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Jamaica 'Disgruntled Alpart workers block entrance to plant' 2017-11-28 [Radio Jamaica]

Jamaica PSTOC co-chair suggests new approach to public sector wage talks 2017-11-20 [The Gleaner]

Jamaica NWU officers who got court order blocking special congress said nothing - Valentine 2017-11-19 [The Gleaner]

Jamaica Fire Brigade employees on work to rule 2017-09-12 [Jamaica Observer ]

Jamaica Sugar Workers Learning Chinese Out West 2017-09-12 [The Gleaner ]

Jamaica Fire Brigade Drivers, Mechanics Go On Work To Rule 2017-09-12 [The Gleaner ]

Jamaica FLA, union stalemate - Entities battle over reinstatement of fired workers; PM to be asked to intervene 2017-08-25 [The Gleaner]

Jamaica A rocky road ahead 2017-08-22 [The Observer]

Jamaica Robinson seeks to avert strike at UDC operations in St Ann 2017-08-17 [The Observer]

Jamaica 'Finance ministry meets Friday with public sector unions' 2017-08-02 [Jamaica Observer]

Jamaica 'Paternity leave among 18 outstanding items unions want settled' 2017-08-02 [Jamaica Observer]

Jamaica Finance ministry meets Friday with public sector unions 2017-08-02 [The Observer]

Jamaica BITU sees 'ray of hope' in pay talks with UDC 2017-07-25 [The Observer]

Jamaica PM stresses urgency of pension reform 2017-07-17 [The Observer]

Jamaica 'Labour Ministry intervenes in dispute at Port Henderson Primary' 2017-05-31 [Radio Jamaica]

Jamaica Jamaica Teachers Association: More attention to professional standards 2017-04-26 [Education International]

Jamaica Strike looms as workers demand money 2017-04-01 [The Observer]

Jamaica Jobs are on the line as Scotiabank restructures 2017-03-25 [The Daily Herald]

Jamaica Scotiabank plans to cut nearly 100 jobs, says trade union 2017-03-22 [loopjamaica]

Jamaica Opposition warns against jeopardising tourism pension fund 2017-03-21 [The Observer]

Jamaica Caribbean Sub-regional Women’s Advisory Committee meeting - SUBWOC (Jamaica) 2017-02-13 [PSI]

Jamaica There is a brewing disaster if matters relating to private security guards are not addressed in short order 2016-12-25 [The Observer]

Jamaica Union hoping new Noranda owners will compensate dismissed workers 2016-10-26 [The Gleaner]

Jamaica Trade union hopes for positive outcome from negotiations with NWC management 2016-09-23 [The Gleaner]

Jamaica NWC workers return to work after yesterday’s strike 2016-09-15 [The Gleaner]

Jamaica 'Ministry calls in NWC managers and workers' 2016-09-13 [Jamaica Observer]

Jamaica 'Labour Ministry calls emergency meeting amid NWC dispute' 2016-09-12 [Radio Jamaica]

Jamaica Union monitoring suspension of JPS workers 2016-09-01 [The Gleaner]

Jamaica CTL says workers fired for walking off the job 2016-08-24 [The Observer]

Jamaica CTL fires engineering staff, prepares for battle with union 2016-08-23 [The Gleaner]

Jamaica Labour issues shut down horse racing today 2016-08-13 [The Observer]

Jamaica JUTC, union say no 2016-08-10 [The Observer]

Jamaica BITU, NWU seek support in organising hotel construction workers 2016-06-14 [The Observer]

Jamaica The productivity revolution and Jamaica's household workers 2016-06-12 [The Gleaner]

Jamaica 'PCJ served with 72-hour strike notice by Petcom Production workers' 2016-06-06 [Radio Jamaica]

Jamaica Trade unionist wants protection for temporary workers 2016-05-25 [The Observer]

Jamaica 'Workers wouldn't hold broken $1.5m tax promise against gov't' 2016-05-13 [The Gleaner]

Jamaica Blame Gov't, unions for languishing safety law 2016-05-13 [The Gleaner]

Jamaica Petrojam workers upset that dispute with management will go to IDT 2016-04-27 [The Gleaner]

Jamaica Labour Ministry intervenes to avert strike at Petrojam 2016-04-23 [The Gleaner]

Jamaica Unions left in the dark 2016-04-23 [Jamaica Gleaner]

Jamaica Pharmacists sign wage agreement 2016-04-19 [The Observer]

Jamaica More than 800 workers to be affected following court ruling 2016-04-10 [The Observer]

Jamaica UCASE president unhappy with timing of Bunting’s revelation 2016-04-10 [The Observer]

Jamaica Gov’t moves to find new investors for Pan-Caribbean operations as Chinese prepare to pull out 2016-03-23 [The Observer]

Jamaica UK recruiters exacerbate Jamaica’s education brain drain 2016-03-11 [Equal Times]

Jamaica BITU president 'surprised' by Valentine's claim of potential job losses 2016-02-25 [The Gleaner]

Jamaica BITU endorses JLP income tax plan 2016-02-20 [The Observer]

Jamaica CTL workers give Ministry of Finance a week to settle 2016-02-12 [The Star]

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