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Korea Presidential hopeful pledges sabbatical year for all employees 2017-03-17 [yonhapnews]

Korea President Park is gone for good – and trade unions played a major role in making it happen 2017-03-16 [PSI]

Korea KHMU resolves to struggle for better health care and the candlelight revolution in Korea, at annual Congress 2017-03-15 [PSI]

Korea South Korea: Supreme Court Approves Industrial Union Branch Breakaway 2017-02-17 [Mondaq]

Korea Issues in the Restructuring of the Korean Shipbuilding Industry 2016-10-27 [GLC]

Korea Hyundai Motor executives to take voluntary 10 per cent cut in wages 2016-10-25 [Reuters]

Korea International delegation visits Korea over union persecution 2016-09-26 [PSI]

Korea Seoul Metro Unions to Strike Tuesday 2016-09-23 [KBS]

Korea Samsung still under pressure over toxic worker deaths 2016-09-05 [Equal Times]

Korea Oriental Brewery union to expand strike over pay 2016-08-12 [The Herald]

Korea South Korea: A government at war with democracy 2016-08-06 [IUF]

Korea Protest now over Korean union leader sentence 2016-06-22 [ITF]

Korea Samsung Heavy Industries to shed workforce up to 40% 2016-06-16 [Pulse]

Korea The long fight for justice for South Korea’s deadly steriliser victims 2016-06-07 [Equal Times]

Philippines Ecozone workers occupy factory For more info 2016-05-06 [PM]

Korea Workers setting up strategies to narrow gap between regular and irregular positions 2016-04-04 [Hankyoreh]

Korea KCTU Members Speak in San Francisco 2016-03-30 [Labor Video]


Japan What Japan’s payments to Korean sex slaves say about putting a dollar figure on atrocity 2015-12-29 [Washington Post]

Korea Hyundai Motor reaches tentative wage deal with labour union 2015-12-24 [Reuters]

Korea Korean unions facing crackdown need urgent global support 2015-12-16 [ITF]

Korea S. Korean labor workers head for N. Korea for football friendly 2015-10-28 [Yonhap]

Korea North Korea to host friendly soccer match with South's labor unions 2015-10-27 [UPI]

Korea The fight to secure migrant workers’ rights continues in South Korea 2015-10-08 [Equal Times]

Korea Gigasmell for koreanske verft 2015-07-29 [Bloomberg]

Korea Vote for Strike Against Government Policy 2015-07-03 [Prensa Latina]

Korea GM Korea’s union plans strike on pay 2015-07-03 [JoonAng]

Vietnam Police arrest two Korean men in deadly scaffolding collapse 2015-05-24 [Voice of Vietnam]

Korea Hyundai Motor affiliates threaten strike 2015-04-20 [The Times]

Korea Labor opposition hinders Samsung-Hanwha deal 2015-04-03 [The Times]

Korea Court rules in favour of Hyundai Motor in wage dispute 2015-01-16 [Yahoo]

Korea Mahindra boss discusses plight of fired workers 2015-01-14 [JoonAng]

Korea Workers at South Korea's Hyundai Heavy Industries set to strike 2014-11-19 [AFP]

Korea Number of labor disputes up 76% in 2014 2014-10-20 [Korea Herald]

Korea 'We're in solidarity with the 'Umbrella Revolution'!!' 2014-09-30 [CINA]

Australia Free trade agreement with Korea sells out Australian workers 2014-09-24 [ACTU]

Korea Kia Motors’ GwangjuPlant Workers to Stage Partial Strike on August 28 2014-08-28 [IT Times]

Korea Health care workers protest against privatisation 2014-07-04 [AAWL]

Korea khmu strike For more info 2014-06-27 [KHMU]

Korea Domestic Workers in Korea ask the government to ratify C189 2014-06-16 [IUF Korea]

USA Korean Railway Workers Union KRWU Fights Privatization and Union Busting For more info 2014-04-17 [LVP]

Cambodia Dozen workers faint after colleague dies in Korea-owned factory 2014-03-14 [Cambodia Herald]

Korea [8.17] Migrant Workers Protest Unfair EPS 2008-08-21 [CINA]

Korea Kiryung Electronics: 70 Days of Hunger Strike.. 2008-08-20 [Korea Times]