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Hungary Civil servants pressured to deliver vouchers - which some say are designed to buy votes 2016-12-19 [Hungarian Free Press ]

Hungary Daimler to hike wages by over 20 percent at Hungary plant in next two years 2016-12-13 [Reuters]

Hungary Budapest garbage haulers to strike if demands not met 2016-12-13 [Budapest Beacon]

Hungary Pay-off day for labour’s lost 2016-12-06 [Budapest Times]

Hungary Voters get wage rises by blocking Arab migration 2016-08-10 [Breitbart]

Hungary Labor Woes May Trigger Wage Explosion, Minister Says 2016-08-08 [Bloomberg]

Hungary Municipal civil servants to strike for higher wages 2016-07-30 [The Budapest Beacon]

Hungary Labor shortage triggers better pay for student workers 2016-07-26 [Budapest Business Journal]

Hungary EC stands by equal pay proposal, Hungary opposes 2016-07-26 [Budapest Business Journal]

Hungary Bosses want Hungary to open doors to non-EU guest workers 2016-07-26 [TOL]

Hungary Secretary for education hints at more reforms, criticizes teachers 2016-06-24 [The Budapest Beacon]

Hungary Municipal employees hold two-hour strike 2016-06-24 [The Budapest Beacon]

Hungary Gvt promises health care workers wages to double until 2019 2016-06-18 [Hungary Today]

Hungary Teachers go on strike 2016-04-22 [The Economist]

Hungary Public school teachers in Hungary to hold one-day strike on Wednesday 2016-04-22 [Budapest Beacon]

Iceland Young Hungarian woman came to Iceland to earn a little money, found herself victim of wage theft 2016-04-15 [Iceland Magazine]

Hungary Gvt opposes proposed EU changes on seconded workers 2016-04-12 [Reuters]

Hungary Gvt in tactical retreat over plan to shutdown stores on Sunday 2016-04-12 [Hungarian Free Press]

Hungary Audi workers' union reaches deal on 2016 pay increases 2016-04-05 [Reuters]

Hungary Audi workers' union reaches deal on 2016 pay increases 2016-04-04 [Reuters]

Hungary Schools out over education policies 2016-03-31 [Euronews]

Hungary Teachers Stage Strike Against Government’s Education Policies 2016-03-31 [WSJ]

Hungary Teachers stage nation-wide walkout 2016-03-31 [World Bulletin]

Hungary ITUC calles upon Hungarian PM to intervene and remedy bad education reforms 2016-03-29 [Portfolio]

Hungary Near-strike situation at large automotive plants 2016-03-29 [Portfolio]

Hungary Volán drivers call off strike 2016-03-28 [Budapest Beacon]

Hungary Checked shirts begin to haunt Hungarian authorities 2016-03-28 [Fairfax Media]

Hungary Wage talks at Hungarian Audi plant flop 2016-03-25 [Portfolio]

Hungary After refusing to bend to teacher union demands Govt MP pulls a surprise and says hated KLIK will be disbanded 2016-03-23 [Budapest Beacon]

Hungary Teachers threaten start of strikes from March 30 2016-03-15 [Associated Press]

Hungary KLIK barely has enough money to pay teachers 2016-02-25 [The Budapest Beacon]

Hungary Teleki Blanka teachers, students protest government 'arrogance and condescension' 2016-02-25 [The Budapest Beacon]

Hungary Flashmob erupts after private security guards obstruct referendum on Sunday shop closures 2016-02-25 [The Budapest Beacon]

Hungary Tesco Hungary online employees threaten to go on strike 2016-02-19 [Budapest Business Journal]

Hungary Teachers continue with plans to strike 2016-02-17 [The Budapest Beacon]

Hungary Three-quarters of Hungarians agree with teachers’ demands reports Publicus 2016-02-16 [The Budapest Beacon]

Hungary Teachers strike committee fails to agree on direction of future reforms with ministry 2016-02-13 [The Budapest Beacon]

Hungary Teachers to demonstrate in Budapest today 2016-02-13 [The Budapest Beacon]

Hungary Budapest public transport plans ‘surprise’ strike 2016-02-09 [The Business Journal]

Hungary Balog announces education shake-up before roundtable discussions with teacher unions and others 2016-02-09 [The Budapest Beacon]

Hungary Teachers plan Feb. 13 demo over working conditions, centralized curriculum 2016-02-03 [Budapest Business Journal]

Hungary Outrage as plant bosses acquitted over fatal toxic spill in Hungary 2016-02-02 [Guardian]

Hungary 6,000 state employees could lose their jobs 2016-02-01 [Budapest Business Journal]

Hungary Teachers unions caution members against wildcat strikes 2016-02-01 [The Budapest Beacon]

Hungary Budapest taxi drivers protest Über by blocking traffic 2016-01-22 [Budapest Beacon]

UK Bed firm boss convicted under new anti-slavery laws 2016-01-20 [BBC]

Hungary Orban to Cameron: Hungarian Workers in UK Are Not 'Parasites' 2016-01-09 [Sputnik]

Hungary Public work schemes lower Hungarian unemployment to 6.2% 2016-01-09 [Budapest Beacon]

Hungary Nurse leader, campaigning for better pay, Mária Sándor, named Person of the Year 2016-01-03 [The Budapest Beacon]

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