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Fiji Civil servants, private sector mark world safety, health day 2016-04-28 [Fiji Times]

Fiji Fiji delegation looking at seasonal worker concerns 2016-04-14 [Radio New Zealand International]

Fiji Union celebrates milestone 2016-04-13 [The Times]

Fiji FTUC says action breached rules 2016-03-31 [Fiji Times]

Fiji Fiji union concerned over workers rights despite ILO decision 2016-03-30 [Radio New Zealand International]

Fiji FICTU says worker rights still an issue 2016-03-29 [RNZI]

Australia Victoria Seasonal workers from Fiji told to return to work for contractor accused of exploitation or go home 2016-03-28 [ABC]

Fiji Pay dispute of Fiji seasonal workers in Australia 2016-03-28 [Fiji Times]

Fiji The International Labour Organization has decided not to pursue a commission of inquiry 2016-03-26 [The Times]

Fiji FTUC Union hails staff retention 2016-03-24 [Fiji Times]

Fiji ANZ Workers Sign MOU With Union 2016-03-24 [Fiji Sun]

Fiji FTUC in revival mode 2016-03-24 [Fiji Times ]

New Zealand Ministry of Health media release: NZMAT deployment to Fiji 2016-03-02 [ASMS]

Fiji Unions call for energy employees to help Fiji relief efforts 2016-02-27 [Macquarie Port News]

Fiji South Pacific unions sends solidarity to Fijian brothers and sisters following Cyclone Winston 2016-02-26 [ACTU]

Fiji FTUC wary - wants to see implementation of Employment Relations Promulgation Bill 2016-02-14 [Fiji Times]

Fiji FTUC dismisses Opposition claims of breach of ILO core conventions 2016-02-14 [Fiji Times]

Fiji Secret ILO deal between Fiji unions, employers and Gvt: Opposition claim 2016-02-12 [Fiji Times]

Fiji Biosecurity Fiji sacks staff 2016-02-10 [Radio Fiji]

Fiji AG presents bill to amend Employment Relations Promulgation in parliament 2016-02-10 [Fiji Village]

Fiji AG says FTUC and FICTU should get over petty politics 2016-02-09 [Radio Fiji]

Fiji Workers have freedom of association: AG 2016-02-08 [Radio Fiji]

Fiji Fiji union wants ILO to pressure govt over worker rights 2016-02-07 [Radio New Zealand International]

Fiji An ILO dispute in Fiji could finally be over 2016-02-04 [Radio New Zealand International]

Fiji Many nurses still await owed overtime pay 2016-02-02 [Radio Fiji]

Fiji Protect health workers from sexual threats, burglary or faciliities shut down - Minister threat 2016-02-02 [Fiji Times]

Fiji Unions, employers and government reach deal 2016-02-02 [ABC Pacific Beat]

Fiji Restoration of labour rights 2016-02-01 [The Times]

Fiji Parties to submit joint report to ILO 2016-02-01 [Fiji Times]

Fiji Govt, workers and employers strike a deal 2016-02-01 [FBC]

Fiji ILO hopeful on Fiji compliance 2016-02-01 [RNZI]

Fiji Room for consensus for Fiji Government, unions-ILO 2016-01-29 [Radio New Zealand]

Fiji THREAT: A-G says there's evidence against FTUC 2016-01-28 [Fiji Times]

Fiji FTUC should be the only union on ERAB - Anthony 2016-01-27 [Village]

Fiji ILO team meets Bainimarama 2016-01-26 [Fiji Times]

Fiji ILO to meet with Fiji government this week 2016-01-25 [Radio New Zealand]

Fiji ILO Reaffirms ERP Amendment not Compliant 2016-01-22 [FTUC]

Fiji Minister denies media reports: Says he is still involved in tri-partite talks leading up to ILO visit 2016-01-21 [Fiji Times]

Fiji Meeting between Minister, employers and unions scheduled for tomorrow 2016-01-20 [Fiji Times]

Fiji FCEF hopeful of ILO Tripartite Mission 2016-01-18 [Radio Fiji]

Fiji Teachers in very remote areas to have allowances increased 2016-01-14 [Radio Fiji]

Fiji ILO team visit set 2016-01-12 [Fiji Sun]

Fiji ILO still working towardssuccessful Fiji mission despite concerns 2016-01-12 [Radio New Zealand]

Fiji Three unions compete for tourism worker membership 2016-01-11 [Fiji Sun]

Fiji Seventy-five union elections due this year 2016-01-10 [FBC]

Fiji NFP worries about Fiji-ILO talks 2016-01-07 [Radio New Zealand International]

Fiji Fiji union okay with removal of minister from ILO negotations 2016-01-06 [Radio New Zealand International]

Fiji FPSA puts in claim for 20% pay rise 2016-01-01 [FTUC]

Fiji FTUC/ILO launch 'A Trade Union Guide to Eliminating Child Labour ' 2015-12-12 [FTUC]

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