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Israel Histadrut president signs on to lead disabled struggle 2017-09-06 [Jerusalem Post]

Canada Major Canadian union joins BDS 2017-09-05 [Ynetnews]

Israel New labor agreement signed at Ashdod refinery 2017-09-04 [INN]

Canada Anti-Israel motion adopted by union? 2017-09-01 [Toronto Sun]

Israel After union intervention Teva reduces projected layoffs 2017-08-31 [Jerusalem Post]

Israel Haifa Chemicals workers protest amid fear of layoffs 2017-08-30 [The Post]

Israel El Al settles dispute with maintenance workers 2017-08-30 [Globes Israel]

Israel After Histadrut intervenes Teva suspends dismissal letters to 150 employees 2017-08-28 [Globes Israel]

Israel Teva, Histadrut reach partial agreement on layoffs 2017-08-24 [Globes Israel]

Israel El Al Maintenance Workers Threaten Dreamliner Ceremony 2017-08-23 [Aviation Pros]

Israel How Labor Got Organized in Israel 2017-08-23 [Atlanta Jewish Times]

Israel El Al maintenance workers threaten Dreamliner ceremony 2017-08-21 [Globes]

Israel Knesset Long Weekend law hits snag 2017-08-18 [Jerusalem Post]

Israel Long Weekend’ Bill in Jeopardy 2017-08-18 [Jewish Press]

Israel Journalists fear for safety as Netanyahu ups war on media 2017-08-17 [Al-Monitor]

Israel Bank Mizrahi-Tefahot Strike is Over 2017-08-16 [Jewish Press]

Israel Police probing possible vote tampering in union election — report 2017-08-16 [Times of Israel]

Israel School security guards talk strike - threaten start of new year 2017-08-15 [HaModia ]

Israel Court rejects Yachimovich appeal for Histadrut recount 2017-08-15 [Israel National News]

Israel Restraining Order Sends Dimona Nuclear Workers Back to Work 2017-08-14 [The Press]

Israel Nuclear Scientists Strike, Halt Sensitive Work; Cabinet to Order Them Back 2017-08-13 [Haaretz]

Israel In the bilingual day-care centers and schools of “Hand in Hand” (Yad b’Yad) teachers and workers have organized in WAC-MAAN 2017-08-12 [WAC-Maan]

Israel Open nurseries in East Jerusalem and enable women to work! 2017-08-12 [WAC Ma]

Israel Good news in the construction sector - Extension Order for Crane Operators 2017-08-09 [BWI]

Israel Worker Killed in 18th Death This Year on Israeli Construction Sites 2017-08-07 [Haaretz]

Israel Bank Mizrahi Tefahot Opens Despite Continued Workers’ Strike 2017-08-07 [Jewish Press]

UK IFJ condemns Israel’s announcement to shut down Al Jazeer 2017-08-07 [NUJ]

Israel Nobody in Israel is asking: What about the Workers? 2017-08-07 [Ha'Aretz]

Israel Thousands of Chinese Construction Workers to Arrive in Israel 2017-08-03 [JNI Media]

Israel Haifa Chemicals to Shut Operations, 800 Workers to Lose Jobs 2017-08-03 [Hamodia]

Israel Haifa Chemicals to close down two plants, layoff 800 workers 2017-08-03 [Jerusalem Post]

Israel 300 jobs to go. Emilia Cosmetics employees protest factory closure 2017-08-03 [Globes Israel]

Israel 800 workers to be fired as Israel ammonia saga comes to an end 2017-08-03 [Times of Israel]

Israel Foreign Ministry workers’ strike threatens school Poland trips 2017-08-02 [Times of Israel]

Israel Teva pharmaceutical company begins talks with Histadrut union to lay off 300-350 workers 2017-08-02 [Globes Israel]

Israel Haifa Chemicals to lay off 700 employees 2017-08-02 [Globes Israel]

Israel Haifa Chemicals to close plant - 400 workers made redundant 2017-08-02 [Ha'Aretz ]

Israel Israeli police arrest 2 undocumented Palestinian workers in central Israel 2017-08-01 [Ma'an News Agency]

Israel Foreign Ministry workers’ strike threatens school Poland trips 2017-08-01 [Times of Israel]

Israel Construction Worker Killed, Another Serious Injured at Haifa’s New Port 2017-08-01 [Haaretz]

Palestine Journalist Unions condemn Israel for attacks on Palestinian journalists and media institutions 2017-07-31 [Ma'an News Agency]

Israel Synagogue Furniture factory tramples on Palestinian workers rights to unionise 2017-07-30 [Ha'aretz ]

Israel Haifa Chemicals lays off 1,200 workers 2017-07-27 [Arutz Sheva]

Israel Israel's Top Court Rebukes State for Cutting Asylum-seekers' Pay 2017-07-27 [Haaretz]

Israel Striking electric company workers receive pay cut 2017-07-26 [Arutz Sheva]

Israel 'Israeli tech firms should outsource to Palestinian workers' 2017-07-25 [Jerusalem Post]

Israel Pharmaceutical Giant Teva Preparing to Lay Off Hundreds of Workers in Israel 2017-07-25 [Haaretz]

Israel High Court Strikes Blow Against Israel’s Most Powerful Labor Unions 2017-07-24 [Haaretz]

Israel Pharmaceutical giant Teva to lay off employees at Israel branches 2017-07-23 [Jerusalem Post]

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