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USA Oregon Port of Portland’s latest labor issue: Honduras 2014-03-06 [Capital Press]

Honduras ITF demands end to anti-docker attacks 2014-02-21 [ITF news]

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Canada Tax and Union Dodge: Gildan Activewear 2013-11-22 [Global]

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Honduras Murderous attack on dock union boss as negotiations underway at terminal  ActNOW!  2013-09-22 [Handy Shipping Guide]

UK Rainforest Alliance Must Decertify Banana Plantation 2013-09-19 [GMB]

Honduras Violation of labour rights in a banana company is denounced 2013-09-13 [Fresh Plaza]

Honduras Honduran ‘nappy’ workers speak out against factory exploitation 2013-09-09 [Equal Times]

Mexico Migrant train derails; at least 5 dead 2013-08-26 [Times Union]

Honduras US-Korean maquila accused of CAFTA labor violations 2013-08-21 [World War 4 Report]

Honduras As 'Diaper-Gate' Scandal Goes Viral, Honduran Workers and US Multinational Turn up Cyber-Heat 2013-08-16 [NTN24]

Honduras Factory Workers Chose to Wear Diapers on the Job 2013-08-15 [ABC]

Honduras Honduran Factory Workers Chose to Wear Diapers on the Job 2013-08-14 [ABC News]

Honduras Stop Honduran Labor Abuses Now 2013-08-14 [AFL-CIO]