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Jamaica BITU president 'surprised' by Valentine's claim of potential job losses 2016-02-25 [The Gleaner]

Jamaica BITU endorses JLP income tax plan 2016-02-20 [The Observer]

Jamaica CTL workers give Ministry of Finance a week to settle 2016-02-12 [The Star]

Jamaica 'Workers at Caymanas Park remain on strike' 2016-02-08 [Radio Jamaica]

Jamaica 'IDT to hear wage row involving air traffic controllers' 2016-02-08 [Radio Jamaica]

Jamaica Disgruntled CTL workers force cancellation of Saturday's race meet 2016-02-07 [The Observer]

Jamaica Bargaining rights poll at Petrojam today 2016-01-28 [The Observer]

Jamaica Bargaining rights poll for Petrojam Jan 28 2016-01-15 [The Observer]

Jamaica Petrojam faces legal issues over failure to observe LRIDA 2015-12-28 [The Observer]

Jamaica Union fears Gov’t’s tax appetite could cost jobs, revenues at Noranda 2015-12-21 [The Observer]

Jamaica '97 per cent of public sector workers sign wage agreement' 2015-12-17 [Jamaica Observer]

Jamaica Charles warns that J'cans could take to the street if suffering continues 2015-11-29 [The Observer]

Jamaica BITU welcomes proposed pension schemes for hotel workers 2015-11-20 [The Observer]

Jamaica NHT employees to return to work tomorrow 2015-11-11 [The Observer]

Jamaica Ferguson takes over Labour Ministry with strikes looming 2015-11-10 [The Observer]


Jamaica Can Jamaica make up for lost ground in cannabis research following decriminalisation? 2015-11-03 [Equal Times]

Jamaica JCTU opens condolence books 2015-10-17 [The Observer]

Jamaica 'Air Traffic Controllers back to normality since saturday' 2015-10-13 [Radio Jamaica]

Jamaica 'JCTU: Government struggling to honour new wage agreement' 2015-10-12 [Radio Jamaica]

Jamaica Caven remembered for lifetime of service 2015-10-12 [The Observer]

Jamaica 'Nurses and Finance Ministry on the verge of new wage agreement' 2015-10-10 [Radio Jamaica]

Jamaica Unions, NWC management agree to health plan extension 2015-10-06 [The Gleaner]

Jamaica FLOW, BITU meeting set for tomorrow 2015-10-05 [The Observer]

Jamaica Simpson Miller moves to extend rights of domestic workers 2015-10-03 [The Gleaner]

Jamaica NWC workers back on the job 2015-10-02 [The Gleaner]

Jamaica 'Nurses end sick-out' 2015-09-17 [Jamaica Observer]

Jamaica Health Minister to have regular meetings with public health sector groups 2015-09-17 [The Observer]

Jamaica 'Nurses end two-day protest, return to normal duties tomorrow ' 2015-09-16 [Gleaner]

Jamaica 'Emergency meeting called to address protest action by nurses' 2015-09-16 [Radio Jamaica]

Jamaica 'UPDATE: Emergency protocols activated as nurses stage sick-out' 2015-09-15 [Jamaica Observer]

Jamaica 'Gov’t nurses sick!' 2015-09-15 [Jamaica Observer]

Jamaica 'Nurses’ Association hoping for follow-up wage meeting this week' 2015-09-14 [Gleaner]

Jamaica sugar job losses signal an industry at a crossroads 2015-08-27 [Equal Times]

Jamaica UCASE proposes three levels for national minimum wage 2015-08-26 [The Observer]

Jamaica sugar job losses signal an industry at a crossroads 2015-08-26 [Equal Times]

Jamaica Jamaica’s sugar job losses signal an industry at a crossroads 2015-08-26 [Equal Times]

Jamaica 'Government and Police Federation to resume wage negotiations on Tuesday' 2015-08-24 [Radio Jamaica]

Jamaica 'Air Traffic controllers still upset about conditions at the workplace' 2015-08-24 [Radio Jamaica]

Jamaica 'Air Traffic controllers ordered to end sick out' 2015-08-22 [Radio Jamaica]

Jamaica 'Setback in target date for public sector workers wage increase' 2015-08-22 [Radio Jamaica]

Jamaica 'Editorial: Not complete on labour front' 2015-08-20 [Gleaner]

Jamaica 'YES! Teachers accept 7 percent pay hike' 2015-08-19 [Jamaica Observer]

Jamaica 'JUST IN: Teachers vote to accept latest wage offer' 2015-08-18 [Gleaner]

Jamaica 'JTA on the verge of signing new wage agreement' 2015-08-14 [Radio Jamaica]

Jamaica 'Another union to sign public sector wage deal today ' 2015-08-14 [Jamaica Observer]

Jamaica 'Unions trying to fast track aspects of public sector wage deal' 2015-08-12 [Radio Jamaica]

Jamaica '$45m in tertiary education grants among items in public sector wage package' 2015-08-12 [Gleaner]

Jamaica 'WAGE DEAL Gov’t, unions finally sign wage agreement' 2015-08-12 [Jamaica Observer]

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