwait Times]

Kuwait Electricity Ministry to do without some expats – Public sector salaries increased 2016-02-29 [Kuwait Times]

Kuwait Union protests ‘unlawful’ chairman election 2016-02-09 [Kuwait Times]

Kuwait Union slams oil minister over workers’ rights 2016-02-03 [Kuwait Times]

Kuwait Unions stage protest 2016-01-06 [The Arab Times]

Ethiopia Viral Amateur Video Shows Plight of Ethiopian Women in Kuwaiti Prison 2016-01-01 [Zegabi]

Kuwait Kuwait stops issuing visas to Indian domestic workers 2015-11-05 [TNN]

Kuwait Middle East: RAIN VIVI - Crowdsourced data to ensure social inclusion for domestic workers 2015-09-02 [RAIN VIVI]

Kuwait Union leader from Kuwait chosen to lead Arab Labour Organisation 2015-04-22 [KUNA]

Jordan Minister takes part in Arab labour conference in Kuwait 2015-04-20 [Ammon News]

Kuwait Union says 60 per cent of oil workers to receive bonus 2015-04-20 [Arab Times]

Kuwait Racket and abuse busting: Nurses to be recruited through govt 2015-03-28 [Gulf News]

Kenya Unions worldwide welcome steps to resolve Kenya truck drivers’ call for union rights For more info  ActNOW!  2015-03-19 [ITF]

Kenya ITF warns of crisis as Kenyan police make ready to attack drivers For more info  ActNOW!  2015-03-17 [ITF]

Kuwait 90 pc expat staff sacked 2015-02-11 [Arab Times]

Kuwait Minimum wages in private sector eyed 2015-02-11 [Arab Times]

Kuwait Workers union seeks rights, freedoms 2015-02-09 [The Arab Times]

Kuwait Ban on Indian workers looms as spat escalates – Meeting to resolve maid guarantee dispute fails 2014-12-13 [Kuwait Times]

Kuwait Administrative deportation slammed by rights activists - 'Expats should be given right to appeal' 2014-12-13 [Zawya]

Kuwait 'Labor Ministry Deports Complaining Migrants,” resigned labor unionist says 2014-11-17 [Migrant Rights]

Kuwait Fifty years later, things get tense: union slams Saudi 'unilateral' halt to joint output 2014-10-20 [albawaba]

Kuwait Oil union slams Saudi halt to joint output 2014-10-19 [The Straits Times]

Kuwait Agreement appears close in long-running strike 2014-07-14 [Arabian Business]

Kuwait 'Runaway maids' tracked down on Kuwaiti Instagram 2014-06-23 [Aljzeera]

Palestine Kuwait gants USD 500,000 for ILO in occupied territories 2014-03-31 [Kuwait News Agency]

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