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Kenya Workers’ strike halts Chinese railway project 2018-01-06 [GCR]

Kenya Nurses strike derail immunisation and maternal care drive 2018-01-04 [Daily Nation]

Kenya Homa Bay casual workers threaten to sue over dismissal 2018-01-02 [The Star]

Kenya Outsourced workers at Nyeri Hospital strike over pay arrears 2017-12-30 [Daily Nation]

Kenya A striking nation: Will 2018 be different? 2017-12-26 [The Star]

Kenya KQ Management Disregards a Court Order Reinstating Workers 2017-12-24 [COTU]

Kenya Cheated of Good Job, Kenyan Warns Migrant Workers For more info 2017-12-18 [Solidarity Center]

Kenya Wilson Sossion on why the State wants him out of union 2017-12-17 [The Daily Nation]

Kenya Lecturers in Kenya public universities have called off strike action 2017-12-11 [Coastweek]

Kenya Nurses' CBA to be registered in court this month 2017-12-08 [The Daily Nation]

Kenya Kenya Airways fires 140 engineers, technicians over strike 2017-12-05 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Kenya Striking Kenya Airways Engineers to Sue Over Dismissal 2017-12-02 [Daily Nation]

Kenya Strike eases at public universities 2017-12-02 [Standard ]

Kenya Cotu hails Uhuru’s directive on free movement for E. Africans 2017-11-29 [Daily Nation]

Kenya Cotu, European Commission to hold talks on economic pacts 2017-11-25 [The Daily Nation]

Kenya Ban on Domestic Workers to Saudi and Qatar Should Stay 2017-11-14 [COTU]

Kenya Flower farm workers get 23pc pay rise in new deal 2017-11-10 [Daily Nation]

Kenya Can Kenyan farmers combat food insecurity with climate-smart agriculture? 2017-11-08 [Equal Times]

Kenya Resolve tea sector crisis 2017-11-05 [The Daily Nation]

Kenya Nurses locked out of Murang'a hospital after strike 2017-11-04 [The Daily Nation]

Kenya Brazil, Kenya Women Leaders on Frontline of Change For more info 2017-11-01 [Solidarity Center]

Kenya Nairobi County union officials arrested on bribery claims 2017-10-19 [The Daily Nation]

Kenya Nairobi women matatu workers strengthen leadership 2017-10-16 [ITF]

Kenya Resolve pay row to avert varsity strike 2017-10-09 [The Daily Nation]

Kenya Workers union sue over permanent jobs for matatu crew 2017-10-06 [Business Daily]

Global Decent Work Day: Focus on Living Wages For more info 2017-10-05 [Solidarity Center]

Kenya City Hall workers, county squabble over staff suspensions 2017-10-05 [The Capital News]

Kenya Union denies some nurses have returned to hospitals 2017-10-02 [The Daily Nation]

Kenya Victory for Kenya Domestic Workers Migrating for Jobs For more info 2017-09-28 [Solidarity Center]

Kenya Kenya’s private guards gain security through union organising 2017-09-28 [Equal Times]

Kenya How NASA, Jubilee rivalry has split giant Dock Worker Union 2017-09-27 [Standard]

Kenya Governors vow to dismiss all striking nurses 2017-09-25 [The Daily Nation]

Kenya Uber drivers on indefinite strike 2017-09-22 []

Kenya Interview: 100 days on strike 2017-09-21 []

Kenya Kenya union aims to build taxi app driver power 2017-09-20 [ITF]

Kenya Uber, Little, Taxify, Mondo drivers hold protests in Nairobi, cause traffic snarl up in city 2017-09-18 [The Standard]

Kenya REVEALED: How plan to sell Nairobi Water company was blocked 2017-09-16 [NN]

Kenya ITF helps Kenya union win recognition 2017-09-13 [ITF]

Kenya Pay Us in 10 Days or We Strike, Clinical Officers Tell Counties 2017-09-06 [Daily Nation]

Kenya Workers give Sonko three days to clear Sh18bn debt 2017-09-04 [The Daily Nation]

Kenya Top Union Official Urges Kenyan President to 'Sober up 2017-09-04 [VoA]

Kenya Court issues warrant to detain MBC president for labor probe 2017-09-02 [Yonhap]

Kenya Salary for public university workers to delay 2017-08-31 [The Standard]

Kenya Monday meeting: Governors signal move to end nurses’ 3-month strike 2017-08-28 [Daily Nation]

Kenya Split in nurses union widens 2017-08-28 [The Star]

Kenya Kenya's Jane Njoki helps lead future of young workers 2017-08-25 [Solidarity Center]

Kenya Sonko Suspends Water Board Members Over Strike 2017-08-23 [allAfrica]

Kenya Wangamati pledges higher salaries for Bungoma health workers 2017-08-23 [The Star]

Kenya Governor Njuki suspends 1,061 workers 2017-08-22 [The Daily Nation]

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