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Israel Netanyahu fails to persuade Teva CEO to block Jerusalem facilities closure 2017-12-20 [i24]

Israel Thousands of employees expected at mass protest outside Netanyahu's office over planned job cuts amid pharma giant's restructuring 2017-12-20 [Times of Israel]

Israel Restructuring at leading Israeli pharmaceutical company causes mass job losses 2017-12-19 [IndustriALL]

Palestine ITF: Trump Jerusalem Announcement Undermines The Process Of Negotiation 2017-12-19 [ITF Global Union ]

Israel Pharmaceutical giant's layoffs generate rage in Israel 2017-12-19 [Al-Monitor]

Israel Histadrut calls for more strikes at Teva 2017-12-19 [Jerusalem Post ]

Israel Teva CEO to Meet Netanyahu With Blunt Message on Need for Cuts 2017-12-19 [Bloomberg ]

Israel United behind Teva’s (soon to be former) workers 2017-12-18 [Times of Israel]

Israel UPDATE 1-Union says workers at Israeli drugs firm Teva to strike on Tuesday 2017-12-18 [Business Insider]

Israel Fallout from Teva plant closings, global layoffs continues in Israel 2017-12-18 [FiercePharma]

Israel Teva layoffs spark labor protests in Israel 2017-12-18 [AP, AFP, dpa, via DW]

Israel Teva Workers Barricade Themselves Inside Yerushalayim Plant 2017-12-18 [Hamodia]

Israel Workers at Israel's Teva Pharm block roads, continue protest over job cuts 2017-12-18 [Reuters]

Israel National solidarity strike ends allowing airport and Tel Aviv Stock Exchange to re-open 2017-12-18 [The Calcatlist]

Israel Union Leader Calls for General Strike on Expected Teva Cutback Reports 2017-12-15 [Calcalist]

Israel Benefits increase marks a partial victory for disabled people in Israel 2017-12-14 [Equal Times]

Israel Histadrut threatens major strike to protest Teva cuts 2017-12-14 [Ynet]

Israel Benefits increase marks a partial victory for disabled people in Israel 2017-12-14 [Equal Times]

Israel Israeli Delegation Storms Out of Trade Summit After Lebanese Union Leader Criticizes Occupation 2017-12-13 [Al Bawaba]

Israel Kiryat Shmona braces for Teva plant closure 2017-12-13 [Globes Israel ]

Israel Teva to fire 500 managers in Israel 2017-12-12 [Globes Israel]

Israel Most Teva Israel layoffs expected at Petah Tikva HQ 2017-12-11 [Globes Israel]

Turkey Turkish union and business community condemns US Jerusalem move 2017-12-10 [Andalou Agency]

Israel Construction worker dies at Rehovot building site - 33 such fatalities this year 2017-12-09 [Times of Israel]

Israel COSATU strongly condemns US President Donald Trump for formally recognising the city of Jerusalem as Israel's capital 2017-12-09 [COSATU]

Palestine Graffiti in the West Bank: are foreign artists really serving the Palestinian cause? 2017-12-04 [Equal Times]

Israel Labor dispute to shutter crossings with Gaza, West Bank on Sunday 2017-12-03 [Times of Israel]

Israel PA-Israel border crossings to remain closed on Sunday due to labor dispute 2017-12-03 [JOL]

Israel Defense Ministry Crossing Authority Employees Launch Sanctions 2017-11-30 [Yeshiva World News]

Israel Strike to close Ben Gurion Airport over weekend 2017-11-29 [Globes]

Israel Strike to close Ben Gurion Airport over weekend 2017-11-29 [Globes Israel]

Israel Airport workers threaten Ben-Gurion strike on Shabbat 2017-11-29 [YNet]

Israel Parliamentarians to Push Against Teva Layoffs in the Country 2017-11-27 [Calcalistech ]

Israel Drug giant Teva cutting ties to Israel to survive 2017-11-27 [Ha’aretz]

Israel Teva to cut up to 25% of Israel, 10% of U.S. workforce, report says 2017-11-26 [Bloomberg]

Israel Teva plans over 1,000 layoffs in Israel 2017-11-24 [Globes Israel]

Israel Teva to Cut Up to 25% of Israel Workforce, Calcalist Says 2017-11-24 [Bloomberg]

Israel Teva Pharmaceutical reportedly set for major layoffs in Israel and the US 2017-11-23 [Reuters]

Israel Teva Photo: AP facebook print send to friend comment Teva expected to lay off about 25% of its Israeli employees 2017-11-23 [Ynet News]

Israel First Chinese construction company gets Israeli contract prepares to bring workers from China 2017-11-13 [Globes Israel]

Israel Israel sees record number of migrant workers over past five years 2017-11-07 [Jerusalem Post]

Israel Histadrut threatens general strike over nursing care insurance 2017-11-07 [Globes Israel]

UK 50 Years Too Many: Ban Israeli Settlement Goods 2017-11-04 [NUT]

Israel Looming teachers strike could affect some 50,000 Israeli students 2017-10-18 [Jerusalem Post]

Israel Website fined for encouraging 'Jewish labor' 2017-10-18 [INN]

Israel Flights delayed, baggage stuck in brief Ben Gurion seasonal workers’ strike 2017-10-16 [Times of Israel]

Israel More disruptions at Ben Gurion Airport 2017-10-16 [Globes Israel]

Israel Workers' union at Ben Gurion Airport launches surprise strike, refuse to unload luggage. 2017-10-16 [Israel National News]

Israel Labor court freezes Negev Ceramics layoffs for 10 days 2017-10-16 [Globes Israel]

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